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  1. We'll have probably got to 400 by now...
  2. Come on lads! Let's get 400 by 1700 GMT!!
  3. You knew the risks, it was your fault. I'm sorry, you'll be remembered as a hero.
  4. We have made the transition. Repeat, we have made the transition!
  5. I have a thinkpad SL510. It has an excellent processing capability (recently updated the SSD) and is generally a sturdy performer. However, its graphics card is awful. As someone who likes some games as well as spreadsheets, can anyone offer any advice for how to upgrade it, (NOTE: It is a laptop) or just buy a new laptop/desktop?
  6. Thanks!! On the phone now with my dad about splitting the fee for a desktop. Any recommendations for ~£300?
  7. Lucky... I foolishly bought it, not thinking about specs. My Thinkpad SL510 can't handle it, so now I'm £22 out of pocket and can't even play the goddamn thing! Can anyone recommend a *cheap* graphics card to run Cities with? Looks glorious for other people though.
  8. Mmmm... I am a moderator now... Good, good.
  9. After the huge amount of work and large array of features SQUAD will have put into this update, you will disregard this due to "no planets". A teensy bit rude and disrespectful?
  10. Tell that to me. I lived in the south east of the UK, right in the major Heathrow exit channel. The noise those things made was unbelievable. Still, the concord simply wasn't viable, but a cool project all the same.
  11. I was an unusually annoying 6 year old. I had to inform my teacher that the Earth did spin, and that no, we wouldn't fall off it because of centrifugal force.
  12. Generally you start the HypeTrain around experimentals phase.
  13. At first I thought this was yet another, "I have no skill in texturing or coding, but am happy to lead the project" thing. I was pleasantly surprised; that's a mighty fine model there, although space is an issue. We don't want to add the launch tower back into our games. I hope you find a texturer (protip: Beale, of Tantares fame, is an excellent texturer if you can get him )
  14. God-damnit. You didn't get the first anyway. Your momentous occasion trolling failed.
  15. Mmmph. Generally we play April Fools' Jokes on April 1st, but it's quite funny anyway. Hearing all of these people's anger is astonishing. One little joke...
  16. Get some bugs fixed, make a start on some of the krakens. I would say the planet-destroying one that happens when the claw is passively attached is a good place to start. Other than that, general balancing would be nice. It is paramount to sort out the bleedin' decouplers! The 3.5m is cheaper than the 1.25m! Aero overhaul we need at 1.0. It would be a disgrace to go into release with a placeholder still there, and will reflect badly on the devs, who don't deserve that.
  17. Hell no. There's a reason I don't post in Rocket Builders.
  18. "Considering that HSP has not even progressed past 0.17 yet (Puny Humans!!), I would say that the kraken took it." Official Nasa Report.
  19. I sell it online to a ludicrously rich American Imperial currency collecter for 100 Million dollars!! I then chuck it into a Swiss Bank Account before taking over the Soccer Team I support and become chief biscuitman!! I give the next guy 2 million dollars and 2 cents.
  20. Is this yet another "oh, Communism is good in principle, but human nature makes it impossible in practice!!" Debates? *sigh* I hate this demeaning and refusal to meet communists in actual debate.
  21. Gah, flame war much? This is worse than fandom baiting on reddit. (btw I'm on team Blue Cosmology!!)
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