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  1. If you use pressure feed to move the propellant, you don't need a heavy pump. Energy source for heating propellant to provide the pressure could be a hot-gas thruster (using the thruster output to maintain ullage).
  2. Super Heavy seemed to flip pretty fast. Maybe if they go a bit slower on the flip, they might be able to avoid propellant feed issues. The failure of the Starship to reach SECO was more of a surprise, considering that it was ticking along fine for several minutes.
  3. As I recall, the N1 never made it to staging. SH/SS has done that.
  4. Yeah… the biggest safety concern from the first launch for me was the anemic FTS. The bird has showed that it can blow up real good now.
  5. First stage kept all engines running during boost, and second stage fired and burned quite a while… so it has already surpassed the N-1
  6. Still too much debris flying out from launch pad area. Much less than first flight.
  7. FWS needs more data (assuming they are making decisions based on science). So they should allow test flights and gather data until they find something that could pose a long term problem.
  8. That Falcon 9 booster sure was coming in hot and squirrelly. I'd want to check that one over really well before reusing it.
  9. Entry burn funtime Booster sure does slow down fast in the air. How many Gs it it pulling? Landed! Such a dainty touchdown.
  10. Starlink providing Internet to millions. But not me. Good orbit. Stage one landed. That's a hefty dogleg on that stage 2 trajectory.
  11. Nice picture of fog. Go for launch. Bright fog. Liftoff. Stage 2 good. Stage one catching some sunlight at apogee Entry burn good.
  12. Do they have a spare starship with current engines and engine shielding that they could stick on top of a hot-staging adapter for a short static fire on a suborbital pad? Not the ship they plan to actually use in the next orbital attempt…something they don't plan to use right away, just in case it gets a bit messed up.
  13. I love watching two boosters land. And I love seeing expensive satellites safely make it to orbit. Waiting on second burn of stage two.
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