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  1. @Nertea I am curious if there are any plans to add a native life support scrubber as a sort of utilities module, something that doesn't hold a lot of resources, but reprocesses waste materials into usable stuff like o2 and water? I know that such parts exist in mods like TAC life support, which I use, but those parts just don't fit the aesthetic of your mods. cheers!
  2. thank you, wonderful fix! now my kerbals can actually board their space station, which is great, because val was hogging all the blankies
  3. wanted to let you know of a glitch involving connected living space, and stock game for that matter, the parachute docking port does not allow kerbals to pass through, not sure if this is by design, or what, doesn't say on the parts label. I have no clue how you would fix this issue, but it would be just awesome if youd fix it
  4. is there any way to use the planned patriot missile launcher before its officially released? i have no idea whats going on with the github, it looks nothing like what youd download from kerbalstuff, and id LOVE to try out a feature like this :3
  5. what were the names of the songs you used? specifically the first one?
  6. agreed!!! now theres no point in me futzing, you did it all for me!!! yay! 1 teeeeny problem, the lvt 45 has an incorrect bottom node, its inside the engine bell, other than that, stellar!!!
  7. im using the 1.9.0 version from github and for the life of me i cant figure out why the pointy nose cones have vanished. i realise that this isnt a full release, but i cant find any files saying to get rid of it so what happened? am i crazy, or just stupid? ::edit:: well, i guess im neither, just poked around, and found that the aero-pathpatches.cfg is trying to use a file that doesnt exist, here, take a look: @MODEL,* { @model ^= :^Squad/Parts/Aero/cones/ConeA:VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Aero/TallNoseCone: } @MODEL,* { @model ^= :^Squad/Parts/Aero/cones/ConeB:VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Aero/TallNoseConeS: } but in there is no such thing as TallNoseCone or TallNoseConeS, as far as i can tell, ill just delete those lines and see what happens! hope this helps someone!
  8. actually, ive just ruined one of my saves, thankfully only useless remotetech sats were harmed, but im not 100% clear what you said to do, i just started butchering the file like a madman and deleted random stuff that didnt look important. what do you mean by 'comment ALL CODE BLOCK'? thats why i was hoping that someone would take the time out of their day to take a lot of time to help one guy out(note the sarcasm, no one does that nor should you expect them to, keyword being hope, not expect) the stock spaceplane parts all look good, its the rockets that are decrepit, and thus i whine about my problems and say 'i wish the rocket parts were their own separate thing from the rest of it' also, im writing this at 5:45 in the morning without sleep, so ill probably regret writing half of this in like 12 hours lol
  9. buggish issue, anyone else have the mk 2 escape cover just blow things up? thanks for this man!
  10. ah, well, all i want to keep is the rocket stuff, so fuel tanks and engines, but not any of the jet stuff, or anything else for that matter, any help where to go? ::edit:: forgot to mention the decouplers NEED to stay, i loves them too much!!!
  11. would it be too much to ask if you could chop this into a couple of different revamps? i love this mod for giving rocket parts a facelift,but id like everything esle left alone, and im too scared to throw anything out on my own. help?
  12. i have an idea, what if you made it possible to control infernal robotics from an rpm screen?
  13. i seem to be getting this weird bug where the parts themsleves dont move, but the parts attached do move, heres a pic: [url][/url]
  14. yes, i do have jsi installed, which is why objects are appearing in the kupola module: when i uninstalled jsi, the kupola had no inner structure whatsoever. ::edit:: here is the log file, i believe this is the correct one. [url][/url]