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  1. Neilfrod Kerman has been my favourite mostly because of the name Neil and reference to Neil Armstrong
  2. I am trying to get my youtube channel up and running, currently focusing on KSP, http://www.youtube.com/Cheezfriend
  3. Hi all, I just started a new youtube series on my second play through on career. I have also created a rule set and edited the career save file to reflect it. I have used an alternate and slightly more challenging tech tree. I have created a custom texture for my kerbals. Gaining achievements through the achievements mod (replaced the default sound) and ribbons through final frontier are helping me keep track of what I get upto! I am not the most experienced Kerbonaught and am running quite a few mods like Remotetech2, KAS and Kethane for the first time to add extra challenge. I will be
  4. Hi I really love your MOD, I think its great. Is it possible to get the date added to the change log on the first post to this thread, or have I missed it somewhere? I appreciate you create a new post each time you update it. Other than that, thanks again for an amazing mod #kerbalfirstworldproblems
  5. This is an excellent guide, it's more than a beginner's guide to science, its a run down on how to play career mode and unlock the tech tree quickly and efficiently
  6. excellent post, very helpful indeed. Will be using this as a reference when I build my base
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