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  1. Spin is a property that is apparent only with observation . . . .Heisenberg tells us that we don't know what spin is until we attempt to observe it. How we observe it is we apply a magnetic field, about half the time it will flip, and emit a photon, the other half of the time it will not. So depending on the magnetic field and a UV tell, we know what the spin is. Charge spin is a magnetic dipole has nothing to do with gravity. For an electron at rest (like never, very very cold place, 0'K) energy and thus gravity is constant irregardless of spin state. When you observe a spin of an electron (a
  2. Is the launch an actual paying customer or an ESA welfare project.
  3. With a dual SFR system and one booster faultering MECO simply isn't an option, 'destroyed by extreme aerodynamic forces rings a bell'. Lets say for some reason one SFR is packed improperly, and there is break in thrust on one side then the main engines have to correct all the rotational motion, but in doing that the two engines, now with a offset center of thrust is now creating its own windsheer. About the only thing you could do is to kill release the SFRs and then kill the main engine. One has to beg the question, given that liquid boosters capable of RTLS are available, with ~300 ISP
  4. Confusing, who is going to pay someone to release their payload and then repick it up again. "Hey AO errr ehm yeah thanks for releasing my super duper ION driven Mars lander, yes, hmm, its on Mars at the moment could you, like, go there pick it up and return to Earth." {crickets chirping in the back ground}
  5. I think the EUS is supposed to share a common bulkhead with SIV upper stage. There is a major difference in the overall design. " The forward bulkhead of the LOX tank formed the aft bulkhead of the LH2 tank. This saved up to 20% of structural weight." this differs from the latticed structure of the EUS.
  6. Restricted from firing or physically unable to fire?
  7. Mmmm, no, here is how spin states work. First there is spin zero Spin Zero. 0 (higgs) boson Spin 1/2 -1/2, + 1/2 (example Leptons and quarks) And example of this is a hydrogen molecule takes 2 s orbitals and creates 1 s-s orbital. Into that one s2 orbital we place two electrons, but QM prevents the placement of two electrons in one orbital with the same spin. So that a hydrogen molecule has an electron with spin 1/2 and spin -1/2. A helium atom has a 1s orbital and a 2s orbital (lowest energy orbitals), it has 4 electrons, we can place an electron -1/2 and 1/2 in the first orb
  8. Hmm, I wonder then why they would not expand the Centuar to accomidate new functions. Yep you are correct. EUS 129,000 kg of propellant. (dont know of any stats for dry weight) DCSS 26,000 kg of propellant (3490 kg of gross weight) for DIV-5metter - 11.83% Centaur 20,830 kg of Propellant (~2250 kg of gross weight) - 9.7%
  9. This can be contrasted with DIVUS (probably more efficient but for large PLs, very little thrust) [Note NASA little rear bumber 'decorations'] And EUS The interesting thing about these two is the spheroid tanks and the Russian-like lattice between the hydrogen and oxygen tanks. Also not that compared to the RL10B-2 that the RL10-C[3?] on the EUS have very little engine detail.
  10. The problem with the DC3 is that it is only used in application where it almost has to be used, and keeping engines up an running in an aircraft engine is tedious unless you are going to use it. But my point was not about that, if the 787 is useful say 80 years from now, even in small numbers then one might expect some very well worn 787 to be flying. Its even more abstract than that, because if you look at the types of frame ending damage (for example what happened to some of the last DC6 and 7) they tended to be used by nefarious operators which did the types of things that would end the lif
  11. You do realize they eat the slave for dinner. I wonder why you single him out. He has delusions of grandeur. He is killed in two universes. He obviously has poor choice in women. He ends up being killed by an ex-lover and an unranked specialist in his command (who he should have sent to prison). He built a machine designed to suck the life out of the multiverse and despite that he cannot control diddly in either universe and gets himself killed. In our culture we say his eye is bigger than his stomach (particularly after the empress impales him) I find the series rather int
  12. https://www.wired.com/story/inside-the-cleanroom-where-nasas-new-mars-lander-waits-to-launch/
  13. Since the PalAnth thread was blocked. https://www.wolfcast.co.uk/all/2018/4/10/arabian-h-sapiens-fossil-key-information
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