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  1. These all sound pretty awesome. It'll be good when I (eventually) sit down to listen to them, this Monstercat sounds cool. Glad to see that the thread's doing its intended purpose. Also, I forgot a few; Rejoice in the Sun - Silent Running Soundtrack. Play this one when I have a big ship just drifting aimlessly. Also, Europe Endless by Kraftwerk.
  2. Been curious a long time about whether I'm alone in this. Obviously the in game music is awesome, but sometimes I like a bit of something else. So I'd like to pose it to the forum: What, of any, music do you play KSP, or any other game to? I don't mind what game it is, as long as you say which one it is. I'd like to hear what you like to hear while you play. Here's mine: Kraftwerk - Spacelab, Computer Love, Neon Lights (KSP) Electric Light Orchestra - Basically anything (KSP, Minecraft) Rush - Countdown (KSP) (I watch a lot of YouTube in the background most of the time)
  3. Steam, Twitter and Reddit. Mister Kingdom on Steam only, elsewhere I'm the Machman.
  4. Right, thank you, yes it's doing that. Is this a new thing? I'll get some screenshots when I have the time, bit busy with school for the next few hours. Oh, and they are definitely in front and behind of my CoM; they're literally the foremost and backmost parts of the craft. Thank you, you've solved the problem.
  5. For some reason, all the control surfaces forwards of my CoM are doing the exact inverse of what the ones behind it are doing, so when I pitch up, the front pitches down and I don't actually turn. Any idea why it's doing this? Am I forgetting to turn something off or something, or is something else? Thank you for your time.
  6. Developed a series of mining probes/stations, that will eventually be deployed everywhere I send anything. Today it was the MP-A model, with jet engines for use on bodies with an atmosphere. Surprisingly enough, both jet engines survived, despite sticking out by about a metre from the heat shield. Next step, design a model for use on other planets.
  7. The MK3 Passenger interior had me drooling at the keyboard. It's EXACTLY how I hoped it would be, and reminds me just a touch of 2001. Excellent, I'm now scrambling to build craft with them.
  8. I have a sheet pinned to the underside of my shelf with different letter codes (V for Training, L for Liquid Fuel etc.), which results in a 3 letter designation, after which I give them a overall mission name and then a number. So, for example, my current project is called "TCL Ranger"; T for "Crew Transport", C for "Carrier" and L for "LF/O", which is a carrier to travel to and from the Mun. It's made of individually docked ships, which are all named "TCL Ranger (X)", where X is the position it is compared to the cockpit. I do all this because I was struggling for names, and tired of checking what each ship did when I opened the map view. It's easier to remember.
  9. I'm lucky in that I happen to like the sort of form that arises from functional design (Girders everywhere, covers over protruding parts, etc.). As a general rule, if it gets in the way of the function in any way, it goes. Otherwise, I can go crazy.
  10. I got the "Wing collided with launchpad" message, when said launchpad was 100, 789m below me, and a little to the west. It happened when I loaded a quicksave as well, four times before I gave up. Oh, and I made a "Krakenbait" missile, which hit my craft despite being fired 270 degrees away from it.
  11. This resulted from both images online, and my constant attempts to find something to put in my multitude of cargo bays. My first idea (after the obvious "BIG BOOM NOW") was some form of remote survey aircraft, sort of like the ones they used to have on zeppelins, but every attempt invariably ended with the aircraft lodged in the bay by the wings. So I gave up, until I stumbled across the idea of using the RCS engines for fuel on the forums. However, I have no idea why I'm telling you this; this post isn't about what the craft is, it's about what it can do. Turns out, it makes a pretty good formation flyer. Pictured: 'Good' formation flying. I expected that dropping the plane would be like dropping a bomb: it'd stick to the back wall, and then fly out at high speed when I used Sepratrons. As it happens, I was wrong; the Sepratrons are unnecessary, and in fact don't work. It flies out perfectly well by yourself, and using about 10% throttle brings you in line with the 'mothership' (for the purposes of this experiment, a Komet with the engines off). So, suddenly, I had two planes in the air, and 3 KM to play with. Oh boy. [QUICKSAVE] I started with something simple: catching the mothership. I only discovered my proximity to it after using around 80% of my fuel, so it crashed before I could get closer than 200 M. Pictured: Curses! [QUICKLOAD] So, I decided to investigate further. I pull out of the bay, and attempt to keep pace with the aircraft. I pull up close, and go for some formation flying (pictured above) I make a few passes, which I forgot to screenshot, and then I crashed. So, that was that. It was a minor thing, but I find minor things entertaining every once in a while. I actually made another variant, with wheels in place of skids, that takes off from the ground, but that one isn't as interesting as this one. Any further escapades will be posted up here. I don't imagine so, but if anyone wants the .craft file, I'd be happy to supply. Peace!
  12. That's... powerful, man. Rock on, Jeb. Rock on to the stars and beyond. (Wow, this is really hard hitting. I already feel guilty, and I haven't even killed any Kerbals)
  13. 1. Still an F5 abuser I literally press F5 before any other key, and it's actually become an addiction; I'll do it even when I know full well it'll doom me to failure, such as when I'm close to the surface and going far too fast. 2. I revert any flight that kills a pilot Hence my perfect, no kill record. I guess I'm just really soft over Kerbals. 3. I never bother realistically following time Each mission is focussed on to the exclusion of all others, so instead of using the year and a half between Kerbin and where ever, I just time warp the whole thing. Especially inexcusable considering I got Kerbal Alarm Clock just so I wouldn't do this. And still do.
  14. I've always surmised that they photosynthesise. However, I want to know how they mentally sustain themselves. I have one on a station who's been there for 11 years alone, with no new contact or supplies. Not only is he still alive, he follows orders perfectly without question. No mental degradation from eleven years of silence and isolation. HOW.