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  1. I found the origin of the bug: every part attached to a manned capsule will be given a weight (from MJ or Kerbal Engineering Redux) of: realWeight + 100 * n_of_passengers. If you empty the capsule the weight count return normal. I think there is some logic that add 100kg to the weight of the capsule per each passenger but that logic by error is applied to every single part attached to the capsule (I tried with a thermometer or a parachute).
  2. Hi, I'm having the same problem! I noted this when on Mechjeb the weight was 150 t and on the vanilla toolbar was 139t.
  3. Then I don't understand how the heat is generated and is dissipated in KSP 1.0. I don't assume that the engine is a heat shield but I assume that it exists and if put in a retrograde position it will get almost all of the air friction of the entire rocket, the manned capsule should get none. So I would expect to see the engine burn up and explode before the capsule and not vice verse.
  4. Yes I understand this but I'm talking about another problem: when my engine is still facing retrograde its temperature is low, but the temperature of the manned capsule (at the other end of the rocket and well shielded from the air) raises very fast until everything explode.
  5. Hi, I tried to make a reentry from an orbit without an heat-shield, with 0.90 and Deadly Reentry I used the engine from the last stage as an heat-shield as it could take a massive amount of heat before exploding, but when I try the same with 1.0 the engine temperature remain very low (300-400) and the temperature of the manned capsule starts to raise very fast till it explode! Did somebody had a similar problem? BTW It's now very difficult to keep the engine in a retrograde position and the craft tend to flip over easily.
  6. Hi Flowerchild, did you tried adding the new keyword? public new float GetCraftMassLimit( float editorNormLevel ) {
  7. Hi, In the second try to land on the Mun I crashed the ship (engine and fuel tanks), the mobile processing lab detached from the control module but is intact on the Mun. I've 3 Kerbals alive, 1 in the control module and 1 in the mobile processing lab. The transmitting modules and batteries are on the mobile processing lab but I can't it make the transfer of the data... I can store or get data from EVA report and Mun samples took by one of the Kerbals but I cannot send them to home... Only the control module can send data?
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