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  1. The landed spacecraft on the icy moon with the gas giant in the background although a little cliche this is absolutely beautiful, very nice work.
  2. You see I did not knew that, I just need to learn more about modding for this game Well next 1.1 update would move to unity 5 engine as far as I understood so I hope this may be the solution
  3. I do use IR a lot frankly I do not start a new KSP vs till IR is functioning on it , and true there is the ability to create cranes but at a very limited size and functions, I managed to make some nice cranes with elevators and automated hook manurers for fw and backwards but you do not have a telescopic part that retracts inwards for mobility except the Extendatrons which you will need a lot to achieve a certain height. I was also excited about a possibility to attach big parts (on node level) in EVa using external machines, as you can not build cranes once your on a different planet (unless
  4. Hi everyone, I am playing KSP now for a good 2 years but something that I did not saw in the game nor in any mods (as far as I know) is the following: - A game function that would allow you to attach parts in EVA (I do not mean just small parts as KIS allows you to do) but big parts like fuel tanks and engines or even stack together MSK parts which would allow you to build amazing outposts on other planets, instead of needing huge amounts of fuel to land entire structures on other planets send only parts with the help of KIS and KAS and assemble everything there! - How to build them? well kerb
  5. Just out of curiosity are You using KSP 1.0.4? - - - Updated - - - @Sirkut, mate, may the laws of physics bless You !!!!!
  6. Looks like that, this free time should be spent on working on 1.1 and it's move to unity 5 engine, as 1.0.4 was a compete miss.
  7. I sure hope that the 1.1 vs that is planed as next release would be better I gave up on 1.0.4 as it has to many issues (for me personally, I never encounter such a unstable update when it comes to mod compatibility) and will keep playing 1.0.2 till something is done.
  8. Thanks for your prompt replay, I didn't encounter issue like this in 1.0.2, frankly I started to hate the 1.0.4 update, as I never encountered so many bugs and issue in previous updates and ironically the 1.0.4 was intended as a bug fix.
  9. Hi everyone, I just discovered that on 1.0.4 the quick save/quick load is not working, after I quick save and then try to load my spacecraft disappears, texture and camera do not function or move more then 10 - 15 degrees. Worst bug I have ever encountered literally screws up every time I try to load. PLEASE HELP, 1.0.4 is a bad update I can not play even with minimum mods installed. Edit: Solved, mod generated error, I have not yet identified what mod cased the issue, will update once the issue is determined
  10. Hi all, I have a little issue with the altitude, most planets seem to have the altitude slightly negative once you touch the ground (a few hundred m) hence I can not land Kerbals on the planets, some planets like Faz (eve's second moon) I crush if I try to land regardless of how low my velocity is. For instance I tried to land on Pergas just now, and with Mechjeb I realized that the "false" altitude is lower then the true altitude and once the "false" altitude reaches touchdown point the true altitude sinks to about -400 m give or take. No issues with texture though but I believe it's not alig
  11. Yep I have some issues as well on 1.0.4, but I am really surprised that such a small update f...d quite a lot of mods, to be honest I do not recall previous small updates to cause so many impacts.
  12. It was solved, it turned out that the problem was with 0.0.9 kopernicus it was added to the updated vs of Kerbol Plus and I did not noticed, so updating it with 0.1 solved the issue, anyhow I am not very happy with the 1.0.4 update as it interferes with quite some mods generating severe issues, for such a small update I don't think squad did a proper testing before it's release.
  13. Hi everyone, just for quick awareness, I have tried KerbolPlus (as it is a great mod) yesterday and discovered that you need to replace the provided Kopernicus config and dll with the Kopernicus 0.1 vs, as the one included in the KerbolPlus is not working with 1.0.4 update. It interfered with building upgrade function of KSP 0.1 https://github.com/BryceSchroeder/Kopernicus/releases/tag/beta-01
  14. Thanks a lot mate, for the link although I don't seem to be able to test it do to a glitch in the build, building upgrades do not take effect.
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