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  1. The trade off is that radiators have mass and cost money. Any extra mass = less dV. As with any game mechanic it will need balancing, but it seems silly to me to have to add wings to a craft that is destined to spend 99.99999% of it's time outside of the atmosphere.
  2. Whilst I think it's great that they introduced a new game mechanic with heat being a thing we have to worry about, I find it slightly perverse that they didn't give us any parts dedicated to dispersing heat.... Yes I know, bury some wings in there and attach some solar panels, but it's akin to someone telling me to knock a nail in with a shoe because they didn't give me a hammer :-p Personally, I'm using the debug menu to completely disable heat production until I get some radiators.
  3. It's because you've got an encounter with the Mun, I've noticed this before and it's annoying. What you have to do is click on the orbit near the Mun to create a node, then click-drag it back to where you want it. Definite bug imo.
  4. To be fair, it's better to release something with known bugs and has been tested, than to fix the bugs and release without testing, as you might inadvertently introduce more critical bugs. No one said it was finished and I'm pretty sure the readme says to expect game save breakage between versions. They've also said they are planning to release a few 'free' updates so really it's not as bad as you paint it. Even as a seasoned player, I found this *very* annoying. It's almost perverse to implement a heat system and not give the player some way of monitoring or alerting them to problems. It does seem to tie into the whole Squad fixation with "It's more fun to guess if something will work with trial and error otherwise KSP will turn into a spreadsheet game". I've run into a few new bugs myself (ISRUs stuck at 100% overheat, Ore contract bug) and some old ones are still there (navball map view filter bug) but all in all I've been very happy with v1.0. Constructive criticism does get listened to by the devs.
  5. WRT 1: I find this annoying as well, as it ends up with Jeb being a 'glory hunter' and always being the first to jump into an empty pod. I suppose it would be nice to be able to setup a rota, once your Kerbal returns to Kerbin they get put at 'the back of the queue', a bit like real space programs ;-)
  6. The problem is that the launcher doesn't timeout properly when there's a network connectivity issue, there's already a thread about it here:
  7. There's a few threads popping up with the same suggestion, which is basically "Tell me that a part is about to explode". I don't think it needs to be hugely complicated, even just a standard text message saying "Warning: Overheating" or some such would be enough.
  8. What you've described is basically the fuel pipes of Kerbal Attachment System:
  9. KSP doesn't need internet access at all, but the launcher (launcher.exe in the KSP directory) does not timeout if it doesn't connect to an update server (which is stupid). There's already a thread about it here:
  10. I've had this a few times with 0.90, but I've never found out what triggered it. Only lightly modded with KAC, KER and NDAI.
  11. My ISRU convertor is stuck at 100% overheat, so I looked using the debug menu and it's temperature is 434. Is this too high for it to operate? It would be nice if the overheat figure went over 100% so I had some idea as to how long it's going to take to cool down. Also, does anyone else find it a bit strange that it's possible to overheat the convertor so badly that it's going to take literally months of game time for it to cool down? EDIT: Apparently this is another known bug. For now have a look in your save file for the following: And change it to 0.5
  12. I've got a miner on Minmus, the contract parameters are "Extract 1200 units of ore from Minmus". It gives me a message when I get past 75% complete, but when I get to 100% (ie 1200 units mined) the contract doesn't complete? EDIT: Screenies,igHPsdB#1 EDIT2: Yes it looks like a rounding error, if you have exactly the same amount of ore capacity as the contract is asking for, you end up with slightly less when tanks are 100% full:
  13. It's still a bug IMHO that the launcher doesn't timeout after 30 seconds or so after not being able to contact the servers.
  14. I've got exactly the same problem. It first started with the KSP update that had asteroids (can't remember the version number), all other textures seemed fine apart from asteroids, which were pitch black. The problem persisted in every version since then, affecting only the asteroid texture. Tried out v1.0 yesterday and there's a lot more textures that are broken now I guess it's because I've got a potato for a graphics card (Win 7/i945GM)
  15. Yeah it's doing it for me as well now. Also had an "Untrusted connection" error when I tried to log in.
  16. I've noticed that the launcher doesn't seem to have any sort of timeout when waiting for a network connection, which is kinda dumb.
  17. Still happening in v1.0 :\ I don't have to alt-tab for the bug to occur. Just launch a ship, switch to map view (which starts with the navball hidden) and try to click the filter buttons. If I unhide the navball it lets me click the filter buttons properly.
  18. I'm in the "Yes we need dV readouts, No I don't want KSP to turn into a spreadsheet game" middle of the fence. The simple solution is to find somewhere in tech tree/building upgrades/kerbal stats to slot in just the two basic figures (dV and TWR) and it would make everyone a lot happier.
  19. I wouldn't go so far to say they are useless, but broken may be the right word if you can just dock a new craft to one that was launched before the contract started. Certainly not as broken as being able to file a crew report from an empty capsule Thanks guys.
  20. When you dock two craft together to fulfil a station contract, do *both* craft have to be launched after accepting the contract? Or can I launch a new craft and dock that to an already existing craft to fulfil it?
  21. The docs do say this: I'm not sure if it still applies as I've never run into it.
  22. I believe this is by design, you are supposed to copy scripts from volume 0 (ships/scripts/ AKA the archive) into volume 1 (the ships disk). Or you can just run everything from volume 0: SWITCH TO 0.