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  1. I'm on it... First things first, IFS - while being part of my mod list - is just with its core lib mod present according to CKAN. Which feels strange... I will add the "real" one using CKAN and see, if it changes something. Beside this, I will go for that kind of event-chain: adding all mods I removed yesterday for testing (cryo engines and kerbal atomics) which depend on your mod over two edges Loading my save going to the VAB going for launch (which will trigger the endless rain of messages) revert flight to VAB leave VAB close KSP aaaand.... the wall-o-log is gone. Okaaay... Camera movement at the launchpad is okay... I'll close KSP now, grabbing both files and zip them away somewhere. And... no "upload file" button, so I'll stuff them in that underused google drive of mine: ksp.log and ModuleManager.configCache Okay, second test: I'll remove the IFS "real" mod and leave just that core thing inside (using CKAN)... and waiting for KSP to start (always takes eons...) Event chain will be the same aaaaand... the wall-o-log is back again. Camera Movement at the launch pad is laggy. Here we go: ksp.log and ModuldeManager.configCache Thats interesting. You know, I CAN actually use that fuel switch functionality in the VAB just having the core mod installed, which... well, what does this mean? is the IFS Core Mod already enough to power it this way, or does some other mod has a bundled and outdated version of the (non core) IFS inside? Anyway... if will insert the (non core) IFS again and give it a go. So does this mean that the only problem is currently that the (non core) IFS does not get installed by CKAN? Greetings, Merlin4711 EDiT: Aaaand... adding the non-core IFS removed the liquid hydrogen / oxidizer combination from my tanks. Of course, in best KSP playing style, I only noted this when I was in a suborbital trajectory and began to wonder why my cry engines wont fire, just to find out that they now contain.... Ammonia. Back to the VAB I noted that the Fuel switch thingy did disappear completely, and all I can do is switch between LF, Ox and LF/Ox variants. Weeeeelll... that's an unfortunate development. But not topic of this thread any more. EDiT 2: Turns out most of the stock tanks (and these from KW rocketry) now, beside showing fuel switch capabilites in their info window (even containing LH2/Ox) cant do this any more. But if I dare to add a CryoTank (like the H125-4) the VAB will start to lag, because now here a bazillion exceptions are thrown around.... "NullReferenceException". Well, looks like I'm not going to space today. Or at least not with LH2/Ox...
  2. Good evening, I'm running into some kind of lag-problem when using a not stock version of the latest KSP. I'm here because I want to place a suspicion that it might be caused by your mod. Why do I claim this? Well... You mod came to my game as a dependency of Cryo Tanks (which somehow were requested by Kerbal Atomics). Well, nothing wrong with that. But as the rocket's size did grow, a strange lag was creeping inside the game. I remember from the past that rockets with many parts might be suspicious to lagging thanks to PhysicX fraud with every AMD processor out there. Still, the rocket in question did have way less than 100 parts. Its top might be a bit wobbly (a two part lander for the Mun) but even that is nothing I should be worried about. About half an hour ago, I made some observations that did speak against something that is solely caused by bad physics: the lag wont disappear if the craft gets smaller through staging (or at least not notable), and - that did turn the balance - it did happen even in Time (not Physics) Warp. That moment I remembered that there was some kind of... console (alt-f12) which jumped at me with the log window opened. And it was overflowing with error messages, all about a single topic: This gets repeated over and over (this is from the KSP.log file, and it grows so big thanks to that error that it acutally takes a notable period of time to open). So, the rocket in question is... okay, I will simplify it a bit..., so that the log error will still be available. The rocket I want to use has the usually bunch of stuff attached, which will make said error even worse. List of "important" parts at the affected spacecraft from top down I... did replace the "Erebus" and its two LH2/Ox Tanks with stock LF/Ox Tanks and engines, but it kept on logging that error... that little part at the end gets repeated ad infinitum... And finally, my List of Mods Okay... one test pending: I used CKAN to remove your mod (and everything, that does depend on it) and started a sandbox, where I tried to recreate my rocket as close to the one I reported above. Actually... I can recreate that rocket 1:1, because in that case just the engines came from a "lost mod". And... well, no Log-Spam any more (I can read interesting things inside the log Oo now), and the start, ascent and timewarp of that rocket is smoooooth as f.... Maybe the lag does come from all the other stuff flying around in background? Some of these vessels do have a cryogenic engine too. And with my test rocket lagging even if not having such an engine... oh dear. Its a bit sad... because I grew kind of fond to the cryogenic engines (Mun lander return vessel with TWR of about 7.0 ^^) I got all these dependencies and patches from CKAN and now something unexpected causes such a game braking lag in my case I cannot continue to play without these mods, because next to everything in my space program does already contain parts from one or another dependency... So I have to wait for a fix, I guess.
  3. I know, there are over a dozend of Threads complaining about the contracts. I may have missed one where the opener speaks about the same idea as I intend to do. If that happend, please leave a link to that thread. So what makes me open this new Topic? I thing KSP starts to forfeit its humorous aspects. Its all about rocket-science right now. I have to admit that I use a more realistic flight model (Ferram Aerospace Research) which made it way more challanging to bring someting to space and back to the KSP in one piece, or even construct a flyable plane. But if it works, its way more rewarding I think... Anyway, the last time I had to laugh really hard... uh, its hard to remember. Hmmmm.... a short time ago, there was a (long-time-hidden) object placing-accident while laying out a mun-lander, which ended up only having one landing strut when I finally came to my designation. That was a true kerbal moment... especially after I managed to land this piece of junk anyway, with its upside down and extended the lonely landing strut. (but needed another launch to get my pilot back from Mun). Before this, I had to rescue a Vessel that lost its parachute and was out of fuel, but carried around pretty needed science data. Fortunally I had a mod running that provided me with stuff like robotic arms and another one that offered stuff like winches and grapping hooks... well, you might know, how this did end. It was pretty entertaining. And hairy, after the two objects startet so sprin around a common barycenter, just by a black rope... guess how I did provide the needed loss of delta-V. Uh, and I had to drop a big fuel-tank during recently space-shuttle-testing. It left a lasting impression... uh, well, no, to be honest, it left a crater where once the Adminstration-Building was located at. Ah, and there was the time I was testing a "science-utility-vehicle", which was just a science-lab with wheels attached and a robotic arm at its back. And winches. And... stuff. Well, that thing was able to pull itself at the top of the rocket assembly building. And doing science up there. But it crashed the game, when I tried to pluck a tree with its robotic arm ^^ Okay, why am I telling you this? Because that what I think the kerbal way of rocket-science can look alike. Right now, the contracts are pretty... uh... to be honest, I feel offended by most of the contracts. Not because they are to easy, but all of them include parts I can't use right now or want me to build surface-bases at planets I don't can reach with the stuff I have at this very moment. And placing satellites in orbits for ten seconds (which I can dump afterwards or maybe bring in another orbit), send science-data from a specific place (thats why I have probes in orbits around all moons of kerbin), or a specific science-experiment (ha, my rockets can't even lift the parts necessary for this ), or rescue someone in orbit (how did he end up there?) or do surface surveys (which are likely to crash the game because they eat up RAM like nothing) and EVA in areas, where nothing is present... Well, most of the other "make better contracts" people did mention that too. I know, its just a Beta and these contracts do look like placeholders, but I'm afraid that in 1.0 its still the same. But I wonder if its possible to make contract more look like this: - Drop a Concrete-Donkey (or something else) at a specific location - Land a probe at Mun that does have not more than 1 landing strut - Place a random silly object (maybe a cactus, or a kerbal) at a suborbital trajectory of the sun - Plant a flag at top of the Administration-Building - Deliver Pizza to the guys at that island-runway without leaving the ground (or the water) wihin 30 ingame-minutes Everything that let you think "well, that was plain stupid, didn't make any sense at all, but... moar!" Or am I the only one who thinks that kerbal science should keep a more entertaining pace?
  4. Uh, I was going to report the same stuff. Good that I had enough patience to look up some of the bugs reported already. I receive the same issue, with some additional behaviors. - the memory goes up even if I'm not within viewing-distance of the ground-scutter, but much more slowly. - I think it reload all of the scutter arond the KSP everytime I switch from a building to the overview, or even try to launch... something (that KSP, so expect all kinds of launches) - Speaking of the KSP - somehow it will recreate its geografic appeareance every time I switch back. Might be another bug, but I can see how it will add about 100MB RAM - The whole game slows down while it keeps stuffing stuff in its RAM. Sometimes, when memory allocation exceed 3GB, it stats to get a pain in the youknow to build a vehilce, because you get a slight click-lag - So, I did a visual survey of a area and all left is doing a EVA. Usually my planes "land" using parachutes, the Kerbal jumps out and it reches maximum memory allocation and crashes. If I reload, the whole area, which was a plain field before, is full of trees Well... lets say, this is someting, Unity does cause. Maybe hard to fix. And so on. But I wonder, if there would be a possibillity to flush that clutter-cash when you hit the game's main-menu. Being forced to leave your game might be worse, but its way more favourable compared to a plain crash and beeing forced to reload again (which may take some time if you using mods). Hopefully this will be adressed in future bug-fixing Until then, I will try to minimize the scutter. Greetings, someone who just bombed his KSP into ground accidently using the biggest Fuel-Tank available.