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  1. Sometimes you just have to add things piecemeal. Not sure what you are specifically trying to do, but I'd look into just starting with the basics....food, matkits...then add from there. What I always try to do when creating a new colony/station is establish a WOLF trading route first...ship in some of the basics....get the WOLF production up and running....then stop the transfer in once the colony/station is self-sufficient.
  2. If you transfer 9 oxygen to a depot, then add a life support module, that uses one of the oxygen. You can't then delete or edit the 9 oxygen transfer.
  3. I had the same situation and could not find a way in game to fix. Did find a way to edit the save file. However, wouldn't recommend that unless you were sure what you were doing (and, of course, save a backup before editing).
  4. Maybe a silly question, but do you have the thermals deployed? Also, are the thermals attached directly to the PDU or to another part of the station?
  5. Hey, it's your game, and you should play it however you wish, but I would highly recommend figuring out what's wrong with your USI install. With the EVA construction addition and WOLF, KSP is an entirely new game to me. For the first time, feel like I have an actual colony established on Minmus instead of a bunch of parts scattered across the surface.
  6. Think I discovered a minor bug with WOLF cargo. Appears that, if you stop a WOLF hopper but don't disconnect from depot, then stop the WOLF transfer for that material, then restart the hopper, the resource will still be transported.
  7. I'm running the latest build and have the agricultural support module. It's under the Manufacturing tab in the VAB. Researched with Resource Exploitation in the research tree.
  8. Karbonite now appears to be working properly. But, still same problems with Karborundum....not showing on ScanSat maps and K+ drills show no material. However...thank you for the quick response on this.
  9. Since installing this last version, no longer seeing Karbonite or Karborundum in the ScanSat resource dropdown. edit: Actually, Karbonite and Karborundum are missing as minable resources. The MKS logistic tanks can still be selected for them, but all my drills are showing as "nothing to harvest". WOLF side is good, still showing both as being Harvestable Resources and able to pull from WOLF depots with hoppers.
  10. I'm not doing exactly what you are, but have had no problems with Planetary Logistics. And I abuse the crap out of it. My current Minmus base has a "warehouse" that is manned by a QM and able to pull/push resources in and out of planetary storage.
  11. What I know is thinking about an SSTO with that many containers makes me drool. I just think too small for this game.
  12. Yes, I'm really liking it. Great system for kickstarting a new station or base. Doesn't just replace the MKS logistic systems, but synergizes with them.
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