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  1. Based on the log you linked, I don't think its Tantares. The error is being called by a windows file, not even a KSP file. Unity is crashing once it tries to access a windows system file, the most likely causes of that are memory issues (low ram? low video card ram?) or corrupted files, but if it was corrupted files you'd probably be having other problems. Try removing every parts mod EXCEPT Tantares, and see what happens. If it loads - then you're simply running out of memory.
  2. The spacedock download link seems busted.
  3. You can just use modulemanager to add in probe core functionality, and science storage, to the desired part. I haven't updated it in .. too long .. but in my "Soviet Space Program" career total-conversion mod, the Vostok parts were usable unmanned using this method (and there were several 'contract' missions to launch them unmanned before manned)
  4. Having both a fold-down, and fold-up, included in the next release would be incredible! This is going to fill an enormous missing-gap in the inventory of landing legs.
  5. Tested the new command pod and aerospike engine. Both work great so far. A question about the chutes - is it possible to configure the drogue chute to open sooner/higher? Say, to deploy at 8-10k with a bit higher speed? As it is now, the drogue chute doesn't deploy until the main chute is already safe to deploy (or within 2-3 seconds of being safe to deploy) and serves little utility function beyond capping off the capsule stack in a visually-nice way. I've done a fair amount of parts tweaking, but getting drogue chutes to be more useful in-game has eluded me.
  6. Once its released, I think this might just replace the 3man Soyuz capsule as my go-to favorite..... I can't say enough good things about how this came out. I give you the highest of fives. any chance of an alternate color scheme with the red stripe in different colors? (or at least dark-dark-grey like the top of the parachute cap? perhaps a dark blue?)
  7. It looks like the current incarnation of that LK-700 capsule uses the top parts (chutes) off the existing VA capsule? Is that correct? (Its neither good nor bad, just asking out of curiosity)
  8. Aaaaawwwwwwwww yeah, been waiting a LONG time for this one! :-D
  9. When in doubt, make a backup of your existing tantares install - put the new one in, fire up a sandbox game and try stuff out.
  10. I always have to manually tweak the position of the LK ladder by tiny increments etc etc. Consider, making a 2nd version of the part that's custom aligned for radial attachment to the tantares LK pod. Like, the actual ladder and mesh are offset from the attachment point by an amount that makes it placed correctly if radially attached to the LK pod on the correct side, if you know what I mean.
  11. THANK YOU for this. I've been duct-tape-patching a 2-piece LK frame/tank from an old abandoned-in-2016 mod for several years now, and they kraken out half the time when i stage into them. It'll be REALLY nice to have a fresh, reliably working, LK tank&frame. I give you the highest of fives.
  12. When I get home from the office I'll post a .craft file. Just VERY simple sputnik-1 style crafts, I tried a few slight variations in the combination of bulge tanks. It seems that unless the payload is VERY heavy (tens of tons), the launch profile slips to blackflips a few seconds after starting the gravity turn. Increasing the weight of the bulge tanks seems to resolve the issue completely.
  13. The flipping problem is back for the Soyuz/R7 booster. Gravity turn around 300 m/s as usual, starts doing flips at about 30-40degrees off vertical. The following MM patch resolves the issue (increases the weight of the bulge tanks to move the center of gravity up): @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_1] { @mass = 2.5 } @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_2] { @mass = 2.65 } @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_3] { @mass = 2.75 } @PART[tantares_lv_fuel_tank_s1p5_s1_4] { @mass = 2.85 }