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  1. That solved the problem. Thanks
  2. I have a huge problem with KJR - Next. Earlier I was using "Continued" version in my save and it was fine. Then I installed "Next" version, more precisely 4.0.1 and now the ships that I used to launch without a problem destroy themselves when coming out of time warp. I then tried to test something: 1. I launched that same ship fully vertically just to get into space to see if that was a fluke. When exiting time warp it destroyed itself. 2. I removed only other mod added between two play sessions, that being Snacks!. Ship destroyed itself on time warp exit. 3. I removed KJR - Next 4.0.1. and launched it again. It was a bit wobbly on the launch, but it did not destroy itself when exiting time warp 4. I have installed KJR - Next 4.0.2 and it was again destroying itself What was happening is that when I would exit time warp all of my parts would just collide with each other. Here is a log from that last test: Then I installed Snacks! and KJR - Continued 3.4.0 back into my game and problem was not there.
  3. I for example can't get speeds higher than this from my provider: I have asked for higher speeds because they have them as options. It would cost more, but hey you can't have something for free. But they say that line that comes to my building just can't handle more bandwidth so I am stuck with those speeds until they do something about their infrastructure. They started upgrading here in Croatia about a year or two ago, but they are doing it on county by county schedule... and it is going really slow. Who knows, maybe SpaceX would be able to provide faster internet for me.
  4. That is what had me confused too. I know they had two ready for launch. The first one was destroyed on launch and the second one was launched in its place and is now used on front port of the ISS. I didn't hear anything about 3rd one being produced and launched. So that means that 3rd PMA is still with APAS port on it.
  5. If I am not mistaken LIDS is only present on the forward docking port, as the second one (or the first one by the order of the launch) was destroyed when Falcon 9 disintegrated on launch. There should be one more PMA with APAS port on it. Then again, I may have missed something
  6. Well, they had few successful tests on that same day before that last one where things went boom
  7. If I have heard correctly they announced "landing burn started" in the coverage
  8. Cuky

    Video Editing

    So.. I have been digging a bit more through my issues with Resolve and I am just having more and more dead ends. First, I have updated it to newest 15.1 version. Same problem. Then I have thought: if I copy source clip to my SSD instead of importing it from HDD it might help. No it didn't. Only difference was that stuttering had started about 2-3 seconds later then before. Then I tried converting my source .mp4 file in different formats using different codecs. I used both free and paid (for those trials pirated, I intended to buy one that might help) software to convert my videos and results were still the same, only difference being worse video quality. So, I tried recording a new clip, just to check that because I used the same clip for all my testing. And it was all the same again. So, for now I have decided to use freeware OpenShot Studio until I decide to buy Vegas Movie Studio 15
  9. Cuky

    Video Editing

    OpenShot seems to work fine for me for now. I don't have any complex projects, I mostly just throw few clips together, cut them if needed and add transitions between. It hasn't frozen or crashed as of yet. As for Vegas Movie Studio, I have downloaded the trial version just to see what it is like. I will try it and if I like it I will probably buy it. It is currently at 39.99 EUR and I when I have registered for Movie Studio Trial I have received a 10 EUR discount coupon that is valid through February 1st 2019. And honestly, 29.99 EUR doesn't look as a bad value, especially if I really start doing this more and more
  10. Cuky

    Video Editing

    Thanks for all of your comments. While I was at work today I got some time to browse the web so I looked for some free alternatives. I think I will settle for now on OpenShot Video Editor. It is free, it seems simple to use for the things I want to do, it can export 1080p60FPS .mp4 file and when I tried to export 2 clips with which I had problems in Resolve it exported them without any stuttering. Even the file size was great, about 10-20MB smaller than with Reslove for the same clips.
  11. Cuky

    Video Editing

    Those are not good news for me. Every video editing tool that I came by costs about 1/3 of my monthly salary and since I don't really want to make a career out of video editing or Youtube it doesn't look like a good investment of my money. Oh well, I'll try to look for some other free software then. Thanks
  12. Cuky

    Video Editing

    I have tried few different formats and codecs but results are always the same. I am also trying to get as small file as possible at the end because of my poor internet connection (10Mbps download/ 0.6-0.8Mbps upload). I have tried even some lossless formats but it was just the same. Only difference being that in rendered video stuttering in audio started about 2-3 seconds later (that is in a 2 minute clip) while file size was about 100 times larger. The thing is, I have a suspicion that it is not problem with final render but with how Resolve works with my source clips. Even when I just load one clip into the timeline and try to preview it inside Resolve it is all choppy. Video plays fine, but audio is just not working
  13. Cuky

    Video Editing

    Hi everyone. Since there are lots of you guys who make videos for Youtube I thought I would ask here and maybe someone could help me with my problem. Basically, I have started recording some clips of me playing, for now mostly racing games, but I am having problems when I try to edit and render them. My workflow for now is like this: I record with GeForce Experience in my screens native 1440p resolution and 60FPS. Then I import those clips into DaVinci Resolve 15 where I edit them a bit and then render in 1080p 60FPS for upload to Youtube. However, I have a problem with audio in that audio starts to get more and more choppy as my video progresses. I have even tried putting only one clip inside the project, and it had choppy audio in preview and after rendering, while source clip has audio working just fine. I have "borrowed" a copy of Vegas Pro just to see if it was software problem and videos rendered in Vegas PRO come out as they should without any stutter in the audio. But I don't want to use illegally obtained software and I don't want to pay those amounts of money for a software that I may not want to use in the future. Resolve 15 is free and that is why it is the best option for me at the time. Just as a note, I don't think that my PC is not good enough. I have Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB of RAM, GTX 1070 Ti and plenty of HDD space to work with.
  14. Progress launch that was planned for today was scrubbed with new date confirmation still pending