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  1. Green Baron

    Denisovan's strike again

    Thanks, and sorry. Yeah, you're probably right ...
  2. Green Baron

    Denisovan's strike again

    Camp ? [snip] Huesos. Arago is Homo erectus (You mean Tautavel, right ?). Atapuerca the same, maybe early heidelbergensis. There is no genetic information from these. Snipped pop science. The cell article has nothing to do with migration of Africa into Europe or Sardinia. It is about interbreeding, based on one (1) Denisovan individual and a pack of Neandertals. Relevance ? Yeah. It states older mixture not supported in Africa, newer more probable. Actually a contradiction to your claim that several waves migrated directly out of Africa into Europe. Got the wrong paper ? What ? Neandertals after the last glacial maximum ? Together with Dinosaurs ? I'm sure there is genetic evidence
  3. Green Baron

    Denisovan's strike again

    Last Neandertals (Chatelperronien) apparently retreated to the southwest of Iberia with a climatic deterioration after 30.000bp. I would say (and if you call for a proof i will try to find something) that it is improbable that there was no coexistence, as in southwestern France at that time we already have around 10.000 years of Aurignacien, which is the first cultural appearance strongly connected to modern humans. Well, cough, nothing human related precedes prehistory per definition :-) I never did. I said the paper doesn't name a date for the mixture (nobody can at this time) but a group that separated from N before 70k. Which i will live with until it is corrected again :-) Sorry, i can't find anything about this ... Modern humans (Aurignacien) in Cantabria date to 32.000bp. I must admit that it's 15 years since i last was deeper into that and will have to look up the find sites and their interpretation if asked. Early upper palaelithic in Portugal dates to at least 24.000bp (Lagar Velho). So that seems to be all on the same rail. Well, that is not that clear. Lagar Velho 1 could be interpreted as a hybrid. It is still an open question. Well, then that's a fro and to and one best awaits the future. My last stand is that the DNA evidence of interbreeding is solid, and that is just 2 years ago. Find sites almost leave no other interpretation. So, where is the work that says otherwise ? The above surely doesn't ! Hypothetically, could it be that poor preservation or preparation, contamination, handling and deterioration still might have a slight influence on some of the analyses ? Where is it ? Am eager to read ! [rest snipped, i am having a problem finding a clear line ...]
  4. Green Baron

    Denisovan's strike again

    It does actually gloriously and happily confirm what Archaeology has suggested before. As it did in Sardinia (see above) or, for example, the picture of the migration of modern humans into Europe. As can be read on Wikipedia. Contradictions that without doubt exist will be solved [snip]
  5. Green Baron

    Denisovan's strike again

    [snip] [snip] Nothing is turned upside down, this is only your grumpy attitude. Science is not about fighting. When there are contradictions these must be resolved and maybe they will. I introduced myself to you via PM and asked who you are as you always mention your work, research and pretend to be a studied guy. But you ignored it and instead turned the info i gave you against me in the OP by generalized barking against archaeology. Year, what did you say ? There is no underlying bias, only what you accept to include in work or what you refuse. Classic archaeology without genetics can and does say only little about Denisovans because there is almost nothing. You cannot accuse them for anything. One or two potentially other find places from last year in China still wait for proper publications. So, this is a highlight for genetics. Archaeology has always discussed several probabilities and left the actual ways open. Different probabilities for different human species and times, climates, sea level stand, palynological data, faunal or floral stages. Really, do you know at all howarchaeology works ? I doubt it ... And as usual a claim without a source and embedded in generalized scoffing. Is this all you have ? Afaik Sardinia got its first people in the epipalaelothic from Iberia and or Italy. But this is speculative. Even genetics point to Europe as the source for the first settlement, not Africa. Or have you something newer on this ? Manmanman, you are tedious ... -------------------------- The work you linked above is a good piece ( Contradictions will be resolved one day, where is the problem ?
  6. Green Baron

    Denisovan's strike again

    I certainly do. Poor archaeology usually doesn't find a way in the journals and if it does it won't take long until people start to frown. And normally difficulties and uncertainties are discussed. If not, that may be a hint that something has not been taken into consideration. Otoh poor genetics did find a way into the journals in its yet short history, and ancient genetics is a hype right now. It'll level off again. What i criticise is not the working principle but the absolutism of the presentation, unproved claims and misinterpretations. An extreme case was Woodward's definition of Homo rhodesiensis in distinction of Neandertals, gladly the case is closed. I don't want to add more bad vibes by tearing apart some of the claims in the OP. So, let's keep it civil, stay away from false claims and respect each other. In case of different opinions these can be underlain by links other than pop science. I can read and understand most of it ;-) (not all)
  7. Green Baron

    Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    Update. The helix is done. I have the current welded to the rails each spiral. The cables will then be welded to the T-tail below the table. All the rails that you see here will later be underground. Coming out of the spiral, the double track meets the oval via a simple crossing and a double electric crossing, thus splitting the track into three. The two innermost 2 tracks stay level and continue down the table on the ribs, into a u-turn, then run up into a through station and into another u-turn that meets see above. The outermost track will rise a few centimeters and turn behind/over the double track onto a yet to build short leg of the table, an annexe of 1.6*1.6m, towards the stand of the photographer, where the roll-off hill will be and the slightly curved shunting station will begin. For the future, i will move to a German model train forum and post a link here.
  8. Green Baron

    Uber Troubles For Uber

    Usual bus ride of mine: Go to the stop, look up departure time: in 15min. Hike to the next stop (6min), next one (7min), ne.. there goes the bus, 2min early. Can equally now hike into town.
  9. Green Baron

    I just bought flight sim world from Dovetail
  10. Green Baron

    Uber Troubles For Uber

    For almost 20 years i used to live in towns (Karlsruhe and Tübingen) where it was much faster to hike than to ride a private car. Only for journeys out of town one would take a public transport, or a private car. But Germany is different, shops are around the corners, buses or trams run every 20min (every 10 actually during day time in cities like Stuttgart), etc. No comparison to American style spread-out cities. I now live in a rural area with thin population. Buses run every 2 hours to 30 min. Cost of a subway: depends on how many stations, kind of ground one has to dig through, etc. But it is not a billion/mile. Maybe an order less. Uber: idk, but what i read in the media casts a bad light. I only have the media ...
  11. Green Baron

    Realistic look at Supervolcano Yellowstone

    Side subject geoscience :-) But never practiced. Am only keeping myself informed through reading. Which may put me a little behind in the latest developments. Afaik the Hawai'ian hotspot is a shallow one, maybe even slightly mobile (but not a wifi hotspot as my search engine tries to make me believe). But i am not sure about this .... not every hotspot has a deep plume under it. Absolutely. USGS has a program to map the hydrology around it bacause water + magma = expansion + lower melting temperature = cracks = more water = more expansion = more melting = outgasing = well ... i think we all have a picture :-)
  12. Green Baron

    Realistic look at Supervolcano Yellowstone

    Exactly. The Emperor Chain actually runs thousands of km until the eroded mounts are subducted under north eastern Asia together with the Pacific plate they rest on. The knee in the chain is contemporary with the collision of India into Asia, which must have changed the global patterns of plate tectonics. afaik there is no little exchange through the core mantle boundary. Edit: correction applied :-) Modeling is suggesting that the deep plumes may have their origin in the D'' discontinuity, a layer in the lowest mantle directly above the boundary. It has long been debated (and still will continue so for a while) if Yellowstone is fed by a shallow (upper) or deep (lower) mantle plume. The new modeling now gives arguments for the deeper provenience. :-)
  13. Green Baron

    Realistic look at Supervolcano Yellowstone

    Lol ! Then you have several km of sand there. Until the eruption.
  14. Green Baron

    Do you believe in Roswell accident and was real?

    What ? When ? How ? Do THEY know something and hide it from US ? Have THEY visited us and hedged a diabolic plan ? Are WE all being held dumb by THEM ? Sorry, i have too much time on this afternoon :-)
  15. Green Baron

    Realistic look at Supervolcano Yellowstone

    Actually, hundreds of km³ ... Funnily enough, i posted up in the thread that the mass extinction that's in course now is no threat to humanity yet. Well, that was wrong. I have linked a study over in the random science facts thread that quite conclusively states the contrary. Dance on a volcano ... (earworm by Genesis :-))