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  1. I may do this for a good number of the parts to include in my "total conversion" career mod, if I ever get around to re-releasing it.
  2. Object D is kindof a PITA to make well using a nosecone part, would be a great addition. Doubly-so if it actually had those little panel doors on the side so you could hide a couple of "stock" science experiments (thermometer, barometer, those ones) inside. ;-)
  3. I'm still using an old Luna part from like, 6 years ago, that has all kinds of clipping/mesh issues and a pretty weak texture. This is a MOST welcomed addition!!!
  4. Holy shiznat. Whatever mods you are running, this screenshot looks almost photo-realistic.
  5. I've created a few updated contracts that work with this pack to add the new anomalies from 1.12 in, until/unless such time as the pack is officially updated. If you find any bugs in these, let me know - I just did a quick cheatthrough and they seem to work ok. The altitudes of the waypoints may need tweaking, direct message me any feedback/fixes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m54h23ooqugfsk0/UpdatedAnomolies.zip?dl=0 Just put the .cfg files in your GameData/ContractPacks/AnomalySurveyor directory. The contracts on Kerbin require you to reach space, and the ones beyond Kerbin require you to have orbited the respective body before becoming available. The contract rewards are modest/simple, mostly just pointing the way to the new goodies rather than giving some huge artificial funds/science boost.
  6. Are the first two on Kerbin? I hadn't heard of those yet, not sure what body they go on.
  7. Anyone have the coords for the new easter eggs and launch sites in the current patch? I'd love to add them in to this pack.
  8. FWIW, I've never had any issues with the Tantares VA capsule surviving re-entry. My standard re-entry profile of getting aps to about 30km works like a charm. At peak heat, the parachutes get a bit close to toasty but the capsule is still fine. (Not for nothing - this re-entry profile seems to be a "sweet spot" and works safely for just about every capsule/heatshield from every modpack I've tried, as well as the stock parts)
  9. Looks like the parts moved too and/or have new names. I wasn't able to find them at first ... one of the side effects of the incredible growth of Tantares :-) Also - HOLY SMOKES the new Venera parts are frickin amazing! I give @Beale the highest of fives!!
  10. Ive been away for a few months, forgive my idiot question - was the N1 removed from tantares LV? If so, what was the most recent version with it?
  11. So, I tried out the latest built off github (downloaded 8/2/2020 about mid-day). TantaresLV only. Current version of KSP Only other mods are kspengineer-redux and modulemanager Some feedback : A few parts show up as untextured solid black, for example the fregat and blok-d tanks. The fairings seem to be working. Woot! I haven't tried nested layers of fairings or anything more advanced yet, just did a quick check to see if it let me build them. I dont know if you are using any new SFX, but the engine sounds on the NK engines of the N1 are amazing with the big clusters going off. The N-1 stack needs ... significant .. additional struts inside the inster-stage fairings, and outside of them as well. Just doing auto-strut results in either a quick collapse or VERY severe wobble. This screenshot shows the type of collapse I'm talking about, all parts are autostrut'ed to root-part. The 4th pane shows the extra internal struts I had to do to fix the problem (engines removed for visibility) My advice to all : Struts, more struts, then even MORE struts.
  12. Dumb question, I haven't tried out the github beta : Are fairings working again?
  13. So whats the secret to using the tantares apas docking system? I can't get the docking ports to attach. I've tried 50 different (one retracted, neither retracted, both retracted, the 3 plates lined up, the 3 plates interlocked, etc etc) solutions, no-go with everything. What am I missing?
  14. @beale , I must say - thank you. Its bittersweet to know that there won't be regular updates, BUT - the silver lining is, I can now start a fresh career save and not feel pressured to "hurry" and get stuff done before new parts come out and I get the urge to start over. :-) You've contributed an enormous amount to this community, I hope you realize how much we all appreciate your hard work and dedication. I give you the highest of fives, good sir.
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