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  1. I'd like kOS to calculate the velocity at periapsis for me with the apoapsis height, periapsis height and apoapsis velocity as variables. However, if one is using the specific orbital energy v2/2 - µ/r = constant, you must know the standard gravitational parameter. I could hardcode the values into my script for every celestial body, but I want it to be as general as possible (if you decide to alter the default masses with mods etc). How do I get rid of the dependency of µ in my formula?
  2. Yeah, I like it too. However, it can be a little bit finicky and the KSP site is sometimes very slow. Especially when a new version is released.
  3. Hi all Kerbals! I bought KSP directly via the website maybe two years ago, and I've manually downloaded the game as new versions have been released. Now, I know you can transfer your product key to Steam but since I don't like Steam, or Valve for that matter, I would love to have it on GOG instead. Is this possible? Note that I already own the game and I know you can buy an other license on GOG but that's not what I want. I simply want the game on GOG instead of redeeming it to Steam. Is this possible?
  4. Well, the thing is that quantum mechanics is in play, and even if we could re-create all molecules and quantum states perfectly, we still have to deal with the appeared randomness. If quantum mechanics truly is random, there's no way a such thing would work without actually changing the neurological state and possibly mess with not memories and things like that. You do not want to do that. - - - Updated - - - Well, that depends on how you define "person," I guess. I'm still the same organism, despite the fact the most atoms in my body have been replaced. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of neurons is not replaced during a lifetime. As memories, at least, are partly stored in the neurological network itself, adding neurons in the chain would damage and potentially destroy memories.
  5. What do you mean? The experienced acceleration does indeed depend on the frame of reference. An object in rest in an initial frame of reference will per definition never experience any acceleration or force. Oh, so using the the fact that tidal forces exists can make it possible to detect gravitational wells? So it's analogical to the hypothetical graviton, the in real life force carrier of gravity? I'm reading from the site: So, if I understand this correctly, they can put two satellites with a such precision that changes of a few micrometers (µm) is detectable? Wouldn't the gravitation of the Moon, along with solar wind and other factors just totally mess with this? I know that KSP does not deal with relativistic effects. However, I was discussing the GRAVMAX Negative Gravioli Detector, and how a such device would work in the reality.
  6. So I was doing the challenge in KSP 0.7.3 and reached ~3900 m/s horizontal velocity at about 85,000 meters. Now I'm wondering if I reached escape velocity or not. To know that, you'll need to know the standard gravitational parameter and the radius for the current body. For Kerbin, as 1.0.2, it's µ = 3.531×1012 m3/s2 and r = 6×105 m (because Wiki says so). Assuming this number, one can calculate the escape velocity: 20.5 × orbital velocity = (2µ/r)0.5 = ( (2 × 3.531×1012 m3/s2) / (6×105 m + 8.5×104 m) )0.5 = 3211 m/s. According to these assumptions, I did indeed reach escape velocity, but as anything else in the game; things can change and do so regularly. Do anyone know the numbers for 0.7.3, and for other versions as well? It'd be interesting to know!
  7. It's only Thursday today. Calm down, it's comin'.
  8. Given that such particles existed, how would they relate to the gravitational field strength? Theoretically, how would that work? The tensors used in Einstein's field equations changes between reference frames in a such way that it's impossible to tell free fall from any other initial motion, beuause you are simply travelling along a geodesic in spacetime.
  9. Einstein taught us, through his equivalence principle, that free fall is equal to initial motion and any accelerometer "on-board" a spaceship in a such state will not register any acceleration; because there isn't any – to freely fall is to be in an initial frame of reference. This makes me wonder how the Gravioli Detector works. Is there any plausible explanation behind it or is it just magic breaking general relativity?
  10. I just can't thank you enough for this. I'm so happy right now! This is just amazing – KAC just got 100x better. I've wished this since I started to use the mod ~1 year ago. And then you just implement it! Awesome. Again, thank you. You're awesome.
  11. I don't know. The thing is, I really don't have many megabytes to play around with. A DRE install would imply I had to remove some visual effects from other mods. Visual or "proper" heating. I really have no clue what to choose.
  12. I love this mod, but there's one feature I am really missing: the Time to Node Burn from Kerbal Engineer Redux. To simply have a margin is not enough. Sometimes the margin is too long and sometimes to short. Is it possible that alarms will be able to adjust the margin according to the correct Node Burn Time as provided by KER?
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