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  1. I imagine that you would need to eject them regardless of how much fuel they had left when you got to the speed you need. This would require a lot of suicide burns.
  2. Nice!! I saw your entry on the pet rock challenge, it helped me adjust my scoring a little. I figured that every time you had to grab the asteroid or drag it you would lose some scientific value, but even with losing a LOT of material a larger asteroid is still better. Thanks for the reply!! P.S. Any ideas on how to make this challenge better are much appreciated. I
  3. Could someone please reply so I know what is going on and what you think of this challenge. Is it to easy or hard? Is it a stupid challenge or are you going to try it? Do I need to change the rules or scoring to make it more fun? Any response would be nice. BTW, Im trying to grab an even larger asteroid to neat my own reccord.
  4. Here is my entry. I started my own challenge with this entree, but didnt see this one until this morning. My challenge is scored differently so give it a shot if you want.
  5. I'm surprised I haven't seen this challenge yet! I was inspired by "Recover an asteroid after oceanic impact" by Pds314, which I attempted several times. ~Edit~ Oh, so now I find a challenge just like this one. Sorry for the duplication, but this one is scored differently than "The Pet Rock Challange!" by jmiki8 so I'm going to leave it.~ This challenge seems much simpler and more practical, get it back to KSP however you want! Rules: All Stock: no mods please! No Cheats or hyper-edits Recover an asteroid back to KSP. Asteroid should end within walking distance of one of the KSP buildings. Scoring: +10 Points per ton of recovered asteroid's weight -10 Points per ship used (after the first ship) -20 Points for dragging/impacting/rolling the asteroid (you left part of your rock back here!!!) -20 Points for impacting water (don't wash the asteroid!!!) Bonus Points (I was not able to complete either of the first two, but I would love to see them done): +25 Points if ALL ships used survive +25 Points if NO debris created +25 Points if you can do it with one ship Good luck! Here's my entree: 141 Points! Leaderboard: 1.Beech @ 1514 Points !!! 2.mpk10 @ 726 Points !!! 3.Zipmafia @471 Points 4.HelmyJune @ 305 Points 5.Zipmafia @ 141 Points 6.TechTexN @ ~120 Points 7.NavalLacrosse@ 0 points (attempted ~13,000 points) 8.
  6. I'm trying this right now!!! In fact, i have been trying it for the last couple of days. I have managed to land one in the ocean on the other side of kerbin, which ended up being WAY too hard to recover. So this time I have a better idea!!!! More on that later.....