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  1. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to annoy you, and I understand why any information you can get will be helpful trouble shooting it. On to some good news though. I think I figured out most of my problem. The first problem was that for some reason my Modular Manager patch wasn't changing any values. Which is probably some typo on my part. So I edited the FTLDriveLarge.cfg file directly. I reloaded KSP and now the new value was showing up when I right clicked on the part in VAB. So I loaded up my test ship and boom again. That's when it dawned on me that the old value was probably saved
  2. That's the way it use to work a while ago. I can't remember if I tried this in KSP version 1.0 or not. But changing maxGeneratorForce and maxChargeTime use to let you use it in lower orbits. I just tried it my self, on the large drive, and the part spools up to default 2500 then boom. lol @linuxgurugamer This is from the cfg file for the part.
  3. You're doing a great job keeping this mod going, and thank you for doing it. Now I have a question. How do you activate the develocitizer? I've right clicked on the warp ring, and the secondary warp ring. I've even right clicked on the survey scanner, but still don't see it.
  4. I haven't played with the macro's yet, but that sounds like it will do what I want it too. As far as the waypoints go, I can live with it like it is.
  5. First off I'd like to say I really like this mod a lot. I have been testing the version 3 beta for about a week now, and the only problems I've had with it were mistakes made on my part. I have a couple of questions / requests. Is there a way to type in a course and speed for the cruise setting? Also is there a way to type in the coordinates for a waypoint? If not that would be my request. Thank you for coding a very useful mod.
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