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  1. ok. Deleted the whole game folder. installed fresh new and loading is still insanely long. why is this happening =( Still ksp CPU ussage is at 13% while loading up the game. i bet this isnt right. I got a: Core i7 3.4 ghz 16gig ram installed on SSD drive. Radeon HD 7900.
  2. Hi. i got a lot of mods yes. BUT the game never took so long to load before. Something is wrong since KSP last update... When i start the game and it starts loading i first noticed it was taking too long on each item it loaded. Then on task manager i saw KSP process at 17% CPU.... Shouldn't it be way higher if its loading? I tried with and without the active texture compressing mod thing. still its at an extremely low cpu % while the idle is at 80~ % Oh and its not a hardware problem. i have been playing dead rising 3 and witcher 3 no problem at all. Anyone got any suggestions ? Ill upload images soon. I got a: Core i7 3.4 ghz 16gig ram installed on SSD drive. Radeon HD 7900.
  3. yay thx guys. ill let you guys know if im able to complete the contract.
  4. Hi. Well i got a contract to "transport" a VIP kerbal (tourist). BUT... the contract only tells me to achieve suborbital flight on kerbin. I did fly around on a plane with the tourist on board but nothing gets completed. Any help solving this ? Do i need to do something specific to achieve suborbital flight on kerbin ? Here is an image of the contract. http://www.evernote.com/shard/s29/sh/20323409-0629-4abc-87f7-80b1661dfe7b/0b50fefae7f47cb48cf9f042b9e5e4a4
  5. im at (UTC-04:00) Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan Anyone knows whats the release time on that time zone ? plz plz =D Ty !
  6. Yes my toolbar wasn't installed right. Fixed it and it stopped doing that crazy thing. ty !
  7. Hey. anyone knows why would this mod cause the utility parts to grow indefinitely when i mouse over them? They start blinking and keep growing when you mouse over a part on the catalog. the little preview model just covers the whole screen. I do have the latest module manager installed and the community resource thing. help ? =P
  8. is the magnetic nozzle working? i cant get it to give anykind of thrust. some times itturnz on sometimes it wont do crap... help tutorial or something plzhelp!!!!!!
  9. Anyone knows where i can see a tutorial of all the engines and fuel stuff ? Im super lost with all the antimatter stuff. cant make any engine work. T_T
  10. Help. i was using this mod earlier and it worked perfect... all of a sudden the precise mod window dissappears and its nowhere to be found.. pressing O and P and K and nothing happens. Help ?
  11. Why do i install the latest version and load the game. No errors till that point. Then i enter the rocket assembly building and i see the mod tabs appear for a fraction of a second and they disappear like i had no mod installed. I don't get any error window. Here is my mod list. Maybe someone knows of a conflicting mod ? it is not: Editor Extensions