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  1. Yes, but it'll be at least a week or two - I have to adapt a few things relative to the "making history" expansion, and figure out a few tech tree bugs (seems the newer squad parts don't behave properly when you try to move them around in the tech tree...) which is taking longer than I thought.
  2. Well we're halfway there at least! ;-)
  3. I had an issue with the vostok parachute displaying similar behavior. Opened, but seemed to produce no drag. (It actually happened while streaming on twitch, a bunch of people got to see my confused face as Jeb pancaked into the side of a mountain a few times as I tried to cheat my way out of the situation lol) I gave up trying to fix it,and just substituted in a different 'chute in my .craft The soyuz/va chutes (all of them) are working fine for me as recently as yesterday.
  4. Might be some light espionage at work here ....
  5. When I have trouble getting a contract to come up, its usually because I have too many on the list at that "star" level. I'll have a look though - about time for an update to this pack anyway. :-)
  6. Looking good! The only major thing we're missing (other than the booster, which isn't realistic to hope for considering how complex it was) are the long-fold-out landing legs.
  7. Shameless plug - going to be streaming KSP tomorrow for most of the day, starting around 10am US/EST , jump on and check out all the creative things I do with the Tantares parts! I'll be picking up career mode late vostok - early zond/soyuz era and progressing as far as I can. (Quality streaming - good mic, green screen etc) -- Update , ran into some technical difficulties with parachutes not working. Troubleshooting that so may miss the stream today, but I do broadcast a fair amount of KSP generally.
  8. Yes, it still has a service module. There is an engine in there for course corrections and re-entry alignment, but the mission profile was to shoot it on a free-return-trajectory so it wouldn't need a lot of fuel carried for the trip.
  9. The new Vostok SM doubling as a fairing base = A++ will buy again.
  10. Is that vostok service module with the fairing up on github?!?!?!?!
  11. Feedback on the new vostok capsule : Re-entry is SIGNIFICANTLY less dangerous than with the old one. High five. If anyone is having trouble, just set your peri to 30km as a re-entry angle, works great for any aps below about 500km , you'll slow down with PLENTY of time to pop the 'chute
  12. I second this motion. As it stands now, I have to stick a fairing base between the vostok and the 2nd stage, and it comes out looking terrible. Having the battery pack also double as a fairing base would be amazing.
  13. I must say I much prefer your Vostok to the one in the expansion pack, though the only thing I think is lacking is the attachment arm that connects it to the service module. I've had some success cosmetically with using one of the Soyuz transmitter arms, but in career mode ('stock' or using my modpack) its generally not available low enough to get used in that way. If you're bored at some point, consider a restraining arm part.
  14. Still works, I'm just way behind on updating my forum posts. :-)
  15. Yes please!!! I always have to throw some RCS nozzles up top between the LFR exhaust nozzles and it always comes out looking terrible lol