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  1. Dude what the F. Really. Ahahahahahah I can't drive it. It just keeps falling over, apparently I can ride a bike but not in a game. :-D
  2. Haha, thank you! Tried this one today, it's hard to fiddle with all the action groups but fun! Thanks!
  3. Confirmed on my end. I installed by drag & drop & overwrite. Built rocket, staged carefully, launch - everything is on stage 0. Logs: http://www./download/1uy87cundhno5vq
  4. Thanks for the shuttle in advance, Wander! Glad you noted it down. I'm patient. Liking your videos, subbed! It's true that not everyone enjoys watching videos over 15min but sometimes there is a place and time for that. For example - boring evening, grab some food and drinks and watch all the long videos I have pushed aside during the week. God damn nerdism of my generation.
  5. Mr. Wanderfound - still waiting for a response to this:
  6. Wanderfound, any chance you could make yourself (and for some keen customers) a space shuttle? I know you're the plane guy but someone with so much knowledge about aerodynamics could probably produce a very amazing space shuttle! I know FAR has one but I wonder what you would come up with! Would be great material for a YT vid as well I believe, since space shuttles are so fascinating to the KSP community it seems. Thanks in advance!
  7. With active texture management you also only compress once, not every time at game launch.
  8. I'm glad your system is working nicely! It's a treat, isnt it? Blizzy's Toolbar - small icons -> profit Distant Object Enhancement - shows you flares for planets, debris and stuff. Atmospheric! PlanetShine - really pretty and makes sense from a realistic standpoint! Editor Extensions - really useful stuff if you want advanced editor controls! Improved Chase Camera - you're a pilot, you'll enhoy a proper cam! ISP Difficulty Scaler - makes good sense with FAR Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - makes sense for planes & rockets Procedural Fairings Active Texture Management - helps you cope with many mods, x86basic is enough, use agressive when in RAM trouble RealChute - it has a stack shute (round thing you can stick between fuel tank and engine), finally drag chutes in KSP! No more chute cut off when touching the ground! I think that's pretty much all I love.
  9. Would you mind sharing this aircraft? It must be huge!
  10. Oh dude, the math goes over my head big time, school is a few years ago and I never had this kind of math. All I mean is: I learned how to manipulate the values in order to get certain effects. With some fantasy you can clearly see how it works in KSP and how to manipulate it. The only thing I still have to figure out scalar/clamp. Let's say the error is 1. Kp is 1 Ki is 0 Kd is 0 Scalar is 1. Is this going to produe a signal of "correct value = 1"? If scalar 2 is used, is it going to produce "correction value = 2"? And scalar 3 further increase the multiplikators? Thanks in advance.
  11. Look for SteamGauges. PilotAssistant is not really about UI, it's about controlling a vehicle. @PID Controller information, maybe include this into your opening post, so that people have some ressources when they want to tune them. Overview: Examples: I learned a lot.
  12. ferram4, any thoughts about that donation possibility for mod users to support you? Also - is it cool to use the most recent dev build dll from gitHub? I really like how you "fixed" the drag behind air intakes issue and would like to use that. Also - in FAR Settings there is a "use splines for supersonic math" - where can I read up on this? Is this good for performance? What does it do? Thanks!
  13. Check out "Kerbal Flight Indicators". The little yellow circle represents your velocity vector. Put it on the end of the runway. Could not be any easier for mod creator and user to have a kind-of-ILS system combined with pilot assistant.