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  1. @Murdabenne : CKAN will list the mod version compatible with your version of KSP. Precise Editor 1.4.0 for KSP 1.9.x was the last one I made while Precise Editor was compiled for KSP 1.10. So if you want the last version you must upgrade to KSP 1.10. But since @zolotiyeruki didn't modify the mod and simply recompiled it you can use Precise Editor 1.4.0 with your KSP 1.9.1 and it will be exactly the same.
  2. I confirm that the directory PluginData with the PreciseEditor.cfg file has to be included with the build. Also it looks like PreciseEditor.csproj has some differences from mine. UnityEngine.dll and UnityEngine.UI.dll are missing while UnityEngine.IMGUIModule.dll has been added. You may want to check for that. Also make sure its compiled in release not debug if it's not the case.
  3. I'll update the CKAN data when a release is available.
  4. @zolotiyeruki : You have my blessing for keeping this mod alive.
  5. @flart : I just released a new version of the mod for KSP 1.9.0 which also includes new buttons /10 and x10 for the - / + values. I always use the mod when playing KSP and indeed switching from 1 to 0.1 to 0.01 is something I was doing frequently so your idea is great. Enjoy !
  6. The only other stock synchrocopter I know is the one I made in 2017. Maybe it's the one Azimech was talking about ? https://kerbalx.com/jfrouleau/Synchropter-Demo Great job on your synchronization gears, it's not easy to get them to rotate fast enough to fly without invoking the kraken.
  7. Hi HB Stratos, I'm glad that you like and use my mod a lot. Those are excellent feature ideas ! Plus I have a couple of features that are implemented but not released yet such as editing both ends of struts and fuel lines, and changing attachment rules so that we can surface attach anything. I didn't have much time for KSP lately because I moved into a new house and there is a lot to do but I'll try to work on the mod.
  8. Hi Azimech, it's great to hear from you. I'm also very excited about the new DLC. I will play with the robotic parts for sure ! I can't wait to see what people will come up with.
  9. I tried it on KSP 1.6.1 and it seems to work just fine. Should you have any issue, you can use the version 1.1.0 of the mod which is compiled for KSP 1.6.1. It's not as good as the last one but it gets the job done.
  10. News (August 31, 2020) Thanks to @zolotiyeruki who is now the new maintainer of this mod. You can get the latest version from his GitHub repository or on CKAN. Introduction The KSP craft editor is an approximative tool where the part's position and angle are not displayed anywhere so we have to rely on primitive techniques like counting the number of grid snaps or placing parts "by eye". While this is the Kerbal spirit, this become annoying for the serious craft builder. So this mod is intended to remedy that and offer a more accurate alternative part placement method than mouse an
  11. @OffsetIsMyName : I successfully replicated the bug you described. I confirm that there really is a force that come out of nowhere. Here is an example craft : https://kerbalx.com/jfrouleau/The-Magic-Rotor .
  12. I didn't try to spin the propeller in the wrong direction but my rotor had a very similar configuration as yours. My angle of attack was not zero because I wanted to produce lift so it was between 2 and 4 degrees. Under heavy load the blades pointed upward to 30 degrees. It produced way more lift than it should have and once airborne the thing was unstoppable even if I reduced the throttle. It exploded 2 or 3 seconds later. Thats all I know, I did not investigated further but it's certainly interesting if you can put 0 angle of attack and produce great lift. Further tests would be needed befor
  13. @OffsetIsMyName : I once experienced too some weird propeller behavior that may related to what you described (or not). I was trying to build a really heavy lifter heli with 2 contra-rotating rotors. The blades were made with WINGS just like you. I tried a version with fixed blades and it lifted about 250t. Then I tried another version with flexing blades attached to klaws and this is when something unexplained happened. Using the same wings and the same angle of attack the thing could lift... Idk I was at 529t and it lifted without effort and was even accelerating upward before the force was
  14. @OffsetIsMyName This is fantastic ! I didn't know that. I imagine by combining this with the klaw bug I found which allow it to flex more than 30 degrees (see an example here https://kerbalx.com/jfrouleau/Experimental-Spinning-Klaw-Copter) we could make an interesting F-35.
  15. @luizopiloto I'm trying to make a new rotor with flapping blades but it always wobble and I can't figure out why. Do you have any tip to help balance the rotor ? I examined your helicopter and they are very stable. I wonder what the magic trick is. Never mind, I was stupid I just found the cause. The bearing hole was too large
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