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  1. Thanks, I'll stop messing with them then.
  2. Ok, I've tried searching for this, but not finding anything. Somewhere I missed when the RGB sliders were added to the MKS modules and moving them seems to have no effect on the appearance of my modules. Is there something else I need to do to make those useful?
  3. You can still completely fill a kontainer from PL if the PL module has a smaller kontainer, such as an ISM, connected to it. That's how I fill/empty my cargo ships on Minmus and Mun....use LL to fill my cargo ship from an ISM attached to a Duna Logistics module...the ISM auto-fills from PL and keeps filling the cargo ship kontainer...reverse for emptying a cargo ship into PL.
  4. Sorry, @Gilph. I'll just claim senility on that one.
  5. Believe it was @Glyph who had an issue with doing uranium maintenance.
  6. I haven't actually tried doing maintenance with uranium, so not sure.
  7. Why does anyone need a malfunctions mod? I do that just fine with my rocket designs.
  8. My advice would be just do randoms until you get what you want, and, if you feel like you're losing money unnecessarily that way, refund yourself through the cheat system.
  9. Recruit them using the Kolonization menu. Believe it is 250k for base professions, 10k for the specialists.
  10. Is the Kolonization bonus simply the value you see when opening the Kolonization tab?
  11. I believe @RoverDude has stated that he thinks the stock one was sufficient to obviate the need for him to design an MKS module.
  12. Should be able to transfer Machinery into PL, correct? PL module and quartermaster in the structure that is manufacturing Machinery, should push the Machinery into planetary logistics.
  13. Machinery cannot be transferred using local logistics. Have to either send out an engineer to perform maintenance or have an engineer in a workshop.
  14. Ok, after playing around with some of the config files (and I'm sure @RoverDude can verify this), it is the module that determines if that structure will scavenge. The MKS modules are defined as ModuleResourceConverter_USI, which means they know to send out Kerbals to scavenge the needed goods. The stock ISRU module for converting ore to LFO (which is what I'm using) is just the stock doesn't know about scavenging and just sits there doing nothing although there's ore in the nearby resource tower. Changing that converter module to ModuleResourceConverter_USI gives it the ability to put in a scavenge order and bring in ore to the attached ISM.