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  1. While playing around with the EAS-1 external command seat I realized I didn't like how "ejection force" is implemented. The way it works is that it will generally apply the force when leaving the seat no matter the situation. Of course an emergency exit in 9 km height is different from simply disembarking a small plane. IRL you also don't eject by seat every time you leave your machine. Now what I was wondering is if there is any way to make this distinction. I assume checking whether the plane has landed or is still moving etc. is rather complicated, so I thought about simply addin
  2. I hope they never fix this... I am currently experimenting with hovercrafts and """"repulsor"""" technology.
  3. Cheers people, thanks for the suggestions, but neither AFTER:[Squad], nor AFTER:[SquadExpansion] nor AFTER:[SquadExpansion/Serenity] (also with \) did work. In fact, with the slashes, it tells me it didn't apply any patches at all. Could it have something to do with the fact that those are some different type of part? Like, not a "build-part", but rather some kind of prop?
  4. So, I was annoyed by the default suit color being orange. I prefer white. So I wrote the following MM patch: @PART[kerbalEVAfemaleFuture,kerbalEVAFuture] { @MODULE[ModuleColorChanger] { @greenColor = 1.0 @blueColor = 1.0 } } However, it doesn't seem to work. I get no error during patch loading, but not a single Kerbal so far has had white light right away. I tried in Sandbox with new hires, also doesn't work. Is there a weird typo or something like that I am just not seeing or am I missing something essential?
  5. Quick update, in case anyone is interested: I managed to get my dudes back home, after four years or so. Although after entering Kerbin's SOI I noticed something: I didn't have enough dV even for aerobraking, so I built a refill drone and sent it on its 60 day journey to the outer rim in order to refill the return ship. Then, when I wanted to land I noticed that the return craft didn't have any parachutes! Since I have regretted cheating ever since, I wanted to do this the Kerbal way, so I built a small drone with some parachutes that could dock with the top of the return craft. It took p
  6. Might be, I wouldn't surprised if anything like that could happen. Maybe 1.9 will fix some of it. Thanks anyways.
  7. Oh, so then that's probably. No connection until it had reached 100 %. Well excrements. Yeah, could be my memory. I did that whole mission basically half-asleep. Wasn't the smartest thing to do. I only use BetterTimeWarp.
  8. Wait, so you mean that the transmission is set to specific intervals and if there is no connection when it tries to transmit the data is simply lost? I can't remember any science messages. I also had the ion detector on Minmus sitting at 56 % transmitted science for quite some time until I had enough and picked it up.
  9. Okay, that's good to know. So many antennae set up without need Sorry, that was written in a confusing way, here is the current situation: - Science was deployed, but without deployed antenna - I noticed that and sent a rover on its way - The rover will still take a few months to arrive at Eve, but in the meantime I noticed I DO have a connection to the KSC Since I had a satellite in Eve orbit even before I landed there, I assume the connection has always been there, but I didn't notice because I thought I needed the extra antenna on the ground. And tha
  10. Okay, so I set up my deployed science on Eve. After reaching orbit I noticed I had no communication device set up. Okay, sending a rover with a relay and regular antenna to get some distance. Then I noticed that the basic module has a first hop distance of something like 33 Mm. It just directly communicates with a satellite in Eve orbit. Now my question is: Why is the science not transmitted? Weather analyzer and Mystery Goo station have 100% science generated, but still at 0% transmitted data. I have two RTGs with a total of 6 power set up. The modules are powered, but not "enable
  11. Hello friends and fellow Eve enthusiasts, today I want to present to you the (still ongoing) mission "Adam to Eve", as it was for me the very first time I have ever seriously tackled Eve (although I didn't get any children out of that). I have been playing this game since 2013, but I have rarely left Kerbin's SOI except for establishing a small colony on Duna or visiting the Jool area. This time, in a career save, I thought "eh love it", mainly because the game wants me to visit Eve before Duna. Glad I am not a newb who would probably be shaken deeply by the realization of a proper
  12. Wow, it seems like I got a totally wrong impression... But yeah, transfers SUCK, especially when you're like me a lazy, but impatient bum and don't want to wait a whole year for a transfer window.
  13. I just built a vessel for six (6) Kerbals to take them on a quick interplanetary trip. Launched the vessel, got it into orbit, on a solar trajectory. Suddenly I noticed there were no crew portrays. I also couldn't revert or anything because I seem to have done something else (I did something on the side and was distracted). I go into the astronaut complex just to discover they had all died. Why? For some reason, when I launch in a command seat they will die instantly of oxygen deprivation, even on Kerbin. And I just missed that and launched an empty rocket. And I had been so proud of never los
  14. So, reading the forums, I noticed that many people say they suck at docking. For me, it's one of the easiest things (provided I constructed the docker properly), but I just can't land where I want, either with lander or plane, especially with landers. I don't even know why, I can do excellent ascents, rendezvous is no problem and I prefer doing it by myself, starting and flying a plane is also not hard, but for landing I usually let the Mechanical Jebediah handle it. But what do YOU suck at and why?
  15. I am currently not even finished with first year in Career (have only come back a month or so ago, so I didn't remember how long a Kerbal year is and was a bit confused why I am still at year 1 on day 366), but from not warping much and doing lots of stuff inbetween I'm almost done with the tech tree; I have a probe on its way to Eve and I plan on establishing a Duna colony next. Do you people with decades ingame do one mission after another or do you do SO MUCH STUFF?
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