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  1. we need to stop using archaic pressurized water reactors and replace the existing ones with current generation reactors. lftr looks especially nice because it can burn up all "spent" fuel from all the current reactors so you dont have to bury it and forget about it, and its waste only needs to be stored for 300 years instead of tens of thousands of years. you also do not need to keep them near water, so you can stick em underground or in the desert and away from fault lines and tsunami zones and other locations which are prone to natural disasters. this is also the kind of reactor which would probibly be compact enough to use for space applications provided you can design a zero g version (and at least one molten salt reactor was installed and tested in an aircraft, and this was in the 50s).
  2. the reason spacecraft tend to use outdated computer hardware (and electronics in general) is because it takes about 10 years to rad hard a part. thats why the space shuttle still used core memory for its computers, and why the hubble was upgraded with a 486 well past that chips prime.
  3. this forum handles urls differently from what im used to. *fixed* as for the tanks, i base my capacity on the volume and capacity of stock tanks. actually i think all my formulae for figuring this all out are written down in some of my cfg file comments. my math could be totally wrong though. // half meter rcs tank // tank model volume is 0.27 m^3 // non-structural volume (95%) is 0.256 m^3 // units per m^3: 92.105263157894736842105263157895 // fuel amount = 23.578947368421052631578947368421 pretty much the measured volume of the tank from the modeling program of which i consider at least 5% of that volume is occupied by structural bits and cant contain fuel. units per m^3 i think is a guesstimate based on assumed tank sizes. its probibly completely wrong. * fuel amount is just the multiplication of the second and 3rd values, which i usually round it off to the nearest integer. *note that i dont use the games 1.25 scaling value, i asssume 0.5, 1, 2 meter (as opposed to .625, 1.25, 2.5) to make it consistent with how things show up in the modeling program. i think my estimate of the tank height by eyeball. the 1.25m tank (which i assume is 1m for consistency), and a guesstimate of height based on the proportionality of width to height (i think i just held a ruler up to the screen and did height/width = 1x diameter). then i use that to calculate the volume of a cylinder (minus 5% for structural volume), and use that to figure out how many units of fuel a cubic meter holds.
  4. really makes sense considering nasa already has a large amount of linux knowhow on hand. linux is really awesome if you know what youre doing.
  5. i usually end up doing a 2 stage with a massive lower stage (14 orange tanks and 6 mainsails on the outer ring) with mainsails doing everything. then have an efficient upper stage using engines with isp 380 or better (sometimes nuclear engines, or the mpd engines from my mod). its not the most efficient approach by a long shot, and it either falls way short and burns up, or ends up with the whole first stage in orbit with some fuel onboard.
  6. thats because some rebalencing that happened somewhere around .18. the old tank was just too small, you get a few seconds of rcs thrust unless you had several of them or very few thrusters. so i made a longer monoprop tank and repurposed the old tank as a half meter battery.
  7. i updated this thread with the new version. looks like those updates were lost in the forum crash. all the pics here are from the beta. the most recent version is the one on the space port (which i believe i released mid february). will probibly add some parts post .20, with bugfixes and updates. i got some parts that are about halfway done, and ideas for others. looking to do some large parts, some wings, and possibly some rover parts too. looks like my dev thread is completely gone as well.
  8. i was thinking more in terms of crew comfort, assuming the ship was manned. in the case of an unmanned craft, you still have structural loads that need to be considered, load bearing structures need to be beefed up more in jupiter than on another gas giant.
  9. a constant 2.5 gs will likely suck. you are better off doing this kinda thing on saturn, neptune, or uranus.
  10. i learned everything from orbiter.
  11. two pages and noone posted babylon 5? sad, very sad.
  12. the google is strong with this one.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_%28video_game%29
  14. this is why im switching to reactos as soon as it hits beta.
  15. as a proponent of the raycast drag model i must say that im actually rather impressed that you took the time to give it a decent testing run, dispite your previous assumptions that it probibly wouldnt work. you are indeed a true rocket scientist. i guess this challenges everyone to tweak the code and see if we cant cross off some of them cons. of course im completely lazy and i dont want to have to code another *expletive* drag model.
  16. years of playing orbiter have made my space skills so good its almost trivial for me to go entirely stock. but i play the game mostly for the fun of it and for me that involves mods. so many mods it takes me nearly 5 minutes to load the game on an i7.
  17. all the ones i can find + trial and error + existing knowledge of virtual cockpits in other games. i actually started porting some old models i had, but their interiors were designed for humans and need to be adjusted. other than that they work in game. anyway with the pictures of kerbals and established height thereof i think i can produce an analog with that. unfortunately i got sidetracked by a less important electronics project.
  18. im modeling some cockpits and need some proportional guidlines for desiging the chairs, panels and controls of the cockpit to make them suited to the kerbal's proportions. what i need is some kind of stand in model with the right proportions, it need not be very good nor does it even need to be textured. it can be modeled with cylenders and spheres for all i care, but it does need to be the correct proportions for a seated kerbonaught wearing a space suit. does anyone have such a model on hand or at least some kerbal measurements so i might produce my own?
  19. not much difference than going to mun, just need to do a course correction to compensate for the inclination (rotating your plane is more efficient while your orbit is eccentric). you can also time it so minmus is at the ascending/descending node when you get there. minmus has very low gravity so its a hard target to hit, on the other hand its also a slow target so its easy to sync orbits with it if neccisary. you can also take off from/land at minmus with your jetpack (probibly not enough pack fuel for a round trip)
  20. i noticed that to get 6x symmetry, a value of 5 seems to work, a value of 4 doesn't seem to work at all. after sciman brought to my attention that i was using the symmetry setting incorrectly in my half meter parts, my first guess was that stack symmetry values corresponded with the symmetry settings in the vab (supporting the enumeration hypothesis). i tried a value of 3 in my quad coupler and it worked. i inadvertently changed symmetry in my 19 coupler to 5 (theoretically it should have been 4 but when i tested it it worked as expected), and this allowed me to fill in the inner 6-ring with 1 engine placement and the outer 12-ring with 2 engine placements. id bet that 4 is reserved for some as of yet unimplemented feature (5 way symmetry?). id suggest trying a value of 6 or 7 for 8 way symmetry. i dont have an 8 way adapter so i cant test this.
  21. dont worry im working my way up to little boy.
  22. perhaps what you fail to realize is that if that ship crashes it will go up like a north korean nuclear weapon.
  23. yea im still working on them. i kinda got side tracked by another project/colonizing the kerbonian system. i think most of the bugs have been addressed, though i still want some more feedback about balance before i upload a new (probibly going final if there are no more bugs found) version.
  24. my method for deorbiting spent ships for disposal is to fly up next to them with another ship, eva over, point the ship retrograde, light the engine, and hop out before it gets too far away from your other ship.
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