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  1. Stock... always. I see no reason to add tedium to a game which has enough already.
  2. This is stuck in the place of being neat, but not worth it for just this game. It's like a flight stick, they are great for KSP if you have several games that can use it but not worth the purchase for just KSP. Unfortunately I can't think of another game I own where I could use this.... maybe... just maybe Farming Simulator, but even still with those two I'm not sure it would be worth it, especially at $260. Even $100 isn't really worth it for one game.
  3. Yes, the debug flag was left on in that release. I've got a new version that is nearly complete but I haven't had time to work on it in the last couple of weeks.
  4. That video isn't relevant to any KSP version after 1.0 because the "turn 45 degrees at 10km" method of ascent has been obsolete for that long. Your gravity losses have nothing to do with high speed vs low speed, it has to do with vertical velocity vs. horizontal velocity. Gravity eats vertical velocity, but not horizontal velocity. In general you don't want to be too fast because it makes turning on time difficult to do. 1.5 launchpad TWR is ideal, it is possible to turn off SAS, take your hands off the keyboard, and let the rocket turn on it's own. You can go between 1.2 to 1.8, but not much faster. .
  5. Earth is not in Kerbal Space Program, and if you want to explore oceans in a game, I highly recommend Subnautica. It's designed for that purpose, KSP is not. Otherwise, you have mods. That's how it is going to have to be.
  6. That could be every part in the game. People do make boats out of stock parts already.
  7. The same reason they haven't added prop plane parts. It's not space oriented. Jets played a big part in the build up to the launch of manned rockets. Prop planes had very limited use in NASA (or the Air Force space division) even back before Mercury. Boats have very little use outside of recovery, but recovery is abstracted in KSP. It just doesn't make sense to fill up the memory space with boat parts (or prop plane parts). They don't fit in the scope. You could argue that they could add a bunch of parts, and they could. But there have to be limits to the design purpose of the game, and that has always been space (double entendre fully intentional). They could change their minds on that, but I don't see it happening. Tomorrow they could announce they boat parts, or train parts, or golf cart parts to the game... it just isn't incredibly likely. The line they have drawn makes sense, they can't put everything in this game.
  8. The search for available water on foreign bodies does not mean having a naval fleet on Mars. Your justifications are all wet.
  9. Simple, it's a space game. Not a boat game. There is a limit to how much can be added to the game and it was always intended to be space oriented. Boat parts are not it. Well, hopefully it will be a while before you are disappointed then, but it seems inevitable that you will be. Not likely going to happen. That's what mods are for. They have a limited space to work with on the minimum specs, they aren't going to add a plethora of out of scope parts to fill it up. Again, it's a space game.
  10. I'd rather have Axial tilt for that problem
  11. Given that SpaceX landed a rocket on a barge, being able to launch said barge without strange and awkward means wouldn't be beyond the scope of this game. The problem is, once it is there, people would assume that means we need boat parts, which is very much outside the scope of the game.
  12. Doesn't bother me, I fully expected the DLL to be a short term fix.
  13. Nvidia PhysX is a game physics engine which KSP/Unity uses. PhysX is CPU driven but has support for hardware acceleration to forward some of the processing off to the GPU, freeing up the CPU for other tasks. However, neither Unity nor KSP support hardware acceleration. Thus, whatever app is giving you that message is telling you that PhysX is running in CPU mode only. Note: PhysX is a brand name and Physics is what it does. That is important to understand because I still see people refer to other physics engines as PhysX, which is incorrect. If it is not Nvidia, it's not PhysX.
  14. 1. That's not enough when your choices are on or off. Having extra sensitivity won't make any difference, you still have two settings fully on or fully off. Tapping the key works in flight but it's too jerky when steering on the ground to be reasonable. By this same argument we wouldn't need the Authority Limiter on the ailerons, and yet we have it anyway. 2. I already do this, but usually I don't even have reaction wheels on my rover. That won't help the situation though, it's not what causes the symptom. 3. Again, on or off. There is no option for a "Soft left" unless you have a flight stick or other analog control. You end up doing a hard left whether you want to or not. That's why we need an authority limiter.
  15. Pretty much. Honestly, I'm not sure why they leave it open at this point. I don't think they have seriously used it since at least 0.25. Of course if they closed it, requests would just get dumped elsewhere so I guess it still as a small purpose of keeping other areas clean.