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  1. Lol, 1 second under 10 but not on the runway, so this does not count...
  2. Using the RAPIER engine, I wil do another run later to get under the 10 minutes. I like getting back in the game, I think I also will drive my first DAKAR challenge again
  3. Driving your motorcycle from the Dessert Airfield to the Piramid Temple could be a real proper test. I too havent played KSP for months either btw. Just got back into it becauso of KSP 2, which I don't like at all...
  4. Less fuel also worked. I like this challenge, let's see if I can shave off more time...
  5. Couldn't do much better, but for now it's a new personal record with this jet.
  6. Just build a craft that can fly from The Kerbal Center to the Dessert Airfield as fast as possible. My time:
  7. I have no idea of what I'm doing...
  8. Today, I went for a short flight. .
  9. Today I made a huge stupid plane that actualy flies...
  10. I'm looking back on this forum on all the stuff I did a few years ago. Now I'm back, being a newbie once again and not having so much time to stick into the game. I used to play KSP daily for 8-10 hours straight... Now I have a lot off other stuff to do and I just don't have the time to do what I want to do: Long adventures on Kerbin...
  11. I keep having trouble designing a simple rover that doesn't flip... Maybe I should build a tank.
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