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  1. Really? I don't see why that would be the case since you wouldn't need to tweak and redistribute parts of those mods directly for a module manager config.
  2. That's what I was afraid of... I wonder if its possible to simply make a config file for MKS inflatables act as KIS containers? If not, I think I'll stick to printing Extraplanetary Launchpad parts on-site instead.
  3. So I've been playing around with OSE Workshop and one of the first things I tried to do is expand the size of my KIS storage on-site, only to realize that's impossible since it involves fitting a large container in a small one. The obvious workaround is to make an inflatable one with the workshop, but which mods add those?
  4. So I recently unlocked the MKS Habitation rings and Konstruction docking ports, among other USI parts, but they are nowhere to be found in the VAB/SPH. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. Apparently clipping parts inside your base with KIS is Kraken bait... Whoops.
  6. If that's the case, where does the majority of the work loading KSP happen?
  7. I would recommend using RCS Build Aid, which tells you where your center of mass will be when your fuel tanks are empty, as well as the exact amount of torque your engines produce - two vital pieces of info for VTOL design you can't easily find in stock. At least not as easily as with this mod. You could eyeball it, but that'll take significantly longer to design.
  8. Alternatively, use a fuel cell array. One of those can power just one big drill plus a refinery while still leaving you with a fuel surplus, provided you have a 5 star engineer. You also won't timewarp nearly as long or spend anywhere close to the amount of money 4 RTGs require.
  9. Can confirm; RCS Build Aid shows the heat shield variant inducing huge amounts of roll, and the exact angles of each individual engine. All of them seem to be very slightly sideways facing on that, but the non-heatshield engine is properly aligned. No idea why the heatshield engine only sometimes rolled though.
  10. Those are purely decorative, as you may have guessed. Another reason they're IVAs and not hollow exteriors is so you can actually see those fun little details. Otherwise you're screen would be filled by the kerbal you're controlling. Also, I don't know if the control modules in this pack are RasterPropMonitor compatible, but if they are, then a hollow exterior command module in KPBS format throws those functions out the window. It would essentially be a glorified command seat.
  11. That's only possible on EVA, which requires the vast majority of the part to be a hollow exterior, rather than solid with a proper IVA. Which isn't exactly practical with these parts.
  12. I see... Well, looks like the mk16 chute is much too weak. I placed loads of them on my craft and couldn't slow down at all. You could try EVAing some time before you hit the ground - the weird physics of EVA kerbals sometimes stops them from exploding.
  13. Did you get into a low enough orbit that the kerbal can push the craft to the edge of the atmosphere? Because at that point that's your only option given that the kerbals have a very low temperature tolerance. Well, that and adding moar boosters of course.
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