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  1. Can I have the name "lukeoftheaura"? It's to fit my name-changing on most of my other forums.
  2. am I the only one still wanting vbulletin back?
  3. Same bug, but I get as far as "made with unity" before I have to restart my xsession.
  4. You guys want 64-bit. I already have 64-bit. LINUX FTW!
  5. I am doing it RIGHT. GOG Galaxy FTW!
  6. I hate steam. Can you put the pre on the store?
  7. Hi, How can I use this to make part models for ksp mods? Is there a tutorial?
  8. I agree. I would certainly buy that! (as long as there was a GoG release)
  9. Hi, I've made an unofficial discord (VoIP) server for players of KSP! Check it out: https://discord.gg/0lezh0S5AFwIQGB4 Any feedback is welcome. All forum moderators who apply are given discord staff rank. Thanks, Martin
  10. I host my images on a special github, and then use the raw links.
  11. Yeah, It's not me, just stupid domain registrars... They never help you.. EDIT: it came online.. 5 minutes after you posted that!
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