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  1. Ksp community misses you!  We hope your doing well.  You started playing stormworks.

  2. Hi man, I'm back, you still here ?


  3. Please bring mods back

    1. Ilya_G


      He is unlikely to return them. Look for those who downloaded them

    2. verniervonkerman


      idk why he deleted them

    3. Ilya_G
  4. restore mods plz



    1. Natso


      I have backup file of SM Marine , SM Armory , SM MissilesLauncher

    2. Natso


      I have backup file , you only need download and using it

    3. Dioso


      i have all the files its fine, thank you


  5. r u alive


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. verniervonkerman


      Just wondering, how did you get the old mods when the github doesnt even exist?

    3. Dioso


      someone linked it to me 


    4. verniervonkerman


      ok. the github page went poof. Just wondering...

  6. You there? Restore your mods.

    1. Natso


      I have backup file of SM Marine , SM Armory , SM MissilesLauncher

    2. Some Kerbal out there
  7. Hey, just poppin in to wish you all the best in your latest modding adventure, and while I'm at it confirm that you have my full support and blessing in rereleasing a modified version of missiles and launchers. And didn't we have an r74 in stryker?? Anyho tata for now SM
  8. could I possibly be allowed to download some of your mods for bda? I don't really care about what version they are for I just love these mods and would like to be able to use them again.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. The_Stinky_Broccoli


      i will check that out.

    3. Delta dart

      Delta dart

      Okay its up


    4. Natso


      I have backup file of SM Marine , SM Armory , SM MissilesLauncher

  9. (don't read)

    1. HebaruSan


      I don't think he wants to be bothered about this by random people, since he requested both of the forum threads for those mods to be closed in March 2019.

    2. Catto


      Ok i'll close this.


    3. Catto


      How do i delete this

  10. Hi, the drag cube, is the games representation of the crafts/parts dimensions, the game uses this info to calculate drag. Drag cubes for standard style and simple animated parts are calculated at every game start up, and written to the part database, once a DC has been written to the PartDatabase.cfg, this is the info that the game will always use. Rather than repeating whats lurking elsewhere, have some links The first is the post that started my interest in tweaking DC's and the other two explain how to set it all up for parts that may, by default generate a procedural cube(BAD) or no cube at all.
  11. It reads a lot more painfully than it feels to do the first time is a bit sketchy but once that's over and you've seen how it works, it's all rinse and repeat.
  12. Dear mods, for the sake of all the new mod makers out there, please unpin this horribly outdated and misleading post. Anyone following the advice in this tutorial and applying it to the current (or any version from 1.3.1) KSP will find they have created a part that will not load It would be nice too if you could pin the linked post instead
  13. Hi, it's been a couple of unity versions since you could last animate emissives that way, you now need to use the color animation editor, check this thread https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135428-color-animation-editor/&tab=comments#comment-2483731
  14. I love a bit of wheel porn, especially when it's because you can, nice one buddy
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