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  1. What a loss for the KSP community. for what memes he once created, they were legendary
  2. Does he not anymore?? I guess his content relied on the game being glitched and exploitable like crazy. Scott manely still makes videos so thats a plus.
  3. still remember the ARM patch like it was yesterday, the Friday streams with Maxmaps and all the old OG glitches. man those were the times.
  4. Ive been out of the loop for a long while, are they still doing devnote Tuesdays? if so where can I find it?
  5. Can we get a petition going to officially rename the sun in game as "Kerbol?"
  6. the re root function in the VAB allows you to change the root part of the vessel to whichever part you want it to be (with a few restrictions, i think the part must not be physics less) so yes I utilize this function to change the root part to my command pod.
  7. I've noticed this happens when the root part of the ship is in a different stage from the control point and the root part is jettisoned. AFIK it happens every time, thats why I build my ship and then re root to the whichever control point I deem most important.
  8. Seems to be stable on my mac as well, no crashes yet.
  9. Bug fixes, optimizations and the addition of features, what more is there to ask for?
  10. Are you sure that Krakensbane is activated by speed. It was described to me as being activated by distance from your ship to the origin, which makes a lot more sense than velocity if you consider how floating point errors work. As to what the devs described, I read that as krakensbane, i.e. rotating, as in your ship is rotating (orbiting) around the plane. To an inertial reference frame, which is, you're ship isn't technically moving but everything else is in relation to it.
  11. I believe it has more to do with how Krakensbane is implemented. For newer players Krakensbane is the name of the solution to the floating point errors that were occurring in KSP (the Kraken). Essentially what happens is that the game goes from treating Kerbin (or which ever body you are landed on) as the origin to your ship as the origin, and i believe this change over occurs at orbits greater than 100km. As I'm sure you can imagine the math that goes into this sort of reference frame change is quite complicated and any small error in that math could lead to the loss of orbital altitude bug that was being reported. Edit: Ignath, its awesome to meet a fellow Minnesotan!
  12. Squad has mention in the past that they would like to ad localization, mainly language support to KSP and have previously actively worked towards this goal. I don't know when this feature would be completed but I do think it is necessary.
  13. All kerbals are sad kerbals this day, we may praise the false deities of the kraken and Scott Manely, but all kerbals know of the one true creator, HarvestR, thanks for an awesome game.
  14. RP-0 seems to have disappeared from CKAN entirely, is something messed up or am I missing something?