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  1. Yeah, I'm just too lazy really, I should set Kerbal to not update unless I tell it to! (Old mad was meant to read old mod!) USI Kolonialisation mod isn't even listed in my ckan now... github it will have to be but I also have a tonne of mods not compatible yet so...
  2. I was using ckan to keep things up to date and I couldn't update this mod for v1.3. Does anyone know why? It did show when I had a previous version installed, but the update failed due to groundconstruction missing. so I removed teh old mad to install the whole of 1.3 fresh and it's not there in ckan!
  3. I learnt something new so I can carry on playing! yeah!
  4. Hmm... I've got a lot better at hitting the right spot now I've learnt how to use a target in the trajectories mod! But version 1.2.2 just hit my steam so I will have to wait/potter about until the mods will work! sigh..
  5. What did I do today? Nothing, because kerbal updated to 1.2.2 and now my mods wont work! Just as I figured how to land at an exact spot!
  6. I can't even get a powered plane to work!!! No glider! Wouldn't wings get ripped off or burnt off in re-entry if I shoved them on the edge of my mk1 and service bay?
  7. I meant only the symmetry of it all, makes it feel too simple... I'm aware that as a square is involved in the surface area of sphere that a square makes sense in describing the way energy dissipates as that area increases... It's just the perfect symmetry of it... I'm not sure what I'm trying to describe... Thanks for the advice, I think a little more science around Kerbin, I wish I did not have a badlands "splashed down" requirement... I landed from orbit within 10k of it first try but I'm never gonna hit one of them tiny lakes from orbit!...
  8. HG-5 is both direct and relay, so I could get more distance from my mun/minus sats if I put a HG-5 on the probe/pod rather than a comm 16 right? Ok so distance they can talk, check and yes I remember the inverse square law once upon a time, a long LONG time ago I did a year of a four-year Masters of Physics course at the Uni of Leicester... I'm suspicious about it but there you go, (don't you think some of these physics laws tie up with our 'broken' integral mathematics rather neatly?)
  9. Thanks both for the help. I think it is the signal strength part that is confusing me! So the range of the Kerbin dish is important. If my HG-5 is within Kerbin dishes' range, Kerbin can hear it? or does Kerbin's dish need to be within the HG-5 Range? I'm trying to figure out what I need to stay in contact with Mun and Minmus. For some science probes and for a comm net around kerbin so I can transmit science and do all those evas for flying over the biomes or crew reports or which ever it is... (or do they have to be in atmosphere) I just don't want to go to do something and find I've wasted my time! Also, as I can't build planes I need to do some sat contracts or I'll get so bored... lol This is a really useful explanation if I've understood it right!
  10. ER right, so I need relays to pass info on, and I can't use a directional on my probe to reach the relay? You see i'm confused... Relay dishes on my sats allow me to bounce a message onwards.. so one placed in high orbit around (20 Mm is what 20000km?) means any directional dish pointed at them could be passed on to Kerbin? I only need dishes around kerbin, if my directional can't reach quite to kerbin or there is something in the way? I'm startying to understand. The Ra-2 is a long way into the tech tree! I know I can just go to Mun manned, but it doesn't seem right! How do I figure out antenna power? Edit: Cross post! I hadn't seen Spricigo's post right thanks! I think I'm understanding...
  11. Ok so I need to set up a comm net around kerbin, and her moons, etc. I'm early in the game, but most of my contract options are stupid and dull (test a solid fuel booster while in an escape kerbin etc etc ) I need science to unlock some heavier lifting equipment! So after obriting a few times for science I'm looking to start my comm net. I've been searching and can't find any straight answers. I've read this: But it doesn't answer my really basic questions... such as what do I want on my sats, do they need to down link to KSC or just have a down link to Kerbin? What kind of antenna do what? and all these stupid questions... I'm really confused. Do my sats need two dishes (one outwards the other down to kerbins surface) or more? Any suggestions would be helpful, I read a guide that explained what could and could not be done with each antena, but I got a little confused (it suggested they all needed several dishes, to link to each other and to probes/ships out in the ether and that one had to conntect to KSC itself at all time...) I have heard I should set up a huge dish array at KSC and well basically I'm utterly confused as to what to do! Any advice? I was going to try for 3 /4 in keostaionary orbit, until I read the above!
  12. You're a star! cheers!
  13. Thanks all! I have a pretty good idea of where and how the thign 'should' work and I'm relatively happy I can get that up into orbit with 270ish to spare... This thread has really helped me understand much better! Now for the science and then I may actually have what I need to put up a comm network (solar panels etc)
  14. Valentina is at the helm! but yeah I do need to sort out a comm network soon.. sigh.. it confuses me! lol.. mission control! opps.. my mistake! can we confirm the exact requirements, Pilot, or comm network and core, tracking station level two? mission control level 2? I really want to find out if something isn't working right!
  15. Actually, I have a similar problem. Node appeared once but niw doesn't. Missing control (contracts) is upgraded and tracking station twice I think (patched conics). Am I looking at a reinstall? Am using precise node mod!