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  1. KSS Kolossus arriving at Gilly and releasing the lander... Zombie attack at the landing site... After completing Eve and Gilly, the Kolossus continued inwards in the Kerbol system... arrival at Moho... Jeb, Bill and Bob claimed that planet landing... Then the Kolossus headed outwards, skipping Kerbin and its moons for now and arriving at Duna... Beauty shot of the lander release. The girls team with Valentina, Stelmy and Tamara put their flag into the
  2. The lander-egg leaving the KSS Kolossus in Eve orbit, taking three of the six grand tour Kerbals on the landing attempt... It dipped into the atmosphere and soon was engulfed in flames as Jeb, Bill and Stelmy raced towards the first Grand Tour landing... They made it through the heat and after a shaking descent into the thicker parts of the atmosphere, the chutes began to pop out... Chutes fully deployed, removal of protective casing and heatshield... After a successful touch down next to a piece of
  3. Thanks. The ship itself is actually self-lifting... with a minimum of fuel loadout it has an atmospheric TWR of 1.4something and still 15k dV. Since the engines provide no gimbal and it is very unaerodynamic, it however has to climb slowly vertically out of the atmosphere and then pull into a horizontal turn. Once periapsis is burned out it has to be filled up with about 2,000 tons of resources to become operational ready though.
  4. Two crew lifters launched from KSC and brought the 6-Kerbal team of the Grand Tour to the KSS Kolossus. When the transfer window to Eve opened up, the interplanetary cruiser left LKO... A few month later: arrival at Eve... The crew is now preparing for the first... and probably most dangerous landing of the tour...
  5. Put a new heavy launcher into service... It can lift 500 tons into Kerbin orbit and is fully recoverable. With the help of this new lifter, more gear was launched to be installed at the mining base on Eeeloo. Fleet assembling in LKO... Then the tugs pulled the mining and transport equipment to Eeloo / Sarnus. Karborundum and Uraninite mining installation descending on the base... A general Karbonite / Ore mining rig with all kinds of converters was also deployed... Removing the travel gear with controled explosions... The mining base was now ready and started
  6. Stage Recovery mod is probably the easiest and most straight forward mod in that regard:
  7. Continued with my Karborundum mining operation on Sarnus / Eeloo. After the Exploration team with its rover had found a good spot to to start mining, back on Kerbin three new interplanetary tugs of the Pegasus class were launched... Shortly afterwards, three key modules for the upcoming Eeeloo surface base with skycrane landing equipment were launched: the habitat and control tower, able to keep the mining team entertained for hundreds of years Live support systems to keep the Kerbals alive for a similar time span... and a m
  8. Pegasus pushed the Eeloo Exploration Rover and its skycrane into a Kerbin - Sarnus transfer orbit Several years later: arrival at Sarnus the vessel moved on to Eeeloo... Deployment of the skycrane / Rover setup in a low orbit above the moon The skycrane began its descend by burning off all its horizontal speed right above a potential resource hotspot identified by an orbital scanner several years ago. Vertical descend... Coming down at the edge of a crater...
  9. Put a very aerodynamic payload on top of a lifter. Eeloo Exploration Rover going into space... Ascend was slightly suboptimal and thus some of the skycranes hydrogen fuel, which was actually ment to power the descend on Eeloo, had to be used to make the final orbital circularization and and catch up to the setups taxi... Coming in to dock with the Pegasus interplanetary tug. After docking up, a standard tanker was brought up to replenish the spent fuel... It docked up at the
  10. Launched another piece of equipment for my Eeloo operation... The Prometheus is a crew module for interplanetary flights, able to keep a crew of 4 Kerbals alive and happy for ten years of transit time. Like most of the gear put into service at the moment, it was designed to also be pushed by the Pegasus interplanetary tug. Meeting up with the puller just as the last hydrogen tanker finnished fueling it up and heading for de-orbit... Prometheus leaving its lifter stage... Then the ship went to dock u
  11. Nuclear tug "Pegasus" beeing refueled in Kerbin orbit by multiple hydrogen tankers... A team of engineers came on board as well for refurbishing and reactor maintenance... Time to lift the next piece of cargo for Sarnus... Eeloo station weighting 200 tons (empty) making its way into orbit... and docking up to the Pegasus puller (burned out lifter in the background)... A few years later, the Pegasus is about to arrive at its destination with the package. Scratching Sarnus' atm
  12. First stage of Project Dreamland is taking shape. In preparation of the upcoming Karborundum mining operation on Eeelo at Sarnus, the first unmanned mission was launched: Interplanetary tug "Pegasus" taking off from Kerbin. Total mass on the pad: 3,000 tons. Pegasus after arrival in orbit, waiting for its first payload. First payload (about 160 tons) to Sarnus beeing launched by its own lifter After docking the package to the Pegasus... course was set to Sarnus and the atomic engine prop
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