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  1. I've got the latest sigma dimensions. Update: Re-installing sigma dimensions resolved the issue. It looks like my antivirus was blocking it's DLL for some reason. Note to anyone using symantec, you'll need to manually trust sigmadimension's DLL file
  2. I'm having a problem where the height maps seem really out of whack. Installed everything as-per the instructions, no extra tweaking, but KSC spawns in the ground and the height of all mountains on Earth is seriously exaggerated. I didn't see any notice of this issue in a quick scan of the thread, or a fix, any insight?
  3. In one of the preview pics you showed it with the 4 little "arms" at the top - if there was an animation (perhaps, deploying those little arms) that might be a valid target for the nodeTransformName config. I'd volunteer to play around with it myself, but I've got zero experience with animations in wings3d/unity (I've only made 3 or 4 VERY basic parts "from scratch"). If a beta of the part with a animation for the arms were to mysteriously appear, I'd volunteer to fiddle around with the config files to try and make it work ;-) ;-)
  4. Just a thought - make it work like the grappler claw instead of a docking port. It would provide a little more niche use for the part, still allow it to be used for the LOK to grapple the LK without needing to make a new part for the LK to dock to it with, AND would provide some serious utility value given its small size vs the stock claw part.
  5. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Also, the new Service Module in your post a few down from this one is by FAR the best iteration of the Tantares SM yet. I give you the highest of fives for this!
  6. Like this, where the SM is two-tone and has a grey stripe on the "top" half matching the color of the capsule. Having more than one color of capsule is epic, but having the other 2 modules color-match the capsule will be double-secret-epic. ;-)
  7. This is kindof the best thing ever. Any chance of service module skins with the matching-color stripe near the top like one of the older revisions had?
  8. KSP: Making History Grand Discussion Thread

    Chances are non-zero that we'll get the western continent's "old KSC" launch site as a stand-in for Baikonour with the MH expansion. Does anyone know, or has Squad said, if missions created with the "mission editor" will be saved off as flat files (like .craft files) and shareable with other players?
  9. Beale, First - I love the new previews. Seriously - amazing work on that R-7 revamp (especially the prospect of both grey AND green skins, for reasons I mentioned previously) and the Kosmos (been waiting a long time for that one!!) Second - apropos what a few others have said, please don't stop doing "pack" version releases of Tantares and/or TantaresLV when additions are ready. Its far easier for a lot of us to just download the latest pack than to download the pack, then trawl through the thread for github links etc etc.
  10. Is that pic some parts from MH? It doesn't look familiar, but I may have missed it.
  11. This is going to be a real wild-card for a lot of mods, and mod developers. Its hard to tell for sure what parts Squad is going to include, but from some of their posts it sounds like a fairly comprehensive lineup of both US and Soviet hardware which will create significant overlap with mods like Tantares, BDB, etc etc. I still feel though, that having a variety of models to choose from is going to be a godsend for mods like mine - not to mention the portion of the player base who won't have the expansion pack.
  12. Recolor'ed R-7 parts FTW! (Food for thought - having a few texture options for the R-7/Soyuz rocket allows modders, such as myself, to have different variants of the rocket in the tech tree .. kindof reflects the fact that a modern day Soyuz booster is just a tad more efficient/etc than the older 60s-era R-7 varients.)
  13. I have a question with the "mission builder" feature coming in the expansion pack. Will the mission builder have functionality that allows missions to be saved off like .craft files (or something) and shared with other players?
  14. I dont have the link handy, but you might enjoy "stock sized real solar system" , its the "real" solar system but re-scaled to Kerbal sizes. This mod, along with my soviet space program mod, should be balanced to work with it without things being too over/under powered.
  15. I was able to take a look and I think I know what the problem is. I won't be able to post a fix for a couple of days (some IRL stuff keeping me swamped) , as a temporary solution I'd suggest just alt-F12 to cheat-complete that particular contract. The fix I'll be posting won't cause you any problems if you cheat-complete that one.