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  1. Maybe some people finally got their wish of having part(s) that randomly fail. Just no one expected SQUAD would decide to restrict the random failures to scientific instruments...
  2. I never really paid much attention to the temperature reading before but at least according to Commissioner Tadpole's screenshot the temperature has to be measured in degree's celsius. The kelvin scale does not use the term degrees, something is just 273 Kelvin and not 273 degree's kelvin and so would not get the little degree symbol to the right of the temperature shown.
  3. I managed to get distracted and not stick a Mun landing and burned through a bunch of fuel, that happens, this particular one was going to rescue some Kerbals from a Mun base that had no function. Due to the poor landing I ended up being just a few Dv short of being able to take my Kerbals back home to see their loved ones and sadly none of the kerbals wanted to volunteer to push. Having recently read The Martian (you should absolutely read this book if you get a chance!) I had the thought that much like in the end of that book, sorry for the spoiler here, it would be neat if a high level en
  4. I think a couple small modifications to resources (electricity and possible fuel) could go a long way to make the experience more transparent for new players. I remember my first few flights having the controls go completely dead due to lack of power and having no idea that it was due to the lack of power. Just a couple of ideas to throw out that have probably already been beaten to death in other discussions. 1. Have a warning that goes up that drops you out of time warp when any resource gets below an adjustable lower limit with a default of something ~10% remaining. You can then tap int
  5. I only started playing KSP a few days before .24 came out and for me I think Duna posses about the right amount of challenge after Mun/Minmus. I haven't actually made the trip yet but I've been planning a kerbaled flight out there for a bit. I try to only use warp when traveling between places so I think I started planning for Duna about 114 days prior to the transfer window and now it's ~74 days away which is pretty exciting for me and the kerbals. Since landing on the Mun and Minmus I've had time to work out the maths behind the transfer to Duna, design a new interplanetary ship t
  6. jonr

    Which one?

    My apologizes for the egregious over simplification.
  7. jonr

    Which one?

    I'm guessing HotRockets/CoolRockets would probably not be a contender as they are more just modifications/refinement of existing functionality.
  8. I'm a bit late to this thread but am also rather new to the game and at least I found it instead of starting yet another thread! I wanted to weigh in that I think this is a brilliant idea! I had the same thought the other day after spending hours repeatedly modifying, launching, testing, and reverting, ... a vessel I plan to send on my first Duna mission. I have FAR installed and the blasted thing kept coming apart on Kerbin reentry which I felt would be a bit too exciting for the brave and probably tired Kerbals after a year long mission, they will deserve some rest and not explosi
  9. I'm new to the game and just wanted to say hi. I'm not much of a gamer but ever since I saw the XKCD.com comic on KSP I've been wanted to try it out and finally took the plunge. I'm a 4th year physics major at the University of Washington and am intrigued by a video game where the wiki tutorials do not seem to be afraid to throw math around!
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