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  1. When in doubt, make a backup of your existing tantares install - put the new one in, fire up a sandbox game and try stuff out.
  2. I always have to manually tweak the position of the LK ladder by tiny increments etc etc. Consider, making a 2nd version of the part that's custom aligned for radial attachment to the tantares LK pod. Like, the actual ladder and mesh are offset from the attachment point by an amount that makes it placed correctly if radially attached to the LK pod on the correct side, if you know what I mean.
  3. THANK YOU for this. I've been duct-tape-patching a 2-piece LK frame/tank from an old abandoned-in-2016 mod for several years now, and they kraken out half the time when i stage into them. It'll be REALLY nice to have a fresh, reliably working, LK tank&frame. I give you the highest of fives.
  4. When I get home from the office I'll post a .craft file. Just VERY simple sputnik-1 style crafts, I tried a few slight variations in the combination of bulge tanks. It seems that unless the payload is VERY heavy (tens of tons), the launch profile slips to blackflips a few seconds after starting the gravity turn. Increasing the weight of the bulge tanks seems to resolve the issue completely.
  5. The flipping problem is back for the Soyuz/R7 booster. Gravity turn around 300 m/s as usual, starts doing flips at about 30-40degrees off vertical. The following MM patch resolves the issue (increases the weight of the bulge tanks to move the center of gravity up): @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_1] { @mass = 2.5 } @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_2] { @mass = 2.65 } @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_3] { @mass = 2.75 } @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_4] { @mass = 2.85 }
  6. If you mean this part, LET it be abused as a heatshield. It's almost the right form factor anyway. :-)
  7. As a thought, this already happens with decouplers, fairings, and some of the structural parts like those engine plates from the MH expansion. These wouldnt be the only two parts that look similar in the VAB ;-)
  8. Option 6 : Just include them normally alongside the others ? If the parts already exist, it sounds like the work is already done.
  9. Is that 1.875m/etc R7 bulge tank and 2nd stage still in the works?
  10. I always use autostrut on almost everything. Seriously, at least 80% of parts in a craft. I usually autostrut to "root part" , and almost never have problems. Rigid attach, however, almost always turns my stuff into kraken food. :-(
  11. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this.
  12. I usually put an extra decoupler below the fairing, and have abort just activate that decoupler, and the LES. From that point, the staging takes care of itself and you can just spacebar into a normal-ish recovery.
  13. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!