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  1. hypertext edit gives the ability to test. I hope they have some kind of guide in game, currently its entirely the wiki... most things are the mun or less, a couple are x2 the mun, the others aren't viable economically bar probes.
  2. Cool. Alot of cool stuff has been mentioned in the dev notes. Will be neat to see.
  3. yerh laythe and tylo are tricky to land on... 5x the mun's gravity (kerbin is 6x).
  4. until costing comes in and the science rehash its hard to tell...... I used a reusable lander with a fuel depo in orbit. I think building minimal fuel profile is ignoring the cost of launch....
  5. agreed. A timer of "will burn up in x amount of time" should get triggered in this scenario, else it can get stuck there if you time warp through the <30K stages.
  6. At the movement you unlock a group of parts, eventually resulting in your parts lists being cluttered with parts you personally never use. (it seems you may be able to pay for a part before unlock) Is there away of rigging it, so you unlock a group of "prototypes". Then if you like the part you pay extra science/cash for actual development. (real life mechanic) To balance this, any part you didn't research in that block, costs towards the next stages unlock cost. I say this because people have said, "career mode is better because it restricts the parts you have, making you get a better step by step understanding of rocket design." This way people can customise their parts lists on personal preferences, rather than "bang you have 5 parts, only 1 you will use."
  7. I got a better idea.... action groups can be placed as a stage group. same thing but simpler.
  8. I like the impactor missions, alot of the early missions were literally "can we hit with a stuff .....and what kind of splat mark does it leave" FOR SCIENCE!!!!!! I'm looking forward to .23 science was a key factor lacking in and they are expanding a lot of sciencey stuff.
  9. I'd say the same for engines, I've designed a inter-planet design and modded a nuke engine so its 1/3 the normal. It'd be nice to have that function in game. We're currently playing NASA with lego.
  10. I agree, it'd be nice *text appears* 10K over midlands of the Mun 16:00hrs at present a stupid amount of the game is in the wiki and not in game.
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