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  1. landing gears can wobble at higher speeds, resulting in the plane tilting or tipping over, and then you get other, more fragile, parts of the craft hitting the ground,
  2. it's vertical speed. The speed above the navball is speed relative to the planet surface or orbital velocity. the dial to the right of the ASL altimeter is the ascent/descent speed. 0 is in the middle, level flight.
  3. Here was one of mine that rattled itself apart in transit.
  4. He edited the quicksave file so the Transmitter has more EC. the part carries 1k EC default.
  5. my 1st designs were pushing about the same as yours, 300~400 MW. Then I saw Manley's video where he edited the EC capacity of the Transmitters to get higher output. check this one here http://youtu.be/YtelByoyDQg?t=10m I don't think the panels from the mod would cause any issues. Still generates same resource in game. Just want to have enough EC to match the total output of the panels.
  6. Impressive! Becareful when you switch to it in the future though, IR parts sometimes go crazy and shake the entire craft to millions of pieces. Also, if you add enough batteries, so the total EC is 10~15k, you'll transmit much more power, 1GW plus. It really depends on how many gigantors you pack into it. I have a few around the sun at 250km, 60+ gigantors each IIRC, enough batteries for 15k total EC. ~1.5 GW beamed from each. About half dozen redesigns and kraken sacrafices. But they are good for maintenance free MW power
  7. makes sense, I was looking at the config file in Squad folder, not Interstellar. the thrust still drops off drastically above 20km. biggest change is the engine won't start to overheat until much higher altitude with a precooler, which allows it to run pretty much up till 40km. and above 30km, just about any amount of thrust will push the apoapsis higher on a small single seater. Without precooler the engine starts to overheat around 17km.
  8. 1. From my experiments precooler is per intake, and seem to only add altitude ceiling for stock turbofan (take off to 200km apoapsis without rocket engine at all). B9 Saber and Turbofan engines still overheat around 1300m/s and 23km+... I'm not even sure how Precoolers work at all. Nothing in the config files shows anything special that sets it apart from a normal part config. Without Interstellar mod, you don't even see the status text "Precooler: Active" 2. Yep, that's part of the tech upgrade apparently. I was surprised myself at first, but it's incredibly convenient, and sensible.
  9. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55832-PLUGIN-PARTS-0-23-SCANsat-terrain-mapping
  10. very nice! I didn't think of putting a pod inside the cargo hold and lost the kerbals through the hull during take off. Now I can rebuild my vomit komet bigger and better
  11. My attempt Still needs quite alot of SAS. though theoretically it shouldn't. Flyable, but very slow. Will autogyro to a safe landing from maximum altitude of ~5km.
  12. just remember to check in on your flights regularly by switching to them every 30 days or so.. going too long between check ups results in death of crew even if TAC lifesupport monitor shows enough supply left.
  13. This is kinda fun, though more than half the time engineer chip is destroyed on impact. even when it's attached to the underside of nrap payload
  14. Little fun cooked up as an excuse to decommission an old space station Part 1: Unauthorized Takeoff at KSC Part 2: Space Station Resupply Mission Part 3: SABOTAGE! Part 4: Orbital Rescue Part 5: Three Space Kowboys
  15. My attempt at landing on the VAB... apologize in advance it's not using Spitfire Mod. I don't know if I have enough ram to add another Mod to my game
  16. what does "Water valve Conve..." on the microbiome do? does the biomass+ system produce clean water in any way?
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