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  1. Looks like that might be it, thanks!!!
  2. What mod is providing the OSD info in this video : (you get your first look about 1 minute in) Anyone know what mod that is, or of any that provide similar functionality? Having a handy readout of how much Dv is left and what biome you are in/over would be quite handy.
  3. Are there any dependencies, or can these parts be used as-is to make some simple (unarmed) boats? These look useful to use as naval communication relays (I like to put comms relays on the surface on the opposite side of the planet from KSC)
  4. Thank you SO MUCH for the color coding, really this will be a huge addition!
  5. Yes actually, they match the colors (roughly) of the default squad parts. For example, the Seismic Accelerometer is a yellow tube - and none of the others are yellow - so it seems to make sense. Similar concept for the others. The mystery goo being green is .. well .. green slime, so ... ;-)
  6. Suggestion - regardless of the final 3d models being different/same/etc - use a colored stripe (or dot, light, or something) on each to color-code them for which experiment they contain. Blue - Gravioli Detector Yellow - Seismic Accelerometer Red - Thermometer Green - Mystery Goo White - Pressure Barometer
  7. This can be done with use of a stock fairing. I'm at the office so cant post a screenshot or diagram, but when assembled to be as close to the "real life" N1 mission profile as possible, the top half actually has a fairing inside of a fairing - using a stock fairing as the "outer" one will create the color effect youre looking for for everything but the third stage. It would match the far-left rocket in your image, but not the third-from-left.
  8. So it will dock with the 0.625 female soyuz port? The collider allowing surface attachments would be nice for placing lights (the little soyuz light comes to mind specifically) on it, but if you decide to add that at some point consider it a low priority - its a great looking part as-is.
  9. A question about the new LOK dockingport/RCS cap part. (I have not yet tested it in space) What types/genders/sizes/whatever of docking ports is it intended/compatible to connect with? Can I use a 0.62m soyuz female docking port as the intended target for it? (in-line on top of the LK rcs cap part) It may seem like an odd question but I've never actually tried to dock using mismatched genders/sizes with the tantares parts so I'm not sure how they behave outside the "intended" use. Also, don't know if its intentional or not, but it doesn't seem to have a 'surface' for things to attach to. For example, I had trouble mounting a fixed light on it, had to place it on the OM and use the translation/reposition slider in VAB to make it 'look' attached to the cap. When I've had this issue before it's usually been with things like retractable landing gear parts or cargo bay doors. Not a complaint, just a report. :-)
  10. FYI , the RCS on the new lok docking cap doesn't seem to be working
  11. I've got the latest sigma dimensions. Update: Re-installing sigma dimensions resolved the issue. It looks like my antivirus was blocking it's DLL for some reason. Note to anyone using symantec, you'll need to manually trust sigmadimension's DLL file
  12. I'm having a problem where the height maps seem really out of whack. Installed everything as-per the instructions, no extra tweaking, but KSC spawns in the ground and the height of all mountains on Earth is seriously exaggerated. I didn't see any notice of this issue in a quick scan of the thread, or a fix, any insight?
  13. In one of the preview pics you showed it with the 4 little "arms" at the top - if there was an animation (perhaps, deploying those little arms) that might be a valid target for the nodeTransformName config. I'd volunteer to play around with it myself, but I've got zero experience with animations in wings3d/unity (I've only made 3 or 4 VERY basic parts "from scratch"). If a beta of the part with a animation for the arms were to mysteriously appear, I'd volunteer to fiddle around with the config files to try and make it work ;-) ;-)
  14. Just a thought - make it work like the grappler claw instead of a docking port. It would provide a little more niche use for the part, still allow it to be used for the LOK to grapple the LK without needing to make a new part for the LK to dock to it with, AND would provide some serious utility value given its small size vs the stock claw part.