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  1. Dunno if this has been requested yet, but since you are doing plugins it might be possible. Have you ever considered making a Napalm Bomb (Specifically, the BLU-1/b)? It could be an AoE type weapon that applies heat over time, similar to the Airborne Laser Might not work, but hey, its worth suggesting i guess.
  2. For the nuclear siren, why not try the Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T? Shouldn't be too hard to model... [video=youtube;kzFyGWdj6MI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzFyGWdj6MI[/video] Go from about 1:53 for the attack signal
  3. You should totally do the 800mm Schwerer Gustav Railway Artillery Cannon
  4. :D:D:D THANK YOU!!! Couldn't wait for this to be released!
  5. Hello! This is where i will be posting updates for my WW2 Flag Pack! (WIP) Download on Dropbox In this pack i will try to port as many WW2 related flags. Requests are encouraged! Flags currently included: RAF (Flag & Roundel) (GB) USAAC (Roundel) (USA) USAF (Roundel) (USA) Regia Aeronautica (Roundel) (Italy) RAAF (Flag & Roundel) (Australia) Irish Air Corps (Flag & Roundel) (Ireland) Luftwaffe (Roundel) (Germany) Imperial Japanese Air Forces (Army & Navy) (Roundel) USSR (Roundel) Works in Progress/Searching for Images: None! Please request some insignia for me to include to help the pack grow! Due to the possibility of some users becoming offended, I will not be using ANY insignia of which is directly related to German politics of the time (Swastikas ect.) unless i get permission from an administrator/moderator to do so. Please keep this in mind when requesting. LICENCE: CC BY-NC-SA Happy Flying!
  6. Hi there, just downloaded the newest update and noticed the wingman commander manager was there, so tested it out I realize it is still in testing but this is basically what happened - Planes refused to follow - After shooting down 1 plane my computer blue-screened I suspect that this was due to the wingman manager being destroyed I would submit a crash log but due to my PC blue screening KSP could not produce one Many thanks for any insight into this problem
  7. My F-82 is ready for combat, You can download it here
  8. So i had a go at making a Jet, Holy cow those specs are tight... xD The XF-163 Komet It might just be me and my noobiness at FAR, but a jet that is 5m long is gonna be a challenge in itself, let alone the 4t weight limit
  9. I'm a noob at FAR (My F-82 is my first operational plane, so it stalls alot ^-^), i don't mind making my designs public. In regards to the tournament itself, will planes be put against each other in 'classes' (EG: Fighter, Heavy Fighter etc)? Or will they fight based on specs? On a different topic, When the new BDA update rolls out, what will the policy on the use of Radar be? Nothing major, mostly for show, but some WW2 heavy fighters used it for night operations.
  10. Here's my submission for the tournament, my take on the North American F-82 Twin Mustang! [Download] EDIT: Updated the image and DL, made a few changes to the craft to fit the rules (Once again to fix the guns ^-^) Specs: x3 M2 Browning (2400 Rounds) x2 A7 AeroSport Engines Max Speed: About 150m/s level flight Average altitude of 1.3km Minimum altitude of 150m Also, I Found an error in the weapons pack, While i was playing around with the other weapons, the Breda-SAFAT turns into an M3 Browning on craft launch. (Hopefully the last) EDIT: The craft seems to stall a little bit, cant find the source of it, but it flies. I Also moved the wings backwards a wee bit aswell.
  11. Can you tell me what button it is to fire the weapons? (Excluding the missile)