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  1. I am having a problem like this with nearly every engine type. For some reason I cannot get engines to behave on beamed power, they all fizzle out after a few seconds despite having all the relevant resources
  2. Interstellar Extended for Dummies

    So I am not sure folks still chat about this mod, but I am having an absolute hell of a time figuring this stuff out. Firstly it seems all the transmitters and receivers are far too large for small probes. I am attempting to get the "attila" working while attached to the rear of a mk 2 thermal receiver. I have power transmitted to it from a microwave setup, and it is receiving it. If I set infinite electricity it fires off full force, but no ammount of power capacitors will make it run. I am missing something I am certain. anyone know what it might be?
  3. [1.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v2.4 - Olu'um Ignition

    I have confirmed you guys are 100% correct, the planet textures are now loading and trajectories are no longer subject to the whim of the gods. The Kerb-x interplanetary space program continues..........god that name is gonna change it for "season 2"
  4. [1.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v2.4 - Olu'um Ignition

    AHA!!!! well thank you so much, I will dive back in, see if I cannot get this off the ground. The quality of the mod is such that I figured my issues were not a result of unfinished work. I am excited to get started now
  5. [1.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v2.4 - Olu'um Ignition

    After reinstalling and installing only this mod I found that several of the planets appear like lego versions of themselves. This leads me to believe those planets (such as Quarta and Neibeitos) are either unfinished, or I have a setting somewhere that does not jive well with them
  6. [1.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v2.4 - Olu'um Ignition

    So in trying to start up my little youtube series again I downloaded this mod (along with plenty of others) to give me planets to explore. Ive been modding KSP forever, and I got all the planets to show up, but I am having all manner of different and terrible problems I am hoping others have had, so that I can find a resolution. I have eve and scatterer and planetshine on here as well. If anything is needed to provide assistance (say game data folder pictures, screenshots and the like) just let me know. I think the planets in this pack are terrific! just wanna make sure I can actually perform missions for my series (the kerb-x interplanetary space program) as I make sure everything in my videos actually works. If with help I can get this stuff running id love to feature these planets on my next missions! of course if there are any highlights on these planets youd like to see shown just give me a heads up! The issues I am having are as follows, as stated before I can record these if needed. I will attempt a fresh install later tonight but until then: its been about 3 weeks in the game, and I returned to the KSC to find it under the ocean........rather down in there too. when visiting several of gaia's moons, time warp seemed to suddenly modify my trajectory, making it impossible to both use timewarp and accurately set a landing zone. Also, the moon with the lava caused my ship to explode the instant it touched the ground, despite zero heat prior to touching down. no I did not land on the lava lol Quarta looks fine up close but the horizon chops into a million ribbons of nonsense the clouds seem to be playing havoc with the lighting. my ship is crazy dark with a lit ring that follows it, I did not install lights on board. the ring disappears when not under the clouds
  7. Finally finished the craft for my Urlum mission. And have them appropriately docked and prepped for the mission itself. The entirety of the mission fits on a single chassis, with individual modules and craft docked or coupled to the main rocket. The main rocket, which is not yet named, runs on liquid hydrogen The habitat modules on the rocket do not have descent rockets, so this vessel lifts them off the main rocket assembly and drops them off on the moons of Urlum. Since gravity is fairly light and the moons are all vacuum argon engines are used. I havent named this one either yet. In order to search out good landing sites and visit biomes on the moons I wanted a 1 man craft capable of doing it all in Urlums space. the "Mud-dauber" is both an argon rocket and a hovercraft. It is the third iteration of my kerbonaut mobility assistant vehicle series. Hopefully will have this all tested and ready for launch and film by the new year! For those interested in designs from previous episodes you can find them here:
  8. Do You Consider MechJeb Cheating?

    So when I have a craft that needs 1 hour burns? mechjeb Docking/undocking 5-6 times in a single sitting? you better believe mechjeb easy maneuver window planning and plotting? mechjeb Im not doing calculus or spending 45 minutes to refuel a 4k fund lander if I dont have to. its like asking if using a calculator in math is cheating..........its useless if you dont understand the concepts and if you understand the concepts then the actual computation or execution is superfluous.
  9. Post Your Cinematics Here! (Cinematic Enthusiasts)

    Not sure if narrative style cinematics are the type of thing you folks are into, but figured id share some of my stuff here, as the community on these forums has been super supportive. I appreciate any feedback or sharing of course! I have done a ton of stuff for this game, and just now discovered the camera mods.........SHAME [noparse] [/noparse] (edit:cannot seem to get video links to display in the forums)
  10. Exploring Sarnus and its moons in the OPM Mod

    I found tekto frustrating initially, its atmosphere is thick and the gravity is nill, which creates weird situations for craft. I suppose it would have been easier with visibility, was terrifying landing it with those clouds. I set up in orbit around slate, and have to admit I probably would have been better off at eeloo. It all worked out in the end, I always leave a fair margin of error in my ships (some would call it overdesign lol)
  11. Got all my habitats hooked up to cargo racks, prepping to mount on boosters. Everything looked fine, couplers all locked in and solid, but the bottom plate un-tweakscaled itself.....which is bad soon after that jerk gravity kicked in, prob should have finished inspections crap
  12. So I finished the KSP side of this mission quite some time ago, and have even released the first two videos. With the third video releasing in the next week or so, I figured I would share the journey so far on these forums, as I've gotten amazing feedback from this community. The first is a summary of involved craft and the departure for Sarnus (and eventually Slate) orbit: The second is landing on tekto and slate, and the establishment of a lunar mining operation on slate: The third, soon to be released will explore eeloo, hale and ovok Hope you guys enjoy! I always appreciate feedback and sharing!
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    In preparation for my mission to Urlum I designed the 3rd version of my kerbonaut mobility assistant. Named "Mud-Dauber" The craft runs on a quad lensed hall thruster fueled primarily with argon gas. When traversing terrain it uses repulsor pads. As far as my engineering data goes it should be able to land, takeoff, and travel across on all of urlums moons! You know or it could run out of power and explode. This is for the next episode of my youtube series: (recommend starting with episode 8)
  14. So after seeing avp interstellar updated for the current version of ksp I figured id mod back up to continue my youtube series. (For the purpose of my videos I like to have the best looking stuff I can.) Unfortunately with the new AVP I cannot seem to get clouds for eve and jool to work. Consequently the cloud configs for the OPM planets likewise seem nonfunctional. My understanding is the new EVE version has issues with the OPM clouds, but this does not explain jool and eve not receiving clouds. I installed the current versions of planetshine, texture replacer and e.v.e prior to AVP, clouds work fine Kerbin and Duna but nowhere else Is anyone else having this issue or maybe have a workaround? is there a similar mod pack that adds nice clouds for stock and OPM people know? running 64 bit ksp 1.0.5 This is the aforementioned series, most recent two episodes are an example of the clouds id like to have:
  15. Need help identifying parts

    There was a mod pack that had an endless amount of side tanks, which through tweakscale I modified to go where needed. The reason for their odd distribution is based on the center of mass as the craft operates. I do not recall the name of that particular pack. Currently I am playing stock again to experience 1.04