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  1. @Gameslinx I have flown my missions to olei and olemut, filmed them and edited them. I am about to pull them into aftereffects but had some questions. 1. What are olemuts oceans and lakes made of? what is the red gas that emanates from them made of or caused by? 2. are there any background fun facts about olei and olemut you would like highlighted (quirks of orbit, formation of the planet, etc) next up is Gol and nightmare
  2. So id like to update this fully with all these new fixes so I can begin. Is there a particular new process that is outlined or am I just going to spacedock?
  3. Ive been downloading this off spacedock, Is updating this mod gonna be a whole new challenge lol
  4. The station is only the one of a series of craft in my M.R.V (Mission relay vehicle) System. It orbits Gaia (which I treat as a new solar system for narrative purposes in my design) and that main station receives new fuel and equipment from the original kerbin system. The other parts of the M.R.V system each have a specialized role. Please keep in mind in this photo the scale is not the same across them, if you look closely you can see the first three are quite a bit larger than the other two. The large cylinder sections are cargo holds. Second from the left is the lunar colonizer m
  5. Getting ready to get my science and exploration started, beginning with Gaia and its moons, saving oluum and its stuff for last Figured id link the space station orbiting gaia Im gonna use as a base of operations. Love this mod!
  6. I just dragged it over and repllaced all the copies and it worked, perhaps I should go do that again properly. It is working though
  7. and the download begins. I presume we just replace the folders we have with the new ones?
  8. nice, that should not harm my mission there, the flight profiles should still land, engines still work, and repulsors still happen. Rocket power was a bit overkill on that plane anyway
  9. Will these terrain changes have any effect on their surface gravity or atmospheric composition? ground terrain changes will be irrelevant to my designs.
  10. Seeing that disk has me excited, cant wait to start my missions. Got almost every aspect of their design finished, just waiting for the update to start filming. Hopefully the planets dont change so much that my R&D goes to waste. Got a couple ships I built just for this mod I figured worth sharing @Gameslinx: I will put the finished product on reddit and youtube, which you gave the greenlight to ages ago, if there is anything in particular youd like shown off lemme know. First I have my colony ship on Thelai, carries habitats, hover vehicles, tracked hauling vehicles and large s
  11. The version I am using does not have the accretion disk but looking back a bit I see you have a new appearance from it. Is my version out of date or are the accretion disks not back yet? I would happily update now lol
  12. So put in some work today rebuilding some of my mission craft for the updated parts and the surprise of them actually working! Figured I was really enjoying the mod and shoudl share what its made possible.These pictures of mostly of a warpjet based craft i was flying on Dreidos. This is the rear engine setup, big warpjets for flying in atmosphere and aerospikes for leaving it. Turbofans on the wings and beside the cockpit are for navigation on the ground Most of the craft in my current lineup dont have traditional landing gear and instead use gravity repulsors. I tend to
  13. did a full reinstall of everything with your updated mod, it now works all over gameslinx planets as well, whatever the error was has been resolved by the reinstall and update
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