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  1. I have been playing with the 1.2 dev build for a while without any noticeable issues beyond the normal level of weird you get in modded KSP.
  2. The in-development version is in the bugfixing stage and is being actively worked on. EDIT: Ninjaed.
  3. Hmmm, didn't know about that change. I wouldn't mind requiring/packaging Blizzy's Toolbar so you can keep using a set of buttons. It'll be just like the old days again
  4. Ok yeah, I can definitely understand that. Hope you don't have any issues. Have fun.
  5. I just looked. Module Manager is not packaged with the dev build... You still need it, and the latest release should be the right one to pick, so yes use the CKAN one, but I am concerned. You really shouldn't be using a hidden dev build of a mod if you are new to the game.
  6. hmmm... well, first step of figuring out the issue is isolation. See if you can replicate it in an install with JUST FAR installed, or if it's a mod interaction.
  7. How has the dev build looked for winx64 stability? Searching around it sounds like there hasn't been many issues since ferram unlocked it in Jones, but not much info after that. I am putting together my mod list for when (no rush) the update releases, and FAR being one of my core mods it will determine if I use 32 bit or 64 bit, and thus how liberal I can be with my mod selection.
  8. Or at least be silent in your F5 mashing I am not patient myself, but take a moment a look at the code for the complex mods like this. It's some crazy stuff, with crazy math way above my head. Now imagine having to fix that yourself... Waiting is a nice option.
  9. That wouldn't be that hard for a rough implementation. Do it backwards. Pick a biome with equal chance, then pick random points until you get one that matches that biome. Rough and bad, but doable.
  10. I think moving things to settings that you aren't interacting with regularly is good. The toolbar is always there and gets a tad bit crowded.
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