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  1. Modifying tiers of R&D center?

    Looks like custom barn kit will allow me to do it with a MM patch, thank you
  2. Anyone know of a mod that would allow you to change the "science points" cap for each level of the R&D center? For example, have level 1 go up to 200 instead of 90, and have level 2 go up to 750 instead of 500? If no such mod exists, any idea where to start in creating a mod to do (only) that?
  3. Thank you, it will require some trial & error, but I think that might work for what I'm trying to do (mainly, "fix" Uranus in my local RSS install. its a minor detail, but bugs the hell out of me lol)
  4. Ah crud, thats what I feared. Thanks for the info though.
  5. Seeking advice; I'd like to craft a mission profile to launch an orbital vehicle from the back of an aircraft. That part isn't especially difficult. However ... Anyone know of any addons or something that can be done to prevent the plane from flying out of control and crashing while you are "focused" on the orbital vehicle, and the launch plane is still in the atmosphere?
  6. Quick question - is it possible to make a planet severely tilted on its axis, like Uranus? If so, what is the variable to tweak?
  7. It won't cause any bugs or incompatibilities but some of the contracts won't work 100% as intended. Specifically, the contracts like "Send the first probe to another planet" are hard-coded with the names of the default planets in them and won't complete if you send your very first probe to Sarnus (for some reason) instead of Duna or Eve (or any of the other default planets, Moho through Eeloo). Other than that one thing, you won't run into any problems. I run a custom planet pack myself.
  8. I continue to have no trouble using this pack, with very little modification, to get a buran-like shuttle into LKO. I generally always clip 4 fins into the base of any large rocket, and don't have a lot of stability problems on launch. Fiddling with the tops of the Zenit boosters to make sure they don't collide with the orbiter's wings on separation is by far the most difficult part of construction/mid-launch. The only part of the flight profile that gives me any real trouble is circularizing the orbit, since the thrust coming from the Energia core has a pretty serious angle of moment from the center of mass once you get up to about 80-100km and the main tank is mostly drained. (I partially solve this by using a single medium-thrust engine on the back of the buran orbiter and manually cutting the thrust of the energia core down to like 8-10% ... it's not 100%-Buran-Like , but it has been the most practical solution I've found)
  9. The off-white-plus-black is amazing! Please include these in a future release, I'm still using the "old" black skin'ed parts which sometimes dont really look right with the new stuff.
  10. You'd have to post some logs for me to guess what the problem is - working fine as recently as this morning.
  11. Confirmed again today that its working fine. Do you have Contract Configurator installed?
  12. Several of the comms units have that issue.
  13. Question - Where you're posting parts on github kindof piecemeal (and I'm not complaining) , are you still planning to do "release versions" , or is your plan to trickle out the parts one at a time? Asking for informative and planning purposes, not to suggest for/against any particular release model or schedule.
  14. Perfect way to fold the arm up. Really - great work. Stops it from protruding too far out sideways, requiring crazy-wide fairings.
  15. Worry not, I'll have my usual nerf patches at the ready ;-)