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  1. It is a very simple test vessel consisting of a probe core, a fuel tank (LH2), a thermal generator, a reactor (pebble bed) and two radiators. PhotonSailor was not installed. My list of installed mods is shown below.
  2. Yes, I know that. What I meant is the situation is the same, i.e. the reactor power is 0%. I did not disabled it in the VAB (I triple checked it), and surely I activated the engine via staging (also triple checked it).
  3. The reactor status starts with 0% when the flight scene is loaded. The electric engines do not work even on the launchpad.
  4. The reactor was not disabled, as is indicated by the "shutdown" button in the screenshot. KSPIE version is Except for those 'normal' (i.e. Steamworks / MiniAVC related) exceptions, there is only one exception (shown below) in the log file. Module ModuleEnginesWarp threw during OnLoad: System.ArgumentException: The requested value 'Nozzle' was not found. at System.Enum.Parse (System.Type enumType, System.String value, Boolean ignoreCase) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at System.Enum.Parse (System.Type enumType, System.String value) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ModuleEngines.OnLoad (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartModule.Load (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  5. The electric engines (e.g. Dawn, ELF, ATTILA) are not working in my game. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? When an electric engine is used in a vessel, the reactor does not produce power despite being marked as "Active." Note that thermal engines don't have this issue.
  6. Support for the new US2 parts seems to be missing in the DMagicCommunityTechTree.cfg file. Could you please add CTT support for them?
  7. Usually in real time. I think I used 'Physics acceleration' a couple of times, but had not observed any noticeable difference. I tried 'Time acceleration' once or twice but couldn't really use it, because the engine did not support warp thrust. I think it was the nuclear ramjet engine.
  8. I tried changing ModuleEnginesWarp into ModuleEngines as you suggested before editing (I assume you mean the Krusader engine configuration, right?). And it seems that your guess is spot on: the Krusader engine now gives ~100% of the expected ∆V.
  9. Yes, that was the first thing I noticed when I began investigating this phenomenon. I thought this was weird, and wanted to know if this could be reproduced on other systems. Anyway, I tried VISTA and Daedalus engines in a sandbox game. This is the first time I have ever tried using them, so there might be something wrong in the configuration. The two test crafts are exactly the same except for the engine. The result was that VISTA gave me only ~50% expected ∆V, and Daedalus ~100%.
  10. Vessel mass is given in the screenshot, reported by MechJeb. The number was also the same as reported by VAB editor. In case of the ramjet nozzle, the expected ∆V and the actual ∆V differed only by ~5%, in contrast to the Krusader's ~50%.
  11. I have not yet unlocked all the necessary technologies in my game, so I don't know. I will try in a sandbox game later if you need it.
  12. Both MechJeb and KerbalEngineer Redux give the same ∆V. Also, 590.6s * 9.81m/s2 * ln(23.495t/22.641t) ≅ 215m/s.
  13. @FreeThinker I already did that, and the result is the same (half the expected ∆V) for both hydrolox and hydrogen propellant.
  14. @FreeThinker, it seems that something is wrong with the "Krusader" engine; ∆V from the engine is only half of what it should be. Could you please check? To show you what happens, I made a minimal test vehicle. All the 8 parts are from stock, KSPI-E or IFS. The vehicle is expected to have the ∆V of 215m/s. I set up a maneuver node so that the maneuver should be more or less complete when the propellent is exhausted. The test result is shown below. The maneuver is only half complete. Thermal ramjet nozzle is OK.