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  1. So, I tried out the latest built off github (downloaded 8/2/2020 about mid-day). TantaresLV only. Current version of KSP Only other mods are kspengineer-redux and modulemanager Some feedback : A few parts show up as untextured solid black, for example the fregat and blok-d tanks. The fairings seem to be working. Woot! I haven't tried nested layers of fairings or anything more advanced yet, just did a quick check to see if it let me build them. I dont know if you are using any new SFX, but the engine sounds on the NK engines of the N1 are amazing with the big clusters going off. The N-1 stack needs ... significant .. additional struts inside the inster-stage fairings, and outside of them as well. Just doing auto-strut results in either a quick collapse or VERY severe wobble. This screenshot shows the type of collapse I'm talking about, all parts are autostrut'ed to root-part. The 4th pane shows the extra internal struts I had to do to fix the problem (engines removed for visibility) My advice to all : Struts, more struts, then even MORE struts.
  2. Dumb question, I haven't tried out the github beta : Are fairings working again?
  3. So whats the secret to using the tantares apas docking system? I can't get the docking ports to attach. I've tried 50 different (one retracted, neither retracted, both retracted, the 3 plates lined up, the 3 plates interlocked, etc etc) solutions, no-go with everything. What am I missing?
  4. @beale , I must say - thank you. Its bittersweet to know that there won't be regular updates, BUT - the silver lining is, I can now start a fresh career save and not feel pressured to "hurry" and get stuff done before new parts come out and I get the urge to start over. :-) You've contributed an enormous amount to this community, I hope you realize how much we all appreciate your hard work and dedication. I give you the highest of fives, good sir.
  5. In regards to the question of the Soyuz SM using LFO or Mono, just a thought. Consider the intended purpose of the part/engine. This is a service module for a small orbital craft, used for providing electrical power (with panels), maneuvering capability, and a retroburn. LFO engines are generally used in booster stages or when higher raw-thrust is needed (a landing thruster, for example). Having the Soyuz service module engine and RCS both use Mono has always felt right to me.
  6. Thank you. This has long been a (very minor) gripe of mine with the SM, and I've always disabled its RCS ports in favor of using "regular" stand alone RCS parts placed accordingly in x4 symmetry. Looking forward to trying out the new parts in the next release :-)
  7. I generally ascend vertically until reaching 300m/s (roughly, sometimes a little more or less) then start to slowly bank over to a 45degree inclined climb. Usually about 20 degrees into the bank, I get a "flip" where the R-7 stack does a somersault. After it does its flip, its usually recoverable, but without my weight fixes (or a seriously over-heavy payload) its unavoidable for me. I've tried with fins, without fins, different types of fairings, no fairing, banking slowly, banking quickly, etc etc. The CG ends up being just too low. The only fixes I've found are to reduce the weight of the strap-on boosters down to almost nothing (which makes the rocket even more OP with stock physics/planet) or to make the bulge tanks heavier (which has the added benefit of a mild nerf to the booster) - both of which shift the CG up a bit. Important note - when the flip happens, it doesn't tumble out of control ... it usually just does ONE uncontrollable flip , then reorients itself with some mild WASD inputs. This is before side-booster separation. My guess is that its due to the CG shifting relative to the length of the rocket as stage 1 burns fuel and that KSP's physics and/or aerodynamic model just handles that transition oddly for these parts.
  8. I had/have the same problem for .. a long time. I've only been able to reliably solve the issue by editing the parts config files and dramatically increasing the weight of the upper "bulge" tanks to shift the center of gravity way up.
  9. I have a book at home which probably has this information - will reply this evening.
  10. Based on the log you linked, I don't think its Tantares. The error is being called by a windows file, not even a KSP file. Unity is crashing once it tries to access a windows system file, the most likely causes of that are memory issues (low ram? low video card ram?) or corrupted files, but if it was corrupted files you'd probably be having other problems. Try removing every parts mod EXCEPT Tantares, and see what happens. If it loads - then you're simply running out of memory.
  11. You can just use modulemanager to add in probe core functionality, and science storage, to the desired part. I haven't updated it in .. too long .. but in my "Soviet Space Program" career total-conversion mod, the Vostok parts were usable unmanned using this method (and there were several 'contract' missions to launch them unmanned before manned)
  12. Having both a fold-down, and fold-up, included in the next release would be incredible! This is going to fill an enormous missing-gap in the inventory of landing legs.
  13. Tested the new command pod and aerospike engine. Both work great so far. A question about the chutes - is it possible to configure the drogue chute to open sooner/higher? Say, to deploy at 8-10k with a bit higher speed? As it is now, the drogue chute doesn't deploy until the main chute is already safe to deploy (or within 2-3 seconds of being safe to deploy) and serves little utility function beyond capping off the capsule stack in a visually-nice way. I've done a fair amount of parts tweaking, but getting drogue chutes to be more useful in-game has eluded me.