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    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    Is there any chance that RSS will be aviallable via CKAN when its done? I am pretty sure I would mess up the manual installation. Regards
  2. Hirschi

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    Thank you Regards Hirschi
  3. Hirschi

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    Hi community and NathanKell First of all thanky you Nathan for your work and for this great community wich always tries to help. I own KSP since early access, played it a lot then but appr. one year ago, I lost focus on this game. I am a youtube follower of Scott Manley so I was always up to date. His recent vid introducing CKAN (what a great relief) gave me the kick to retry KSP. I installed RSS and RO and all the other addons mentioned in Scotts video and hopped in. Starting a new career on medium and Mün, or better now Moon or bust. Soon I encountered a few problems and I would be really thankful if I could get a little help or hints. - unthrottelable engines how do I fine-tune my ascend or orbital maneuvers? I have the sowjet engines too but theres a little problem in career-mode. Either your engine is too weak to carry all the fuel for an orbit delta-v or it is too strong (2.3 TWR+ on first stage) and the rocket is unstable and loses control. Asparagus is not yet possible, fuel struts are a bit later in tech tree. And orbital maneuvers? Sometimes you only want to tap the throttle a bit to make fine maneuvers. RCS could be a solution but, again, the good ones come later in tech tree How do you handle that? Maybe the solution is pretty simple but I am still a newb at KSP especially RSS and RO, RF. Sorry for the long post, in other media is the custom to present a potatoe Regards Hirschi
  4. Thanks for the answer and sorry for offtopic. I should've done 2 seperate builds, too.
  5. ups, sorry, yes... game update So may I forget my old saves and start all over? I am pretty new at this game and I don't know if there will come any mod-updates wich will make my savefile from today morning (GMT+1) get to work in the near future. What did you ol' space cowboys do after the last patches/updates? It's not only KW... it is KSPRC with all depencies and ScanSat, too. I liked the game the way i set it up. I can reduce this to one (or maybe two) general game-update questions: Shall I start over from scratch? Will I ever be able to have my KSP from today morning (KSPRC and ScanSat)? Regards Hirschi
  6. After the update, I had to run a with a clean GameData folder, otherwise CTD. Obviously, the old savegames won't work with a clean GameData, at least for me (a lot of "Ok" buttons for missing parts ending in R&D with no chance to get out except Alt-F4). After putting KWRocketry from my old GameData folder into the new one, it hangs during load at "KW2mSRBNoseCone" loading. Just for info, MechJeb2 (latest one is also copied, but game starts with only MechJeb2 in GameData. Before I try the rest of my mods, I have to fix this issue first. Any suggestions? Regards Hirschi
  7. Hirschi

    Assembling spacecraft

    Hi there I already postet that the problem is solved, but a moderator copied that particular post into another post of me so maybe it was overlooked. Anyway... the solution was quite simple... the mousecursor was not placed as it should be. Thanks a lot for all your help, frustration is gone and i take a deeper look now into tutorials and guides. Regards Hirschi
  8. Hirschi

    Assembling spacecraft

    First of all, thanks a lot for the very fast response. I really appreciate I found out, my problem is the VABs way trying to connect to existing detachment units. For example, I made 3 screenies if you may take a look at it. First, my PoV to the detachment unit http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/537376113025828794/8B026F4C5F277D93602EFBEC397ED68FB2EAE01F/ Then, my try to connect the 4 boosters http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/537376113025830417/B9A5D12E0532B0E9C4EB56B619D881C7EB0ECAAA/ And the result ... not connected to the detachment units, clipping, ending in not detachable boosters which, of course, reduced my speed by a small margin http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/537376113025823426/7856B6CE978487200ED109CE10DDAF8566A2CAC3/ I will find a way, but its now 6 hours+ "Basic knowledge" or not. I am really frustrated. My only free day in this week, I wanted to explore the space only finding me sitting in VAB trying to fit pixels. I am really frustrated. Regards Hirschi Red Iron Crown, you made my day (night) "Pointing with the cursor at the detachment unit" was my problem. So the game tries to connect parts where my mousepointer is regardless of existing and fitting connection parts. Oh dear... I feel a bit stupid now Problem is solved, thanks at all and especially Red Iron Crown Regards Hirschi
  9. Hi there, its my first post here an first of all, this game is awesome and I loooove it. But, theres one particular P.I.T.A., which is really, really annoying and frustrating. Please overhaul the way the VAB works. Its endlessly painful trying to connect boosters to your spaceship, especially large ones. I have a mission where I have to test the LFB KR-1x2 boosters in an orbit around Kerbal. It is not that hard because you can use another 4 of that LFB boosters to snapshot into orbit... IF you are able to connect 4 of them to your launch unit and 2 of them (obviously empty, they are only for the mission and 2 because of balance) on your orbiting unit. Really, I am not able to fulfill that mission because either me or the programmed routine of assembling parts to a spacecraft is stupid. I, certainly, connected the boosters via Hydraulic Detachment Manifold because I have to get rid of them when they're burnt out. Thats were the pain starts. Sitting 2 hours+ straight (and thats no exaggeration) trying to connect 4 boosters to your launching part is NOT FUN. "Wow... the 4 are fitting now... little bit of clipping but it will do." NOPE, jettison won't work and you are doomed to drag. Tried single atachment, tried 2s atachment, tried 4s atachment, tried console (clipping)... to no effort. You are not able to atach even a single booster precisely to a Detachment Unit. 1. You have to handle with angle of view, hight, depth and all 3 of them are not able to influence at one time. 2. Clipping is the most PITA in the VAB because you think its working but if you launch your rocket... nope, not today my friend. 3. Theres no way to zoom out in VAB. Please, I know scientists are short sighted but let us take a better overview over the whole rocket. 4. This is influencing with point 2. Make a better "collision model" for rocket parts. Like in docking for example. Let the parts better fit to its connectors, detachment units, logical points... whatever. It is really killing fun when you are not able to build a rocket or when some flaws in the game make it ridiciolously difficult. I hope you don't see my post as bashing or something, I tried to be constructive and I don't think I am the only one around here whos a tad upset when it goes to building a spacecraft and fighting more the UI than the TWR Regards Hirschi