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  1. So, I've never modded KSP before, but I really liked the yellow trucks. To try and get them back in KSP 1.2.1, I've hacked on the config files, and built something that actually works; albeit without the small yellow wheels. I simply removed the wheels from their housings, and created a 70% scale version of the stock TR-2L. Is it OK to distribute the resulting files? Alternatively, I could use git to create a patch file, which others could manually apply, in order to not redistribute others' work. Picture of resulting trucks; stock built-into-terrain version on left, modified physical version on right.
  2. Intersteller is awesome, and this is extra awesome. I really like the tidying-up of the parts that TweakScale allows for, this makes navigating the menus so much faster. Thanks for putting this together! One question* though; are the Thermal Rocket Nozzles significantly nerf'd as compared to the standard Interstellar values? The same ship designs I am familiar with launching with silly-high TWR are now of poor performance. Specifically: I slap together a 1.25m Antimatter Reactor with a generator on top, some radiators, and a thermal rocket on the bottom. Where I had TWR >10 before, I have ~0.3 now. * Sorry, have not read the full thread yet, I'm off to RTFM now, and I'll edit out my question when I find out.
  3. I would really like to bind this with an Action Group; I'm reading over how to edit the cfg to allow for this, but I'm not getting anywhere. Anybody know how this could be done?
  4. Works on Mac; works great to connect to your server godarklight! (From NY, USA). I'm really pleased with how well this works. Now to get my friends to set themselves up, and then host my own server...
  5. This is perhaps my new favorite mod. I'm totally re-invigorated in the SPH. Thanks for your hard work, Texel and Tenneko! Here's some more fuel for you:
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