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  1. I have this same exact problem, but it still happened when I set re-entry heat to 0% in the difficulty options, So I think its a bug either within the part itself or how the new re-entry heat system handles the part.
  2. Started working on a few space fairing craft for the film, seeing as most of what I have seen here so far are boats and spaceplanes and stuff (really cool btw guys!) Also going to post this because of the lack of replies recently, so I'm going sort of keep a log of the development of these things. For now, have a pic
  3. You got rid of Beta and Alpha??!!?!?!?!!!?!?!? Why!!!! Other than that, I'm looking forward to further chapters! Great work Mason
  4. Are you still working on this Angel-125? Because this is a pretty good mod, and I would love to see it updated and improved.
  5. Vagani, is there any specific rockets/planes/land vehicles you would like us builders to build, and is there also a specific time frame for them to be built other than before the set needs to be set up?
  6. Name: MadMooMan Job: Builder Why do you want to do this job: On average I spend more time in the VAB then I do any other scene, I love to build rockets and value aesthetics a lot in my work. Previous Work: None really. I applied for a rocket builder here on the forums but they died out unfortunately. In case you might wanna see what I have/can do, Took a few sceenshots of a Kerbinari Shuttle Mission EDIT: Cant get the Imgur Album working, so here is the link to it: http://imgur.com/a/6fD5i?gallery#0
  7. Nope. I just did my best recreation of the lander and attempted to land, however the engines didn't have enough fuel + TWR to slow the lander down enough during descent to land safely. Above that in the VAB the landing engines plus the sepatrons have a combined total of less that 2,000m/s dV, so if the lander landed its definitely not getting out of the atmosphere, even more so a stable orbit. EDIT: Also, in the description of the video it says "Solar panels? Check! Heatshield? Check! Overpowered, super efficient takeoff/landing modded thruster engines? Check (go green)!" However, If you manag
  8. I admit I was thinking the same as you when I saw Nassault's video, although I didn't notice those sepatrons at the end . . . I'll try recreate the lander and see how it goes.
  9. Wow, this is great stuff man! keep going, you just got another reader . . .
  10. I have had this screen twice but I don't have Texture Replacer installed. The only major graphical mod I have installed is EVE.
  11. I just encountered this, However I also found that as you move in between main menu and save game loading screens a Kerbal gets up close to the screen.
  12. Well, if you have got it via steam, right click on KSP in your steam client, click properties, go over to the local files tab in the window that pops up and click "browse local files"
  13. Wow, amazing! Perfect for my space plane games with Jeb
  14. Thanks man, totally fixed it knew I as doing something wrong.
  15. Ok, so I've only a small problem with KSO. When I separate the SRB's from the External fuel tank, I have to manually keep the shuttle straight, otherwise the whole thing will keep spinning around because of the uneven thrust from the shuttle. When I watched your launch profile vid, I almost exactly replicated that and still the same. I have tried it with and without the autonomous computer, I have used the already built one and built my own, and nothing changes. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it supposed to do that. Plus SAS does not make any difference at all. I would attempt to fi
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