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  1. I have 4 windows open on one screen (spacex stream, nasa stream, spacex/musk twitter/ ksp). Other screen i am on conference calls.
  2. Between SpaceX and NASA live streams alone, there are 2.5 million watching.
  3. That's a good idea. I'll see what I can do (when I can find the time)...
  4. Found a small issue where sometimes rails warp gets stuck even after a scene change. Patch will be incoming to attempt to remedy the situation. Testing now.
  5. Thanks. It was easier than I thought. I made a build for 1.8.1 that seems to work okay, but haven't fully tested it. The issue with low Kerbin orbits decaying in Hyper-Warp still persists, but it's still quite useful even for low-thrust engines. https://dev.azure.com/KSPModsWMF/TimeControl/_build/results?buildId=38&view=results The zip file is there. I'll keep an eye on the thread for bug reports, if I don't see any in a few days I'll post a release.
  6. I'm taking a look. Looks like Unity split their DLLs apart into a massive spiderweb of references so I have to add in some additional references for the project but hopefully will have something in a few days.
  7. I'll see what i can do. Don't forget that you can set up custom keybindings for pretty much every function that Time Control offers, and the GUI doesn't have to be shown for them to work. I usually bind stuff to the numeric keypad.
  8. What would go in the Rails warp toggle? Hyper-warp and Slowmo could use the settings that are set in the other panels, but I'm not sure what would go in rails toggle - current altitude max warp allowed maybe?
  9. I'll take a look. Sorry I haven't had much time to work on this recently.
  10. Maybe... I'm not sure to be honest. I'll try to release something soon and just note in BIG RED LETTERS that hyper warp can cause trouble in low orbits.
  11. There was a thread about this here: For some reason things are a lot *worse* when I change the Unity TimeScale. Maybe something changed in unity in this release... I am considering some options like 'correcting' the vessel's orbit as if it were on rails if and only if there are no forces acting on the vessel... I still have to think about this.
  12. I noticed this as well, and it really does feel *worse*. This problem makes Hyper-Warping with my mod Time Control a big problem in low orbit, since with sped-up time you can see the changes to the semi-major axis happening much more quickly (even with zero reduction to the physics engine fixed delta time step). *sometimes* the changes stop completely for maybe a complete orbit or two, but then restart again. Here's an example - I tracked the vessel's 'orbitalenergy' parameter over time, and it is decreasing. I think you can derive semi-major axis from this value. At 22:40:57, orbitalenergy was -2528029.48805985 At 22:50:32, orbitalenergy was -2528030.95893785 I think KSP is calculating specific orbital energy using the standard equation as -μ / 2a (where a is the SMA), because my SMA was around 698488.7 m at the start and 698488.3 m at the end. I'm not sure if μ includes your vessel's mass or not. I'm guessing not since the G of the planet is so big it would hardly make any difference. When I use very high time scales (50x) to speed up time, the vessel's SMA (and orbital energy) loses many meters over the course of a single low orbit. It has to be something screwy with how KSP is calculating the orbital parameters with respect to the planet over time. I might have to introduce something in my mod where the orbital parameters are captured upon entering hyper warp and 'adjusted' if there are no forces currently acting on the center of mass of the vessel. This can be difficult though given that if I make an adjustment, how do I know the vessel is going to be moved to the 'correct' place... I really don't want to try to figure out how the coordinate system in KSP works so I can basically rewrite the logic that makes a vessel orbit a planet... I guess I could simply ignore the coordinate stuff altogether and use the previous orbital parameters and basic 2-body calcs (which i guess is what on-rails does too). One thing is for sure, it definitely gets much worse when I use the hyper warp functions of my mod, which mess with Unity Time.timeScale and Time.fixedDeltaTime. I wonder if there's something screwy between the on-rails planets and the vessels happening when I speed time up.
  13. No new release for 1.7.X yet. I am getting some strange behavior with Hyper-Warp where the the Semi-Major axis of a vessel is slightly changing while in hyper-warp. I'm going to have to research. This seems to be happening even when On-Rails warp runs without time control installed. But since Hyper-Warp is done in 'real-time' the effect is much more severe.