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  1. That seems similar, but much better organised! So the KER replacement stuff is in stock, Trajectories was always a slow one to get updated. I just could never figure out how anyone deliberately landed in a specific spot without it!
  2. I hated landings... I almost always had to use the verticle velocity mod... ( I'll give it a boot in 1.7.1 and see if I want the dlcs...
  3. I still think I'll be no use what so ever without some equivalent of the trajectories mod... Even with it landing where I wanted was a nightmare... How do you all manage?
  4. Hi all, I used to play Kerbal a lot but I got stuck in v1.3x for ages and my interest waned. Now I want to dust off kerbal and get back into it, I see there are dlc's now and I'm unsure what I need to get a modded game working? I mean I used to rely on the Kerbal Engineer Mod, trajectories mod, precise manoeuvre node and verticle velocity mod. I also had all kinds of parts mods too around fuel and mining... I've no idea what's available for which version or if Ckan is up to date is there a 'Beginners guide'? I mean I learnt what I needed originally watching the 5thHorseman's you
  5. So I got to the badlands! The contract had suggested nav points so I aimed at one and made my way there, I had to fuel up the fuselage to about halfway, minor adjustments to ensure CoM still in the right place with the centre of lift (Aerodynamic view) I managed to land in the water about 150 meters from the nav point... shores! So I did the kerbal thing and fired the engines up and hydroplaned to the exact point to get the badlands! No such nav point is available for my tundra mission, I'm thinking about ditching it! Thank you so much for all the help! It took a while to get to
  6. Thanks i'm flying!!! No idea how to get to see Jeb though like in your screen grab! Also this doesn't go fast does it?? I'm not sure I have the fuel to reach the tundra and I may have trouble landing, i forgot to slap on some emergency chutes!!! But I'm in the air and able to steer... it wouldn't take off on it's own so I guess I need to make it point upwards a bit more! Right, so 'splashed down in tundra' and 'splashed down in badlands' just need to figure out where they are and if I can get there! I took the fuel out of the big tanks, i'm guessing putting some in makes it too he
  7. So erm trying to build this, I can't get the nose cone on the back it wont snap on to anything... the rudder looks like a different part from the tail fins?? also where to put instrumentation?
  8. I know... I've just always failed and get quite frustrated as so many others can do it, I couldn't even make it work back in .90 before the atomsphere was anything but soup... I kind understand the principals, but I've never had any luck so I don't tend to pick up the parts until I need to unlock something I want later... I could open the basic plane parts but that seems like a lot when I doubt I'll pull of a single mission with it... I've even tried putting a booster on the back and launching like a rocket to stop them blowing up on the runway to no avail!
  9. AoA Angle of attitude ok... I try to come in bottom first, so facing retrograde as that's where the heat shield is! I do find the inability to plan landings really irritating! lol Trajectories is awesome though, but even when set to retrograde I don't impact in the right place, it's like it ignores the braking from the atmosphere which it's supposed not to do.. So I burn for re-entry, point retrograde as I tell Trajectories I will and then watch the impact crosshair move as I tear through the atmosphere... I'm not sure what I'm missing...
  10. A) Yes it's a contract. I'm very early on, and didn't realize how hard slashed down would be, I'll probably have to take a hit to rep. Buy Earlier in the game I mean I have the first three Techs and General Rocketry open only! I have a bunch of science ready but I'm trying to work out if I can get to satellites and comms (I need to build a com network etc and not done it before... way too early for a rover... B) I've played on and off since early access, I mean I think I bought the game on version .40 or was it 0.36 I have NEVER managed to build a plane that works, even following guide
  11. Hi all, I'm in an early career, just got orbital, I'm trying to bring a pod down in tundra, but splashed down for a science mission, I've no idea how to pull this off, if I land in water the biome is water!! Also it's very very hard, even with trajectories mod to get anywhere near where I need to be! Am I just crazy for trying to use rockets when I should be flying? (I've yet to manage to build a jet that works!)
  12. Does this mean there is no way to get a prediction for a later stage? I dump my last engine in my last stage before re-entry, the prediction always jumps! Any way to figure out how it will? Also is there any neat explanation of the AoA stuff?
  13. I've not unlocked the tech for a working probe and am a bit worried about how to set up the relays so I can talk to it! Finding water in tundra is a bit precise.. I should probably use a plane but I've never managed to build a working one of those even when I've copied others designs...
  14. While that's a valid response, NASA does this full time, I get less than an hour a day to play at it! And both my maths and launches are way too rusty to manage it blind! I can't even figure out where I want to try to land! lmao... Edit: without trajectories mod I'm not sure I'd ever land where I wanted too...
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