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  1. westamastaflash

    [1.5.1] Time Control [2.9.5]

    Sorry I'm still catching up on stuff in RL. I will see if I can work on a recompile in the next few weeks.
  2. Sorry folks. RL is killing me. I reached out to both @severedsolo and @linuxgurugamer but haven't heard back yet on yay or nay for taking it on. I meant to do more, but you know how things get.
  3. Ahh KSP is now 1.6? I will try to find some time this weekend to work on this. It's been touch and go with a ton of crap at work right now...
  4. It's from Nov - YYYYMMDD is the naming convention since it sorts correctly on computers.
  5. Yep. I know about this and am working on a fix but it will be until after the holiday season.
  6. Given the holiday season here in the states and my current load @ work I cannot promise a stable release for awhile yet. I've been working on it when I get the time, sorry! You can try the experimental version on the build server posted further up, it was compiled against 1.5.1. There is still a problem with launch sites that I haven't got sorted. I need to figure out how KSP does their new launch sites and put it all together.
  7. Nothing has changed with the scrapyard integration, and nothing probably will for awhile.
  8. I would love that as a feature as well. As for the launch issue, it might have to do with a brand new save having trouble identifying the KSC launch pad. I am still in the process of debugging. I can only work on this some evenings and weekends since I work FT and have a 3 year old, but I'm making slow progress.
  9. Yeah it's not completely clear. You need to click into the latest build (Manual Build 20181103.6), select the "summary" tab, and there is a zip file under 'build artifacts published'.
  10. Yeah this is the biggest problem that I am working on solving. The VAB / launch pad levels are completely screwed up. Also, the inability to launch from Dessert or Woomerang. Plus KSCSwitcher / KerbinSide support is also broken.
  11. Update: Some progress has been made on the code front. I've got a build server going here: https://dev.azure.com/KSPModsWMF/KerbalConstructionTime/_build?definitionId=9 Builds are compiled against the latest version of my code after I check in changes. This is untested, unsupported, and *not a release*. I'm still working on getting the launch pads to work correctly after the changes that were made with launch sites. But if you want to try it out in 1.5.1, the latest build will at least run. There may be exceptions or errors. One other thing I am planning on doing is leveraging a pre-built expression parser for the formulas, so they will follow order of operations, and provide additional functions. I have added the code for the MIT-licensed Expressive but not yet tied it into the formulas.
  12. westamastaflash

    [1.5.1] Time Control [2.9.5]

    KSP 1.5.1 update released. Includes a fix to an exception that sometimes threw on a scene change, and allows one to go straight from a PAUSED state into a warp or slow-motion state.
  13. It definitely appears to be somewhat hacky. I need to review this code. I might be able to leverage some of the ideas that the Hangar mod uses. The difficult part is resetting single-use parts and such.
  14. One of the reasons is that the code, as it stands, is nigh-impossible to maintain without accidentally breaking things. Half Nearly All of the internal logic of the mod is embedded directly in the user interface, while other, just as important parts, are in static classes that maintain state and operate as 'global function containers'. Also, every scene change, the entire mod reloads itself. There are a bunch of calls that assume things are ready, but when they're not, throw NullReferenceExceptions instead of strong errors. There's a little bit of instrumentation to track where things went wrong, but not enough. Incremental improvement will definitely happen, no code is being thrown out completely unless necessary. But 250-line functions are simply not debuggable in a meaningful way when submitted as part of bug reports. As far as modularization, I'll back track a little bit on that. I don't think that means "5 mods". It means "one mod but with very clear boundaries between various things both *in the code* and *in the GUI*. As you said there's a lot of flexibility with the formulas, and I don't want to take *any* of that away. From a pure UI/UX perspective, I don't expect much of anything to change initially. I'm currently just trying to get it to build and work consistently with 1.4.5. The new 'launch sites' that KSP added seems to have borked a lot of the launch pad specific code.
  15. Ah, that makes sense. I wasn't sure what you meant. I was not planning on changing anything drastic - the build points per unlocked tech would stay, probably as a core option that is turned on by default. I may even add another option to grant a build point per X launches , or per X tonnage launched, or some such thing. To represent your space program's ability to learn from what you've done before.