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  1. just standart ksp particle systems(might be custom particles though, i don't remember). it was changed though, since Baha created standardized missile exhausts that could be scaled
  2. For now i'm not planning to add new stuff. I'll check the thread from time to time if everything isn't totally broken.
  3. Have you checked, if something doesn't work? It should work fine still.
  4. I don't know if torpedo guidance is possible. I think so, but since I don't build subs, the chance is low, that I will build them anytime soon.
  5. Maybe the object you tried to lock was too small. The SMART ist very good at detecting stuff, but sometimes it's too small to be tracked. Was it a plane or something smaller?
  6. No problem. That way, I learned about it myself, since I'm not that active anymore on the forums.
  7. And he also wants to create other parts that can hold it btw, I'll just leave this here:
  8. Not, if you use this: I did it because of this problem. It's now included in LBP.
  9. AAAAnd it's done. for now only with a capped RIM-162, but hey check the changelog for details DOWNLOAD
  10. Yes, I think I can do this. But I don't know when. I actually took it for reference, but I didn't do the booster
  11. You mean something like this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/30mm_DS30M_Mark_2_Automated_Small_Calibre_Gun
  12. Nope, won't be until nest week maybe. Haven't started doing the rim-7 and have to solve some orientation issues. Got no nerves for it at the moment
  13. Maybe and perhaps. Yeah. But I have a problem I'm not sure how to solve. There are multiple ways. The tubecap has to be added to the missiles, since the launcher uses break-through one-time caps. So you will only be able to use the Rim-7 capped, once it is done. Or I will create a capped essm for beeing launched from the mk29.
  14. Since it is radar guided, it will not be mouse controlled. The only thing you could do is slaving it to the camera... EDIT: I feel dumb now, of course it is mouse controlled, as long as you don't slave it ot the radar or cam.
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