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  1. I really liked The Martian, especially the audiobook narrated by R. C. Bray. Another series I enjoyed is the Fear Saga by Stephen Moss. (Also narrated by R. C. Bray. I really like this guy's work.)
  2. Keep in mind that there might be personalized settings for some of the mods. Some of them might take a lot of time just to set up.
  3. I have a nagging feeling that being under water won't stop Jeb from buzzing anything... Most likely the exact opposite.
  4. Can't leave mer bro hangin', now can I. Don't ever leave yer bro hangin'. EDIT: Ok, now I'm just getting confused. Bro.
  5. No idea if it's universal, but on my browser (firefox), the timestamp needs to be in the upper part of the screen. Also no idea how (and even if) this works on a mobile at all. EDIT: And it also does not work for "posted just now" timestamps.
  6. You can mouse over the timestamp to get precise date and time of posting. EDIT: Works for edit timestamps as well... Wait a few minutes and mouse over mine.
  7. I think you should read the rules and stop with this nonsense already.
  8. To be honest, I (personally) don't think that what you are describing is a problem. The rules have been pretty much unchanged in this regard from the start of the game and it has worked fine to balance the game so far. That doesn't mean, however, that we won't discuss and consider a suggestion simply because we think it works. There is no official form to submit, just think it through, write it down and send it to us.
  9. 1) Wild accusations of the enemy team do not help your point. 2) "The negative team isn't always around to police for errors, that's not our job (it is yours)." Read the rules. #6, bold part, to be precise. 3) "And it's not really against the rules so the other team can't do diddly about it." Unless they are paying attention and reverting ASAP. Which everyone should. 4) If you have any suggestions for rule update, please formulate a proposal and submit it to the GM team via PM. We like polite discussion and are open to changes of the rules based on fair and well thought out plans. Perfect timing too, as Dman has been hard at work to reformulate the rules for some time now.
  10. You are not allowed to revert to closed rounds. Not because Dman said so, but because it's written in the rules. Please read them.
  11. I'd like to be absolutely clear on this - if there's a GM intervention to the game and we announce that "Last valid number is X", that does not imply that there are no mistakes before it. We are not blessing number X to be absolutely safe to continue from - there could literally be a mistake two posts before it and we won't tell you, because it's the job of the players to keep track of errors and to use them to their advantage. Our job is to tell you if your revert is valid or not and to get things back in line when poop hits the fan.
  12. To be honest, those rules are there for a reason. Keeps the game balanced when one side starts overwhelming the other with sheer numbers. And while this revert is a fault of the GM team not recognizing a problem before, you have been warned in my post that any number edited before the next poster in the current round is now eligible to be reverted to. The sensible thing to do was to look through the thread, identify the first post susceptible to this kind of revert and revert to it preemptively. Or try to rush to victory and hope nobody did the first thing and is keeping track of past mistakes... Sorry if this upsets you, but in this game you reap what you(r side) sow(s).
  13. To sunder your morale. It seems to have worked fairly well. It's also a lot more dramatic. Kinda brings me back... *sheds a single tear* Yes. Skirmish by rule #7. Last valid really is -63 by @TheEpicSquared. EDIT: Wait, do you mean why @Dman979 looked at it when you were at -97? Because if yes... We are not computers. It takes us some time to confirm a revert. You guys should have waited with further posting.
  14. Alright! The GM team has gathered and made a decision: @Deddly is absolutely right and we have screwed up (hey, we are only humans). By the rules (which everyone should obey, especially the GMs - if we screw up again, don't hesitate to tell us ASAP), if we did let someone through rule #8, their post has become a valid revert point (only in this round though - past rounds are not eligible for reverts anymore as you all know). By those same rules we do declare that the last valid post is: Apologies to @adsii1970, while @Dman979 was present when the merge happened and vouches for your post being genuine, rules are rules - your post carries an edit stamp, before the next poster (which is invalid, but still) and is therefore invalidated. @Mycroft's post is also invalidated. Sorry about all the mess, we hope it doesn't happen again. And now... FIGHT!
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