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  1. Am I bad at searching or were the Sepratron II and radial drogue chute extra parts removed?
  2. For the station/surface base parts, could we possibly get a stockalike extending tube to dock base modules, if such an animated part is possible? The only one I know that exists right now is MKS' Extend-O-Tube. I haven't been following this thread much, so apologies if something like this already exists
  3. (new-ish poster so my post may need to be moderated and get buried under replies) I think that's great, it extends the life of the plugin, rather than just setting up a base in a high concentrated area and you're done on the resource side of things from then on. Of course, some people like the simplicity of the original Karbonite concept, it's one thing that largely differs from Kethane. I'm sure you could make it toggleable and have most likely already considered that. But if its something toggleable, couldn't you add it as a strategy in the administration building when .25 is out? Assuming you can utilize the building in that sense. Just an idea, and seems much better to toggle it that way rather than a simple config.
  4. It's part of the somewhate recent updates to the Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System packs
  5. Could we possibly get a redesign on the parachute? The parts definitely fit the stock KSP style, but the parachute feels very out of place, especially against the stock parachutes.