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  1. Here's a recompile for .90. I had to make a change to one line in ESLDSampleTank.cs to get it to compile against the new version (you can see the change here: https://github.com/TMarkos/ESLDBeacons/pull/54/files). I've only done a quick check, but it seems to be working fine. To install just replace your existing EDSLCore.dll with the one in the zip. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fniar1kr48gur0/ESLDBeacons%20for%20.90.7z?dl=0 License is GPL2, source is included in the zip.
  2. Jeb took a DIY rover kit to Mun and had a blast! He did run into some trouble with the default KSP rover physics treating the Mun like an ice rink, but with a bit of tweaking was able to get some good traction on the slopes. If you have KAS installed, your wheels can grab the ground too! Just add this to the bottom of "KSP\GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\PackRat\MiniWheel\MiniWheel.cfg" and you'll find that you will have better traction, and as an added bonus you'll be able to park on slopes without sliding downhill. MODULE{ name = KASModuleAnchor groundDrag = 0.05 bounciness = 0
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