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  1. That's strange. When I click the picture, all I have is Imgur saying "Oops! We couldn't find that page". I tried with my PC and Android device.
  2. @Gameslinx, the screenshots link in the OP doesn't work.
  3. I do have SpaceY extended, and I still had to scale them , only to 10m though. It's easier than using 20 of them . The three nuclear engines use liquid fuel, so the booster tanks separating in the fourth picture contain only oxidizer. The engines in those are Vectors, scaled to 5 meters.
  4. I'm going to post about another failed craft. This is my current version of the Nero craft. This is the problem with it. The explosions are caused by "structural failure on linkage between" two parts in multiple places. This also happens between parts where there should not be any stress, like between a nose cone and a fuel tank. Any ideas what's going on and how it could be avoided? (Other than building something sensible ) EDIT: I cut back the throttle on the solid boosters to get a launch pad TWR of 1.36 and got the craft pretty high up. At this point everything was still looking good... ...But then the ring went all wibbly wobbly and the craft disintegrated. I believe I would have gotten it into orbit. The apoapsis was already out of the atmosphere and the orbital velocity isn't that far away.
  5. I finally looked into Space Engine, but the detail of the galaxies is not nearly enough to be used as a skybox, IMO. The galaxies are just volumetric fog, compared to real photos where you can actually see the huge amounts of stars. In other news, I have discovered the limits of Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod... This is the ship Nero Insanity. I actually got it to fly to about 5000 meters before it disintegrated. Somehow that landing pad looks inadequate... There is a silver lining to all this: when testing the craft I did see lots of spectacular explosions . The next version is going to be sturdier and a little lighter. It also has a separate ISRU lander, which can refuel most of the ring at one go. At the moment, the craft, the lander, atmospheric booster stage and a rover are totalling just over 400 parts.
  6. I certainly would love your tutorial. I have a couple of ideas for planets/moons, and I would love to have all the necessary information in one place to actually turn the ideas into something I can visit
  7. Icarus and thalia. Which other planets are considered deadly?
  8. I've been designing my Nero vehicles, but then I got distracted by another skybox project... Anyone interested in having that one? Just in case you are wondering, that craft is not going to come along to Nero. I just needed some extra cash so I used this shuttle to do six missions at one go: Got into Gael orbit, visited a station, landed on Iota, made a fuzzy scan, flyby of ceti, multi-moon flyby. Nearly got enough money to launch the big ship... Then I realized that my SRBs cost just over 3 million(!) spesos and decided to build a recoverable first stage instead...
  9. Thanks! I don't seem to have any tanks that can store uranium nitride pellets. Am I missing something or do I need another mod for that?
  10. I designed a ship with delta-V of 16 000 m/s. It is propelled with two 5m diameter Timberwinds with Liquid Fuel propellant. How long does the 400 units of Uranium Nitride Pellets last? I haven't been able to find any good documentation on those.
  11. @Pinchy, I'm not sure I can be of much help here, but I'm still going to offer my 0.02€. In my GPP game I've concentrated more on the visual appearance and then just 'add moar boosters' to get things into orbit… Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is a must for most of my creations. My game settings are not that hard, so this is a possible way of doing things. If I was playing a harder game, as I have in the past, I would first design the return vehicle as light as possible using nukes/ion engines. Then a light lander that you leave in Thalia/Icarus orbit, if you plan to go to the surface. Add more boosters! Maybe refuel on one of Gaels moons before going interplanetary.
  12. Space Engine looks like a super cool program! I'm definitely going to install it out once I have some time. Thanks!
  13. Just a small teaser Do you think there is enough liquid fuel? (I just love the hangar extender mod!)
  14. The best I've come up with so far would be to create a sphere in a 3D software and put some stars on the inside surface. Then create a plane with a galaxy texture and the central bulge shape, place it inside the sphere just below the centerpoint and then render the 6 projections from that. Sounds like a lot of work… Edit: Now that I try to visualize it in my head, I don't think the projections could be rendered like that. I'd need a cube instead of the sphere and then project the galaxy plane on the sides of the cube. Then extract the 6 sides from the scene. Does anybody know which software could do that?
  15. My vision was, the nebula is right next to our galaxy, on a collision course. According to Wikipedia, the largest known nebula is the NGC 262 Halo Cloud, 1.3 million light years across. There are plenty of stars in the real pillars themselves, as is evident from this infrared picture: I'm sure those contribute some light to the dust and gasses the nebula is made of. But you probably are right, it should't look as bright as it does in my version. I'd imagine it would't look as bright as it does now, even if it was in real scale and only one light year away. Let's just call it artistic license I'd like to make a skybox where the solar system was not too close to the galactic center plane, maybe 20ly above a spiral arm. But I haven't figured out yet how to make the perspective correct for an image like that.