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Found 4 results

  1. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/hawaii-supreme-court-voids-telescope-construction-permit-n473236 I wonder, can't a mountain be sacred and have a telescope on it, why does it have to be one or the other? Anyway this was to be a 30 meter wide telescope making it one of the lagest ground based space observatories.
  2. Hi , I'm playing modded KSP for a while and some of my friends who are not that good at modding the game wants me to give them my gamedata folder but someone said me it was illegal beacause that's a part of the game wich you have to buy . I hav'nt given the gamedata yet and if i give them the gamedata , i will not give them the Squad folder . That's kind of a stupid question but i prefer to ask it beacause i don't want to do illegal this even for that So if it's illegal I will have to find an other way to help them modding the game xD Hoping for a fast answer , Thanks Aymcoder .
  3. After noticing some too sexy pics on about KSP females i would like the entire KSP community too agree to not have anymore sexy pics about kerbals. please and if you want to see them for yourself look up KSP anime i do not recommend this.
  4. I wonder if i inventor invent something and not patent it, and make his/her discovery available for everyone does something greedy other can patent it. For exemple if someone invent drug for Cancer or HIV and not patent it just release it for general public can other patent it? For exemple i know that Marie Curie-Sklodowka (because she was born in Poland not in France:D ) And her Husband Pierre Curie decided not to patent their method of production of Polon (Named in honor of the Polish, homeland of Marie ;-) And Radium(named for radiation and glow of that element, which Marie and Piere liked to watch in dark :D) So does discovery need to be patented, or just can be released for anyone?
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