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  1. i booted my computer this morning, i had to install a new gpu driver. so while that was installing i checked to see if anything else needed to be updated. sound drivers needed an update as well. also a fresh bios. i said what the hell. last version had a bug that kept ignoring the xmp profile and i had to set it manually. unfortunately msi's bios flash utility doesn't work and left me with a hung system. i had to flash manually from a thumb drive. half hour recalibrating my system fans and i was back up and running. the xmp bug was fixed as well. 

  2. if you flash vaporize it, strip the electrons and run it through a charged grid or magnetic nozzel, you can use anything as propellant. you may not get the same isp as doing the same with hydrogen, but for a wilderness vessel that seldom finds itself near a point of interest, being able to use anything as propellant has quite a bit of utility. 

  3. i follow a channel that tracks the war from the standpoint of a retired infantryman. i wont post a link because it leans into the politics. part of the reason that starlink was discontinued in ukraine is that it was feared that putin would start using asat weapons against the swarm. so spacex decided to take a more politically neutral stance. im not sure the us government was involved in the decision other than perhaps providing access to official diplomatic channels. 

  4. these fusion startups always have ambitious timetables and end up taking just as long as the more common methods. seems to be true for the whole fusion research industry. but its good to try different ideas.

    i dont really think there is any reason to rush. at least that was my thinking before people started decommissioning their fusion plants for no good reason other than climate alarmism (which frankly doesn't even make sense). dont worry, so long as you can breathe you can still buy the latest iphone. 

  5. reality is usually a foreign concept to most bureaucrats, of any kind. they are generally insulated from the consequences of their actions. mucking up progress since the sumerian civilization. its interesting that writing systems in general were invented as a means for book keeping. 

  6. 27 minutes ago, Kerbart said:

    So now that we know that it falls down, the sign for anti-matter mass has to be positive, right (+5kg not -5kg)? If my understanding of physics is correct, that leaves us only with the question whether or not pineapple pizza is acceptable.

    pineapple is fine so long as it comes with ham and jalapenos. 

    idk how pinapple has become the new anchovie. 

  7. 10 hours ago, darthgently said:

    When playing KSP I am hesitant to deorbit and destroy any thing I've managed to get into orbit.  The price has been paid to get it there, right? 

    It would be cool if those second stages could slowly, and efficiently, autonomously rendezvous over time and latch together then at some point perhaps at least the engines could be recovered and maybe the rest could be repurposed ala Skylab at some future date.  A poor man's orbital reef? 

    Anyway, at least recover the engines

    im a strong proponent for orbital junkyards. mainly from a salvage and repair standpoint. even the scrap is valuable because it is in a mostly refined state. materials already on orbit are more valuable than those launched from the ground from an energy standpoint. and financially if you have an on orbit economy established. 

    how it would work is debatable. i like the idea of using a large unpressurized low speed centrifuge to contain space junk. this could serve as a counterbalance to a smaller high speed centrifuge for crew and workshops. also a zero g workshops and maybe an industrial centrifuge for a foundry. the whole thing would need to be either nuclear powered or have a massive solar array and radiator array.

  8. 7 hours ago, TheSaint said:

    Oh, you believe in the Kitchen Gnomes? My kids are true believers as well....

    i eventually got up at 4:30 and did my job. i went to bed, couldnt sleep so i put on black sabbath's first album. somewhere the cat stole my pillow and i had to use the lumpy pillow and so i didnt sleep very well. i just got up sometime between 1 and 2pm. 

    mom likes to have a big sunday meal despite the fact that there are only 2 of us, and we are both of an age where a large evening meal is a bad idea.  of course she doesn't do any of the cooking or any of the cleanup, or anything other than make messes really. she is definitely a gnomeist, except im the gnome. so a little procrastination is good for my sanity. it must me nice to have a family where the young people act like children and the old people act like adults.  but i come from a long line of responsibility deniers. 

  9. dont eat fast food. problem solved. 

    of course im biased because i need to go two towns over to get fast food, driving to any of them will result in a very wet car. even when im in those towns i dont, except to get mom a big mac. her taste buds never aged beyond 13. i never partake myself. 

    anyway i have been procrastinating doing the dishes for the last two hours. its now 4am and im tired. but those damn dishes are in the way. the solution is to do nothing and hope the problem solves itself while i doze off in my chair. 

  10. 12 hours ago, AlamoVampire said:

    @DDE from my experience as i trained as a chef its actually fairly solid. Heres why: a kitchen can be a fairly chaotic environment. If you start rushing to try to get ahead or catch up you will start making mistakes, those mistakes will result either in immediate remakes if caught fast enough or more likely (especially in fast food where the level of training is minimal) it gets sent back by the customer. Either way you have loss of product which can mess with bottom line (yes some loss is expected and accounted for, but, excess is excess) in longer runs. Short terms you will get more backed up which starts tipping into a self feeding cycle. If however you slow down and stop rushing you can focus more clearly. If you can do that you can clear the back log easier and with fewer mistakes/losses. Netting less loss and better efficiency. Its wildly counter intuitive for sure, but its what my chef instructors drilled into us. Its why if you watch most chefs, at least the good and beyond ones doing their thing its almost as if they have ice in their veins and look preternaturally calm in the chaos. Yeah they get snappy at the sous chef or prep chef or line cooks but they are orchestrating and controlling major chaos and reigning in that chaos into focus. Hope that makes sense. And yeah i know im hoping for too much outta fast food folk but it is what it is i guess.


    i have to agree here. my mom likes to turn the burners all the way up, because she is possibly the most impatient person i know. electric burners do not change temperature quickly. so turning it down when it starts to burn is already too late to save the contents. this has ruined meals and irreparably scorched some good cookware to the point where it needed to be replaced. low and slow. the only time those burners should be cranked, other than boiling water, is when you need to carnalize something, which has to reach a sufficiently high temperature. low and slow those onions and you get mush. and when you do use such high temperatures, you need to control it by lifting the pan off the burner periodically. so when mom uses the giant fire hazard burner for the little sauce pan, glowing bright as the sun, i cringe a little inside. she is going to need to get burned before she stops doing it, you cant tell her anything. this is why ive been cooking since i was 13 or so.

  11. 4 hours ago, magnemoe said:

    Who is true if they are designed to be bomb shelters. UK metro became one during WW 2 and lots of the ones from the cold war has stuff like you show but usually less sophisticated. 

    Some UK guy in 1980's was scared of war so then an job at the Falkland islands he jumped on it. 
    And becoming an very small group of UK citizen getting occupied. Other is channel islands during WW 2. 

    still better than being on fire. 

  12. im still not sure why anyone would want to eat at taco bell. id rather eat at one of those no name hole in the wall places where nobody speaks english. the food is better and they are less likely to screw up your order, at least if you learn a little spanish. there was this one little taco stand in phoenix that would serve you a ginormous encherito with everything on it. it was hard to finish in one sitting.

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