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Found 10 results

  1. This is a resurrection of SMI Missiles and Launchers by the legendary @SpannerMonkey(smce) Spanner gave me permission to bring this part of SM Armory Group back to a release state, and also permission to bring the missiles and bombs from SM Armory over to SM_Missiles. License There have been a couple of missiles removed that no longer function properly, and there may be one or two that were never released... I will continue to build upon and update this post in the near future, but for now, here it is! Download The heat seeking missiles have a new capability added for adjusting flare vulnerability... this has not been released by the BDA team yet. I have not tested them on versions of BDA lower then the current (unreleased) DEV build. If the heat seekers give you any issues, PLEASE let me know, and I will comment out the modules until the next version of BDA is released. Requires the latest version of BDArmory Texture switching uses FStextureSwitch2 from Firespitter available here Before anyone asks... I do not have permission, and will NOT ask for permission to revive any other parts of the SM Armory Group. The upkeep required for the rest of the SM Armory Group mods is well beyond my capabilities and desires.
  2. In preparation for war I've created this functional jet fighter with missiles. Thoughts on how it looks? Craft download link: Fighter Jet + Missiles: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ig1tjb35ag3v0we/Fighter+Jet+Missiles+v2.json/file P.s. sorry about the pause sign, it won't disappear (its a bug.)
  3. Non Issues (1) - The Mk81 just plain out sucked IRL, so it sucks in game, only carry if you need a bomb as small as a kerbal. Known Issues (2) - M151 AT Rockets do no damage to any parts. possible BDA Bug as even using the stock BDA Rockets CFG Yields no damage. - Minor Shader issues on most weapons when highlighted, Turn off Part highlighting when hovering the mouse over them or Ignore. Dependencies (1) - BahamutoD Armory continued Download Pre-Revival 1.x.x: https://spacedock.info/mod/1581/Non Politically Motivated Salvaged Parts Tested working up to : 1.9.1 License - Configs are GNU/GPLv3, Models/textures All rights reserved
  4. KNSA Pictured: DF4 second stage A stock-a-like chinese rocketry mod aimed to provide replicas at a stock scale Currently working on parts for DF2, DF3 and C1
  5. Ever felt like shooting the KSC? Well now you can! Mods: K&K Planetary Space System, 2nd DLC needed
  6. So, yeah. I want the know how to build a missile that includes target functionality. Like you double click on something and it pulls up a target sas mode. I need an atmospheric and space faring version. Can both take down a building. (Any.) I'm quite new only 130-ish hours on KSP and I want this for my Kethane Wars video. Don't care how big. Make some physic-bug ones if you want and make sure it can fit in a 1.25 meter hull or mk2 payload. (Full size.)
  7. The result of a bunch of random experimentation, this fighter craft ended up being heavily inspired by various Sukhoi fighters. It is also quite large, being 3 meters longer and having a 4 meter wider wingspan than an F-22. The craft has excellent low speed preformance, as well as a very high top speed and service ceiling. There is also an alternate version available which possess 4 small missiles. These missiles each utilize 8 seperatrons, they have probe cores and reaction wheels, are able to accelerate from 0 to mach 2, and have an effective range of 2-3 kilometers. These missiles would (obviously) function best in air-to-air applications. Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/Kronus-SD-1-Buzzard -Part Count (Unarmed): 287 -Part Count (Armed): 363 -Rotation Speed: 35 m/s -Stall Speed: 20 m/s -Max Speed Dry SL: 280 m/s -Cruising Altitude: 12500 m -Max Speed Afterburner CRZ ALT: 933 m/s -AG1: Toggle Afterburners -AG2: Launch Missile #1 -AG3: Launch Missile #2 -AG4: Launch Missile #3 -AG5: Launch Missile #4 -AG0 (or is it action group 10?): Detach Hard-Points
  8. Do you want a fast*, free**, stock and agile fighter jet that comes with free snacks****? Introducing the: NIGHT OWL - v1 (If you don’t care about cheesy Kerbal advertising and just spawns the Stats, skip this part.) Featuring 4 Mini tails (Two on the edge of each wing {which also reduce drag and increase handling} and two on the rear of the fuselage), 2 Panther Afterburning Turbofans that give it a short take off run that takes about 4 seconds, large fuel tanks, a unique delta wing that is large, increases agility and makes the NIGHT OWL go faster. It also includes 8 powerful war rockets with 4 on each wing, inspired by the missiles in Danny2462's Kirrim on Duty YouTube Video***. Featuring a Advanced***** Flight deck That can be used for anything including bombing, simple air to air****** or just cruisin' around. About the Engines: If you ever loose control of your NIGHT OWL just press ACTION GROUP 1 To engage the powerful Afterburner. It will put you back in control instantly. BAM! The Engines also have a thrust vectoring system that gives it even more Agility. Agility Thanks to the engines and Canards, the plane can literally turn around on the spot and not lose control! Wow! Gallery https://imgur.com/gallery/hwnVn Statistics Weight: 13.380t 37 Parts Height: 3.1m Width 9.9m Length 12.9m Wingspan: 3.6m Top Speed in level Flight (300 metres MSL) 902m/s (could go faster, but engines begin to overheat at that speed and at that altitude) Downloads Night Owl (No Missiles) Night Owl (Still Stock with 8 Missiles) WARNING: Be Careful not to takeoff below around 50m/s or you might tail scrape and damage the engines. Feel free to give Feedback so someday I can make NIGHT OWL v-2.
  9. I've been playing around with warships recently (sacrilegious, I know) and I'm having trouble getting my missiles to fire straight. Every salvo I fire goes off course right out of the gate, and I have no idea what's causing it. It happens both in space and atmosphere. ^ This is the launcher. As you can see, it's completely symmetrical inside and the missiles are set to fire in pairs so the recoil will push the ship backwards instead of to the side. Now, here's two salvos (two missiles each) fired in space: As you can see, the first veers to the right and the second to the left. Each salvo alternates between left and right and I can't figure out why. Is there something I'm missing?
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