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  1. I've got that too. This happens with a completely new KSP install with only this mod. When I launch, the landing gear start out stowed and take several seconds to deploy, during which time the plane falls and blows up. Even if I hack gravity while the landing gear are deploying, they will still fall through the ground. As you've probably guessed by now, this kind of ruins the point of landing gear. So, if anyone finds a way to fix this, that would be great.
  2. That looks amazing! Very nice SSTO indeed...
  3. If you land on solid ground, your kerbal is actually indestructible when doing the jet-pack animation (this doesn't work if he splashes down, though). So make sure that he hits land and mash that "R" button!
  4. I was wondering if there was any way to get chatter on unmanned missions, not just beeps and SSTV. I think that the chatter adds a lot to the atmosphere and I don't see any reason why there shouldn't be any on unmanned probes. I know that it's supposed to be communication from the crew to mission control, but for the unmanned probes we can just say that it is chatter amongst mission control. Great mod, by the way. It's just this one detail that bugs me.
  5. Thank you for making this! This is so useful for aerobraking!
  6. Thanks everyone, you've been such a great help. I hope Squad implements these mods in the main game! Thankyou ~Flexo
  7. Thank you! That is a Futurama reference, by the way. Glad you noticed! Thanks for telling me how to post images, too. And next time I report a bug, I'll make sure to check if it's known or not. I tried to check whether this one was, but I didn't find the right page. See you next time, ~Bender's "Evil" lookalike
  8. Hey, People! I think that there should be a navball marker showing the direction that the target vessel/docking port is pointing, to help with docking. At the moment (0.24.2), if one of the spacecraft is uncontrollable, to get the two aligned, I have to judge it by eye. If anybody knows any mods or techniques that can help with this, please tell me. Thanks, Flexo
  9. Hello, I appear to have found a bug. KSP Version: Windows 32-bit AND 64-bit What Happens: Parachutes disappear after loading a quicksave Mods / Add-Ons: No mods, stock KSP Steps to Replicate: 1) Get any command pod 2) Put any parachute on it 3) Get it up in the air by any means 4) Deploy parachutes 5) Quicksave 6) Quickload Result: The parachutes dissapear and stop providing drag. If the parachutes were in drogue mode, they will still fully deploy at the appropriate altitude. If the parachutes were fully deployed when they disappeared, explosions are imminent. This happens every time, even if I restart the game. Fixes/Workarounds: Avoid quicksaving with parachutes deployed. If nessecary: 1) Put a Kerbal on EVA 2) Right-click on the parachute/s 3) Cut and repack parachute/s 4) re-deploy the parachute/s Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: The right click menu for the parachute still has the option to 'cut parachute'. If you look really closely at the parachute after the drogue one has disappeared, you will see a tiny parachute that made me laugh way too much. Note: I'm new to the forums and I don't know how to insert a picture into my post, so unfortunately there is no screenshot of the hilarious tiny parachute. I also don't know how to insert a download link, so no save file either. It's easy to replicate though.